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Water Powered Sump Pump – Is it a good alternative?

Are you facing a frequent interruption in the water supply? Does the sump pump fail to function and leave you embarrassed in front of guests at home? Would you like to protect the sump pump from rain and floods, and provide that extra security to them? Well, look no further. Here is the solution to all your worries: Water Powered Sump Pump.

Water-powered sump pumps protect the basement in case of a flood as well as when the primary sump pump fails to function. It is also useful in the case of a power outage in your building. Once the water level rises in the pit, it causes the water-powered pump float to lift, which takes over the primary sump pump’s duties, and does not cause the water to overflow from the sump pit. 

Water scarcity is a significant concern and causes irreplaceable loss. At times the sump pump at your home may fail to keep the disaster away. Having a backup sump pump prevents basement flooding in case of a failure of the primary sump pump.

Water Powered Sump Pump

Difference between water powered and battery powered sump pumps 

There are two kinds of sump pumps – Battery powered and water-powered. Before you install a sump pump, know the difference between the two.

Water-powered sump pump


  • Installing a water sump pump saves energy and time on the monitoring battery, especially in a power outage
  • The backup sump pump helps save the house in the case of repairs, replacement, and maintenance of the original sump pump
  • In the areas where there is a high-pressure municipal water supply available, this water sump pump is reliable and works without a battery-operated power supply


  • The sump pump uses around 2 gallons of water to pump out 1 gallon of sump water
  • The clean and drinkable water gets wasted to get rid of the dirty sump water
  • This is costlier than the battery backup sump pump due to the cost of installing the water piping and reducing the pressure valve
  • In case the float gets stuck this will cause an increase in the water bill

Battery-Powered Backup Sump Pump

This sump pump works on a battery, and it is plugged into an electrical socket.


  • If the primary sump pump malfunctions during flooding, the battery-operated sump pump offers power
  • The process of installation is simple
  • The pump works even when there is no supply of water
  • The pump runs until the main pump is fixed
  • When the primary sump pump does not handle water volume like in the case of severe floods, then this pump helps to drain water quickly


  • The battery life is limited and offers around 7 to 24 hours of operation
  • The battery needs to be replaced in three to five years
  • The battery could run down before the power comes back
  • It is essential to check the battery level regularly

Why should you install a water-powered sump pump?

The water-powered sump pump helps in a water suction when there is a power loss. It works even in conditions of heavy rainfall or in the case of a storm. This type of sump pump works on a fundamental principle. It runs water through the pipe at a very high speed, and this generates suction. This then empties into the sump pit. The suction that gets generated pulls the sump pump into the chamber, where it gets mixed with the municipal water and then gets discharged outdoors.

The sump pump works along with the main power sump pump and offers power in the case of an emergency.

Using a water powered sump pump keeps the basement dry and your valuables free from any damage.

How should you maintain your water powered sump pump? 

  • The pump should be appropriately powered.
  • Check the discharge pipe and the ventilation hole for any debris or clog.
  • Debris or dirt should be cleaned from the pump’s intake screen.
  • Test your pump when necessary 
  • Always refer to the user’s manual that includes details and ways to maintain the sump pump correctly.

Water-powered sump maintenance 

  • The water-powered sump pump should be cleaned regularly.
  • The sump pump and the pit need to be maintained once a year.


Like every machine or equipment, sump pumps to come with its advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide on a sump pump, consider the factors before installing a sump pump. 

Be it water-powered or a battery-operated sump pump; nothing lasts forever. The pump could fail because of old age. If this happens during a significant rain, then this could lead to a lot of chaos. So make sure to estimate the lifespan of the pump and replace it in time.

The best way to do so is to check the original documentation and see the replacement interval, as suggested by the manufacturer. Annual maintenance through a licensed plumber to maintain and inspect the sump pump could help you with a professional opinion on when to replace the sump pump.

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