13 Thrifty Upgrades To Make Your House Look Expensive While On Budget


Many of us dream of acquiring our dream houses whether it be in an expensive country, by the beach, or in a well-guarded village. We all want a beautiful house that is large enough to accommodate our entire family while giving us extra space for leisure and fun activities. Here is a good news, though, while you have bills to pay and a strict expense tracker to follow, you can still have the house of your dreams. You read right! It may not be as expensive and brand new, but it can look expensive. Here are some hacks to upgrade your house and make it look expensive while sticking to your budget.

1Leather Throw Pillows


Leather makes anything – or anyone – look posh and sophisticated with a little edge. Here is the twist, however, you do not need to spend big to make your house look expensive. You can find cheap leather throw pillows on the market, even online, to add a little oomph to your living room. Make sure you still get the fluffy kind to make your leather throw pillows guest-friendly! You do not have to stick to black. Choose between neutral colored leather pillows like beige, white or light gray to add a soft vibe to your house.

2Paint Your Walls White


White is the color of purity. It can also be the color of simplicity. The color white can immediately make any room more spacious and easy to the eyes. It also makes your room look clean especially when you paint your entire wall white. Not a minimalist by nature? Make your furniture, fixture, and home decorations a contrasting color like brown, dark blue, black, or gray so not everything is light-colored. By combining light and dark colors, you would have a home that is pleasing and welcoming to anyone who steps foot inside.

3Accent Your Ceiling Or Walls


As a complement to white walls, you can accent your house with colored ceilings, giving your rooms just a nice amount of color. You can even paint your walls halfway a different color, which will make your ceiling look higher, giving your room a more spacious look. You can accent your ceiling or walls in all the rooms or just focus on a room that you want to highlight, like your bedroom or your living room. Make sure to stick with a good color combination. Do not use two vibrant colors at the same time if you do not want your house to look like a pop-up coloring book. Keep it clean and dainty for a luxe look.

4Decorate Your Doors With Mirrors


Mirrors have a classy vibe to them (and they let you fix yourself while on the go). You can decorate your doors with mirrors such as your closet doors and bathroom doors. Keep the mirrors where they would not be easily hit to avoid accidents. Adding mirrors to your house doors is also purposeful. It saves you time when you are in a rush and need a quick last mirror check before dashing off. Preferably, you can attach mirrors on your closet doors to help you dress faster in the morning. If you have the time for it, frame your mirrors so they would sit well with your cabinet doors. Putting edges on the mirrors can also avoid accidents.

5Paint Your Vinyl Floors


A very cheap way to upgrade your house without spending a fortune is by painting your vinyl floors a different color. Dark colors are typically favorable. You can go for brown, dark blue, or gray. You can also experiment with patterns and do stripes or two-tone colors. A white floor easily makes a room look wider while a dark color makes it look more compact. Whichever feel you prefer, why not do the painting with your family as a way of bonding? It will also make you work faster.

6Look Polished With Faux Fur


No time and money to buy things to upgrade your home? Go for an instant fix instead like a faux fur. Lay it on your bed as a duvet or on the couch for a touch of fur or even on the floor as a makeshift carpet. Go for white for a classic color. Make your home pieces purposeful, too, like using your faux fur as a background for your flat lay photos!

7Surround Your Home With Potted Plants


Indoor plants quickly give an easy and relaxing vibe to a home. Experts say that seeing the color green is an effective way of making yourself calm and relaxed. Moreover, there is no better way than to surround your house with potted indoor plants. Plants like aloe, snake plant, and cactus require little maintenance. They make great indoor decorations since they give that natural vibe to your home. Put them where you can easily see them like in the living room, in the bedroom, and in the bathrooms. These plants will definitely make your house more picturesque!

8Drape Unsightly Shelves With Curtains


An easy way that a house can immediately look messy and unsightly are shelves overflowing with stuff. You can easily hide them behind minimalist curtains. Choose curtains that would go well with your walls to kind of camouflage them. Do not pick bright, vibrant colors that will make your curtains look more obvious. Go neutral with white or beige. Have dark walls? Pick something more fitting like a navy blue curtain or an olive green drape. Do not be afraid to unleash your creativity from within you.

9Put Gel-Like Tiles On Your Kitchen Backsplash


Too busy to work on your home and wait for weeks for a new look? You can actually buy sticker tiles and use them to redecorate your kitchen backsplash. They are much cheaper than painting your kitchen or hiring an interior designer for an “expert eye.” They come in a 3D design, so they look realistic. You can do this to your entire kitchen backsplash to give it a nice, luxe look. This is also a huge time-saver since you would literally use stickers to re-decorate your kitchen and give it a new look. In just a few minutes, it would feel like you got a new kitchen for your house.

10Put Up A Large-Scale Art


You can easily upgrade your home by putting up large art paintings on your wall. It is best to make that room spacious so all eyes can focus on that picture and make it really visible. Large art in the room immediately makes a room more lavish and expensive. It will also make you look creative. No budget to buy the real thing? Go for a legitimate replica of your favorite artist’s creation. Make it a centerpiece of your living room and make everything else simple and minimal.

11Add Sculptures On Shelves


Adding sculptures on your shelves takes your home interiors to another level. You can easily accentuate your shelves by adding colorful and eye-catching pieces. They do not have to be specific although it is a definite plus if they are historical pieces. You do not need to go to another country to add decors to your home. You can just go to a vintage shop and score antiques there. Bring your best bud with you to make it an exciting hunt!

12Frame Your Television


There is nothing more distracting than seeing a TV obnoxiously sitting in the middle of your living room. Aside from taking additional space, it is also unsightly. You can mount your TV on the wall and frame it. This will make it look more organized and fitting. Paint the frame in the same color as your wall to camouflage it and make it look neat and flattering.

13Use A Cake Stand For Your Kitchen Things


You can be creative with your DIY home decor and use a cake stand for your soap and dishwasher container by the sink. This gives you more space on the table and also makes your sink more appealing. To complement your cake stand, put your liquids into clear bottles for a more coordinated look. Who could have thought that you can use a cake stand other than for holding your cake? Make sure to choose a color that would complement your kitchen sink and pantry. This makes things much prettier!


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