TunnelBear VPN Review (UPDATED 2020) – 8 Things You Need to Know


The technology nowadays is so advanced—and so are the hackers. Hence, you should make sure to use a sophisticated security system as well. However, due to the overwhelming options of security systems on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for you.

Allow us to introduce the Tunnel Bear. It is one of the famous private VPN’s available on the market today. All users can securely access the open internet without the fear of hackers or other manipulators online.

Today, we are going to review the Tunnel Bear VPN and determine if it’s the right VPN for you.

1What is Tunnel Bear VPN?

TunnelBear 1

The Tunnel Bear VPN offers protected access to the internet. This VPN ensures that all of your online activities are protected from the luring hackers and manipulators.

Most of the time, hackers attack users who are using the public Wi-Fi. However, with the help of Tunnel Bear VPN, rest assured that even if you transfer money using the public Wi-Fi, you will never get hacked.

Unlike other security services, rest assured that the Tunnel Bear VPN will not record any of your activities online. In that way, you can enjoy complete privacy when surfing the internet.

The primary purpose of this VPN includes the following:

  • Protect the users from hackers or anyone manipulating the network
  • Allow you to transfer money anytime and anywhere safely
  • Allow you to use the public Wi-Fi without the fear of hacked accounts
  • Fast and secure access to the internet

2Features of the Tunnel Bear VPN

Here are the following elements of the Tunnel Bear VPN:

Fast internet connection

You will never experience slow downloads again with the Tunnel Bear VPN. They will improve your connection to the internet and ensure that you can surf anytime and anywhere you want without lagging.

Vigilant mode

To give you peace of mind, you can opt for the Tunnel Bear’s alert style. It will provide you with complete privacy as you browse the internet.

Always on

You need not switch it on and off from time to time. The Tunnel Bear VPN is still on and does not need to be switched off.

Safe Wi-Fi protection

As mentioned above, even if you use the public Wi-Fi, rest assured that you are protected from malicious hackers and manipulators. Now you have peace of mind when doing transactions online using the public Wi-Fi.

Multiple devices

You can use various devices with the Tunnel Bear VPN. In that way, your family can also make the most out of their services. It is compatible with any devices—be it an Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, or Windows laptop. Its language support is in English.

No logging

They also implement the no-logging policy. Hence, you can rest assured that they wouldn’t collect the following:

  • Your IP address when visiting their official website here
  • Your IP address during the service connection
  • Your DNS queries while you are connected
  • Or any information that concerns your privacy

Leak-free VPN

They offer an interface that’s quick and easy to navigate, making it a leak-free VPN solid choice. Now you can enjoy strong encryption available on the market. You can protect your VPN tunnel from leaks and other malicious online activities.

3Tunnel Bear VPN Benefits

TunnelBear 2

Here are the following benefits should you avail of their VPN services:

Complete privacy when using the internet

Thanks to the Tunnel Bear VPN, you can enjoy secure online browsing regardless of the device or the Wi-Fi connection that you are using.

Rest assured that no one is lurking around while you are making transactions on the internet, even the government agencies for that matter. There is no downtime with this VPN services and provides optimal protection for your internet privacy.

Protection when using a public connection

When using the public Wi-Fi, rest assured that the Tunnel Bear VPN still protects you. You can enjoy a safe relationship when browsing and avoid being hacked in the process.

You are protected by the walls of encryption to ensure that your device is free from any virus or threats that you will most likely pick on the internet.

They offer no-log setting

One of the reasons why the Tunnel Bear VPN is one of the award-winning VPN in the market is because they provide the no-log environment. Now you don’t have to worry when visiting any websites you want because there will be no stored data after that.

Improved internet connection

As what we’ve mentioned above, the Tunnel Bear VPN will allow you to develop your internet connection. It doesn’t matter where you are. Rest assured that your future online experiences will be higher than the last. Now you can eliminate the waiting game when you want to stream live videos or play online games.

They offer worldwide networks

One of the benefits you can enjoy from the Tunnel Bear VPN is their expansive network. They have over 20 serves dotted around the world. So, if you are planning to go to region-locked content, all you need to do is ask for accompanying from them in taking you to another country. Enjoy unlimited access to your favorite content.

They can accommodate up to five devices

Even if you use five gadgets at a time, rest assured that their VPN services will still work. No matter which part of the world you are in right now, their VPN services will even reach you. They are composed of talented professionals dedicated to helping every user have a remarkable online experience.

4Pros and Cons

TunnelBear 3

While this VPN service is indeed award-winning, you might want to take a look first at their pros and cons:


  • Suitable for customers on a budget. Their price range is indeed affordable. You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy secure and fast internet connections.
  • It has a pleasing and user-friendly design. Navigating the Tunnel Bear’s interface is easy. Even if it’s your first time availing a VPN service, rest assured that you will never lose your way.
  • Faster download speeds. If you are frustrated with the slow download rate, you should try their VPN services. They offer one of the most rapid download rates at an affordable price.
  • Offers browser extension. For those who wanted to maximize their online experience, this is the solution to your problem.
  • Offers smart and advanced features. Only in Tunnel Bear that you can experience no-log settings to ensure that none of the websites that you are going to visit will store data from you.
  • The VPN services work with Netflix. Enjoy endless movie marathon with this VPN services. Now you can watch the entire series in just one day with their fast internet connection.


  • You cannot select the protocol. Unfortunately, choosing your contract is out of the question. They have automated settings for you.
  • Selects and supports limited locations only. Some places are no longer in range with the Tunnel Bear VPN. So, you might want to check out first if it’s available in your area before you avail their services.
  • Antiquated interface. If you tend to compare their interface to their competitors, you will realize that they indeed have an old and obsolete interface. For most people, it doesn’t matter, but for those who are keen about technological advancement, this might be a problem for you.
  • No P2P or BitTorrent. For those who are looking for P2P or BitTorrent, this VPN service is not for you.
  • No specialized servers. While they may have over 20 servers around the world, they don’t have any dedicated servers for that matter.
  • Incorrect use can lock up your phone. You should be careful with using the Tunnel Bear VPN, especially if you own an iPhone because they can lock up your phone.


Now, if you’re interested in avail their VPN services, let’s take a look at the packages that they offer.

  • Giant plan- $9.99 per month
  • Grizzly plan- $59.88 per year

You can pay using your credit card or your Bitcoin transactions. Once you have your Tunnel Bear account, you can now use their VPN for up to five devices. Moreover, you can also earn more data if you tweet about the company, allowing you to enjoy up to 1GB of the internet for one month.

Sounds pretty cool, right? All you need to do is to spread the good news to your friends and earn more data in the long run. Rest assured that there will be no annoying ads when you use their services compared to other VPN services.

And their bundles are budget-friendly. You don’t need to break your bank to enjoy quality VPN services thanks to the Tunnel Bear.

6Privacy with Tunnel Bear

We’d like to emphasize this particular feature with Tunnel Bear because privacy is one of the vital element that you should be looking for when it comes to VPN services.

In Tunnel Bear, they utilize the world’s most magnificent bears to strengthen their security system. They also explain their privacy policies in plain language to ensure every client knows exactly how it works.

They are one of the VPN providers that does not store your IP address should you decide to visit their website. Users can have peace of mind that no data is collected when using and connecting to their server. Even their DNS queries do not receive any information as well.

This great feature extends to all the applications that you are currently using right now and all possible websites that you’re going to visit.

Since they do not have this kind of information from you, rest assured that they will not be able to hand it over to the law enforcement or lose the information in a data breach.

7Where to Buy Their VPN Services

If you are interested in purchasing the Tunnel Bear VPN services, you can visit their official website here. Be careful of the promos and enticing advertisements of this VPN services from other sellers. They only have one and official website.

Make sure that you register to their official website and enjoy the benefits that will follow such as added data just by tweeting about their VPN services.


TunnelBear 4

Is it compatible with all devices?

Not really. Tunnel Bear VPN is not compatible with any of your kindle, windows mobile devices, modem, or gaming systems. But you can use it on windows devices such as desktops and laptops, MacBooks, Android, and IOS devices. If you are using Linux, you can visit their official website and read about their guidelines for that particular platform.

Does it work in all places?

The company is currently improving their coverage but rest assured that it works on most populated areas in the world for your convenience. Since there are over 20 servers dotted around the world, rest assured that your area may be one of them.

9Our Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable VPN provider, we highly recommend the Tunnel Bear VPN. You can enjoy the benefits above in the long run without burning a hole in your pocket.

Best of all, you will have peace of mind when surfing the internet and doing your transactions thanks to their improved security system. For more information, you can visit their official website and see what’s in store for you.


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