Zippy Loan Review (UPDATED 2020) – 10 Things to Know Before You Buy!


There are instances in your life when you have no choice but to opt for personal loans. It could be your tuition fee, an emergency hospital bill, or other personal purposes.

However, with the overwhelming numbers of lenders nowadays, sometimes, it can be difficult to choose a legit lender. Thousands of people have been scammed into a loan and were forced to pay an amount they never intended to.

Today, we are going to review the Zippy Loan. This platform will allow you to apply for a personal loan in just a few minutes. Best of all, it has better terms compared to a credit card. So, let’s check out how the Zippy loan can help you in times of financial needs.

1What is Zippy Loan?

Zippy Loan 1

Contrary to common misconceptions, Zippy Loan is NOT a bank or a lender. It is a platform that will connect you to legit and fast lenders worldwide. Now you can choose from lenders that will best suit your situation.

Borrowers can borrow money starting from $100 up to &15,000. Of course, it will also depend on your credit profile. But if you are over 18 and have a stable job, rest assured that you can apply and get qualified for their loans.

The following are the primary purpose of the Zippy Loan:

  • Create a list of the best and legit lenders from all around the world
  • Find the best personal loan for you
  • Ensure that you can apply for a loan
  • Apply for investment in less than a few minutes

2How does it work?

You can visit their official website here. It would only take a few minutes for the application to load. Don’t worry about the device that you are using. The Zippy Loan has a mobile-friendly website that will allow you to apply for a loan anytime and anywhere you are.

Rest assured that the platform is online 24/7 since it was programmed to accommodate any borrowers regardless of the time of the day. After filling out the application, you will see some lenders that might offer the best and most suitable plan for you.

Once you have been approved, they will automatically process your loan and the following day, your borrowed money will reflect in the bank account you’ve provided.

Zippy Loan is affiliated with short-term lenders and other multiple installment lenders. In that way, you can repay your loan in many payments (it can reach up to 60 months).

But if you opt for a short-term loan, you are required to pay the mortgage on your next pay date otherwise you’ll have to pay for the penalty.

3The Process

Applying for a personal loan is easy and free. You have to complete the three steps.

  1. Apply online
  2. Sign up the necessary information and collect the money
  3. Repay on the due date

That’s it! You can do it in your laptop, phone, or iPad. It’s an ideal choice for people who are in need of emergency funds to pay their bills or other unexpected expenses.

The Zippy Loan can provide for over 100 lenders worldwide, so rest assured that you’ll be able to choose the right lender for you.

4Fees Associated

Rest assured that there are no hidden fees when doing a transaction using this platform. The lenders will be the one to pay the Zippy Loan, not you. Connecting with the numerous lenders all around the world is 100% free!

5Is it legit?

Zippy Loan is a newly-launched company but rest assured that all their transactions and operations are legit. You can even check their rating at the BBB for your peace of mind.

Also, the Zippy Loan pride themselves in using standard security protocol to ensure that all of your private information is safe and secure. Zippy Loan is not a scam. They will not be the one to lend you the money but the lenders that they are associated. Hence, there is nothing to lose when you use the Zippy Loan.

Again, Zippy Loan is 100% safe and legit to use.

6Zippy Loan Benefits

Zippy Loan 2

If you are still contemplating, allow us to introduce the following benefits of the Zippy Loan:

Fast and easy

Signing up and applying for a personal loan is made more accessible by the Zippy Loan. Even if it’s your first time borrowing money from a lender or a bank, you can expect a speedy and smooth process with Zippy Loan.

In just a few minutes, you can get your loan approved and use the money the next day.

It has a user-friendly platform

One thing we like about Zippy Loan is their user-friendly platform. You can quickly fill out the necessary information and submit it to the lender that you are interested in applying.

You can also visit their website using your phone thanks to their mobile-friendly website. Now you can apply for a loan regardless of where you are or the device that you are using as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Everything is automated

It’s fast, simple, and comfortable. After signing up, you will be provided with a list of the possible lenders that you can borrow money from. In just three steps, they will automatically process your loan so you can use the money the next day.

And you can access the platform any time of the day. Compared to going to physical buildings, there are no breaks and delays in Zippy Loan. Sign up anytime you want and get the money as soon as you can.

No hidden charges

One good thing about Zippy Loans is that they don’t ask for any fee from the customer. The lenders will be the one to pay them. Hence, rest assured that there will be no unexpected bills a month after.

The only thing that you need to pay is the money you borrowed. The Zippy Loan’s services are 100% free.

Credit types don’t matter

Regardless of your credit type, do not worry because it wouldn’t matter in Zippy Loans. You will get accepted once you sign up and apply for a loan. Best of all, they will help you to create your credit profile. In that way, you’ll get accepted for more significant investments later on in the future.

Access the funds quickly

In need of an emergency medical bill? Or a tuition fee? Don’t worry! Zippy Loans got your back! Once you get qualified for the loan that you have applied to, rest assured that the funds will appear in your bank account just a day after. This is the solution to your emergency needs.


Zippy Loan 3

They do not have a physical building

The Zippy Loans only functions online. They do not have any physical structure that you can visit should you have any questions. And if a problem arises during the transaction, you can only contact them online for queries.

They do not have real-time customer service

Because almost everything in Zippy Loans is self-taught, they do not have a team of staff waiting for any questions to answer. The computer itself will process your transaction, and once it’s done, it’s done.

That’s why it’s essential to read the terms and agreements carefully to ensure that you are choosing the right personal loan for your situation.

They do not have offline access

As what we’ve mentioned above, you need to have a stable internet connection before you can get accepted by the Zippy Loans. All you need to do is prove your identity to them, and you’ll be able to apply for a loan. You need to be online before you can sign up for a loan.

They will spam you with emails

Since Zippy Loans always have something new to offer, expect to receive multiple emails from them in just one day. If you do not like receiving emails, then we recommend that you do not write your email address on their mail list.


The only downside of the Zippy Loans is that they do not give any information regarding of the people running the site. You will have no idea who’s operating behind the screen. And if you are so wary about this kind of information, then this website might not be for you.

9Where can I apply for a loan using Zippy Loans?

You may visit their official website here if you are interested in applying for a loan. They only have one official website to avoid any scams or fraud activities.

Since they do not have any physical building that you can visit, you can read all of the services they offer by visiting their website. 


Zippy Loan 4

Does my credit history matters when applying for a loan?

Technically, lenders will take a look at your credit profile when you apply for a loan but not at Zippy Loans. Here, they have lenders that wouldn’t mind your credit history at all. So, if banks and other lending companies have rejected you, you might want to give this a try.

Can I apply even on a minimum wage?

Yes, you can. Borrowers with a stable source of income are free to apply for a personal loan. It’s quick and easy. After you have been approved, the amount you want to borrow will appear in your bank account the following day.

Is it legit?

Yes! It’s 100% legit. This platform will eliminate the guesswork and will allow you to connect to reliable lenders worldwide. You can check the Better Business Bureau for more information on the website.

Does my place matter in applying?

No, it doesn’t. Even if you are from the West and the lender that offers the best deal for your situation is from the East, rest assured that they will still approve your application for a personal loan. Your place will not matter when applying for a loan.

What are the requirements?

Aside from having a stable internet connection when signing up, we also require you to be over 18 and have a steady job before you apply. The device that you’re going to use won’t matter at all.

As long as you’re qualified, you can now use your money the day after. Usually, you only have to submit your name, email address, phone number, bank account number, valid source of income, and social security number.

11Our Final Verdict

Zippy Loan is indeed a great platform if you have an emergency bill that you need to pay as soon as possible. They will introduce you to over 100 lenders so you can choose the loan plan that will suit you the most. For a pleasant and fast loan transaction, you can visit their official website for more information. Their platform is open to access 24/7.


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