8 Unique Ways To Recycle Your Old Pair Of Jeans


We all have that pair of jeans that can’t be bothered to be worn yet is too good for the garbage bag. We end up keeping them in our closet for no reason, so it only takes up additional space. However, thank goodness there are already many homemakers coming up with unique ways to recycle an old pair of jeans, something that is doable and practical. If you’re going to “Marie Kondo” your home, you might as well grab that pair of jeans and a pair of scissors, and put on your “crafty” hat.

In this listicle, you’ll read all about the wonderful ways to recycle your old pair of jeans, so they won’t end up in the trash bin or at the back of your the closet.


Recycled Denim Coaster

Recycled Denim Coaster - 8 Unique Ways To Recycle Your Old Pair Of Jeans


If you’re new at recycling things and making DIY craft projects, you can start with something easy and simple like this denim coaster made of old jeans. Cut two hem strips from your jeans and glue both ends really tight. You can use a glue gun to make sure¬†your coaster doesn’t easily detach by itself. Roll the jeans hem until you get to the end and fasten it well. You can use these coasters for special occasions such as reunions and birthdays.


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