Winc Wine Subscription Review (UPDATED 2019)


You cannot deny the fact that wines are indeed expensive. But having wine on various occasions and paired with specific kinds of cuisines are exquisite.

Now, a wine lover like you would most likely opt for a wine subscription to save money in the long run. Just imagine enjoying various kinds of wines from all over the world right at your doorstep!

Today, we are going to talk about the Winc Wine Subscription. This review will guide you into subscribing to their wine services and of course, the top five reasons why you should love this product.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

1What is Winc Wine Subscription?

Before anything else, we’d like to discuss what winc wine subscription is. This subscription-based company dedicates their services to all wine lovers from around the world. Once you subscribe to their services, you will receive a variety of wine every month.

The best thing about their services is that their wine subscription is that every bottle costs under $20 only!

You don’t need to spend at least $100 to enjoy exquisite wine in your home. Despite its low price, rest assured that all of the wines they offer are tasty and has world-class quality.

The following are the primary purposes of their services:

  • Provide cheap wine to all wine lovers
  • Allow you to taste a variety of wines from all over the world
  • Enjoy wine according to your user profile

2How Does It Work?

Now, if you are interested in subscribing to their wine services, all you need to do is visit their official website here and sign up.

You need to create an account to become one of their customers. After that, you’re going to build your profile so that the staff can pick wine according to your personal preferences.

Make sure that when answering all of their questions, you are honest with yourself because your answers will decide what kind of wine you’ll have for the day!

Now, on with the questions. Most of their items are simple and evolves only on your taste. It includes the kind of coffee you drink, the amount of salt you’d like to have, whether or not you love citrus fruits, black truffles, and mushrooms, berries, and spices. Lastly, they are going to ask you if you want red wine more than white wine.

After you have completed your account, you can now subscribe to their wine services. They will now provide a wide array of wines that you can choose from.

But if there aren’t any of the options that have caught your attention, you can always click the edit box for better choices.

3Winc Wine Pricing

As what we’ve mentioned above, their price is affordable. Instead of buying a $100 wine, you can opt this wine subscription instead. Most of their wines are sold at only $13, and the shipping fee is only $9.

Aside from that, Winc Wine is also generous when it comes to discounts and deals. For instance, you can earn a $10 credit when you rate up to ten wines.

Aside from that, when you can have your friend sign up for an account, you can also earn $26. These credits will make you a few free boxes in the long run for your loyalty to their company.

4What To Expect

The package arrives in a simple brown box with the logo of the Winc Wine subscription company. It has a minimalistic yet elegant design.

There are two holders of the four wine bottles of your preference. You can have two white wine and two red wine, three white wine and one red wine, or all white or red wine.

Most of their bottles have a simple twist off cap, a handy feature when you feel like drinking wine on a random Saturday evening.

5Wines From Winc

Let’s take a look at the few wines they serve from Winc:

  • Alma Libre – this red wine is a product of Chile. The grapes used to formulate this wine came from the Colchagua Valley. The wine contains notes of tomato leaf and blackberry. Since this wine only holds 13.2% of alcohol level, it is best paired with meat cuisines.
  • Passarola – this one is a white wine imported from Portugal. The blend comprises grapefruit, white peach, and lemon. You can pair this wine when eating seafood and only has 12.1% of alcohol level.
  • One From The Quiver – this red wine came from Mendoza, Argentina. Most people claimed that this red wine is most suitable when you are eating meat. The blend contains notes of sweet spices, earth tones, and cherries. Compared to the two previous wines, it has a higher alcohol content of 13.8%.
  • Wonderful Wine Co. – enjoy your seafood and spicy foods with this white wine from California. This sweet white wine has a strong alcohol level of 14%. We recommend you take this wine in smaller quantities along with some snacks to lessen the effect of the alcohol.

6Wine Replacement

What if you received a box of wine that you don’t like at all? Do not worry because the Winc Wine subscription company offers a wine replacement.

In that way, there will be no disappointed wine enthusiasts of their products. Now, before you get your replacement, you need to contact them first. They want to know why you didn’t like the wine and what makes you want to have it replaced.

The Winc Wine subscription company offers excellent customer service. You can contact their customer support team through chat, email, or the number they provided. However, if you keep on abusing this policy, there’s a chance that it can be retracted.

7The Pros and Cons

Before you proceed to create an account with the Winc Wine Subscription, you might want to take a look at its own set of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Buy wines at a lower price
  • Enjoy a variety of wines from all over the world
  • They offer wines based on your preferences
  • Setting up an account is easy
  • They have an excellent customer service
  • They include a wine journal on every box


  • Delivery takes too long

8Winc Wine Subscription Benefits

If you are still contemplating whether you should invest in this subscription or not, here are the following benefits that you should consider:

  • You can buy wine for just $13!

Now, don’t be snobby. A bottle of wine that costs $13 is just as good as wines that cost $100. There is little to no difference with the taste of wine according to previous studies before. Hence, it wouldn’t matter to your guests if you serve them a $13-wine or a $100-wine.

  • You can enjoy a variety of wines

One of the best things about this subscription is that you get to enjoy wines from all over the world. There are brands of wines that are not available in your area. But worry no more! The Winc Wine Subscription will take you on tour around the world with their wines.

  • Save a lot of money

As what we’ve mentioned above, no wine in Winc Wine Subscription costs more than $20. Hence, you can save a lot of money in the long run instead of spending $100 for every bottle of wine. This is an excellent opportunity for wine lovers who’d love to pair their every meal of wine for a more satisfying dinner.

  • They have excellent customer service

One of the things we love about this subscription-based company is their friendly staff. If you don’t like the wine they offer, they are quick to replace and provide alternatives for you. No more waiting game, annoying spam emails, or unresponsive chat box thanks to the Winc Wine Subscription!

  • Lots of wines to choose from!

For those who love wine, their company is indeed a paradise. They pick wines from all over the world and father it in one place to offer for you. All you need to do is choose your preference for wine, and you can have it delivered to your door.

  • They give $20 off for your first purchase

Who wouldn’t like discounts, right? You can enjoy $20 off on your first purchase from the Winc Wine Subscription. Their wines are already discounted and this discount; it could not get any better compared to buying from wine shops!

  • They include a free wine journal

Customers can also enjoy a complimentary wine journal on their purchase. This journal will discuss the numerous benefits of wines and a catalog of wines that are sold by the Winc. You can use this journal to choose the wines you’d like to order the next time around.


  • Where can I subscribe for monthly wine?

As what we’ve mentioned above, you can visit their official website here to create an account. Once you have verified your mind, it’s time to subscribe to their wine services, receive a discount, and expect monthly wine packages from then on.

  • Am I committed to their services?

No. you may or may not continue the subscription anytime you want. If you have enjoyed the first few bottles they’ve sent and you still ask for more, rest assured that you’re going to receive a wine package on a monthly basis. But if you are not happy with their services, you can stop and not renew the subscription fee.

  • How can I know the best wine to choose?

Here’s the thing about wines sold by Winc. All of them has a plain-English description with tasty notes. Most of the time, it also suggests food that you can pair the wine with. In that way, you will have an idea where to drink the wine before popping the cork.

  • How do they know about my wine preferences?

The Winc is composed of a team of wine experts that will base your feedback and user profile on choosing what wine to deliver. They make sure that all of the included wine in the package will suit your taste all the while introducing a variety of wines that you can enjoy without leaving your home.

10Our Final Verdict

For starters, Winc is an excellent wine subscription-based company. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy world-class quality wine when you have Winc. They offer wines at such cheap prices. Their wine services are sold at a reasonable price.

Now, your weekend barbeque party, family dinner, Thanksgiving, or Friday night is made even better with a bottle of wine from Winc. It could not get any better than a good bottle of wine.


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