22 Stuff You Can Make from Wine Bottles


Wines represents celebration and success and has always been a part of family in different occasions. But when the wine bottle gets empty, what happens next? Many would put them in storage box or straight in the trash bin but thanks to our creative and amazing DIY experts, they were able to think of some of the nicest ideas how to reused them.

The following are some of the ideas you can make out of wine bottles that will surely make you say “wow” and would make you start making one of them for your home.

1Modern Herb Garden


This is a great weekend project that you can do especially if you want to give your house a fresh of air. It is a new and stylish way to grow herbs with the use of wine bottles and copper tubing. This project can be made for only $30 and perfect for gardeners that are in urban places who usually lack in space.



I never thought that you can actually make tumblers from wine bottles until I saw this DIY project. It is great gift you can give to someone during holiday season or any event and occasion. Doing this craft needs tools that you might not be familiar with but the instructions are easy to follow so you won’t be having a hard time making them. You’ll be using bottle cutter for this project so use gloves and wear googles for safety purposes.

3Self-Watering Glass Planters


Self- watering planters are great stuff to make especially if you live on a small place. They are perfect for indoors because you can just place them on tables or any flat surfaces inside the house. The good about them is that you can leave them without worrying that they’ll die because they have their own water reservoir. The self- irrigating planters might not work for the soil could dry up quickly so you have to water them until it get moist.

4Photo Collage Wine Labels


This can be a great gift you can give to your love one. This homemade gift is a great way to reminisce the good old days with the photos printed and wrapped around the wine and a symbol of celebration for wine are always part of celebration and joyful events. Doing it is actually easy and you just have to let out the creativity in you.

5Rhinestone Wine Bottle Picture Frame


This is a great project that you can make as a gift to love ones. The wine bottle serves as a picture frame where you can put a picture of your choice. Covering the wine bottle with rhinestones will give a classy and fashionable look and can be a great decoration to your room or a nice gift you can give to your sister or best friend.

6Rainbow Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier


Wine bottle Chandelier can be a great home décor with the use of Mod Pudge Sheer Color. This includes cutting of bottles and wiring of the lights so be cautious when doing it especially when you are installing the wires of the lights in the junction box. Once you switched it on, you’ll be amazed by the beauty the rainbow wine bottle chandelier will create.

7Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser


This craft is very useful in kitchen sink. Making it is actually and inexpensive and can be done at home. You can use or make your own design of stencil that you would like to put in your dish dispenser. It might take some time making it especially when you have to stencil but you will love the result at the end.

8Wine Bottle Succulent Planters


This can be a great handmade gift you can give to someone you have a green thumb. Doing this craft can also be a great activity for mommies who like to make their own succulent planters in inexpensive way. It’s just like planting succulent on a pot but you are using wine bottles instead. This can be a great way to add something green and eco inside the house and they are space- friendly because they are only placed on a small container.

9Wine Bottle Pendant Lamp


By being creative, you can turn old bottle wine into something useful stuff like a lamp. The bottle is cut into two and you have to take the upper part of it. Decorate it with glass pebbles and add the light kit. The pendant lamp is perfect as night light for it soft and ambient lightning.

10Wine Bottle Pendant Lights


Old wine bottle can still be reinvented and turn them into pendant lights that can be used in kitchen. Buying new kitchen light can be expensive but you can save a lot of money and reused old stuff with this craft from old wine bottle. Doing the kitchen lights is the same with the tutorial on how to make pendant lights from wine bottle. The only difference is you use dark wire to wrap it around the bottle to give decoration to it.

11Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottle


Wine bottles can still be used as storage for other stuff like candies. Making labels from chalkboard paint is easy and so convenient because you can change the labels depending on what you’ll store on the wine bottle. Painting the bottle with chalkboard paint is actually easy because you’ll only paint a small portion of it. Once the paint is dry and polished, you can add the label you want for the wine bottle.

12Wine Bottle Plant Waterer


Summer season comes and we all need in of water especially plants. To keep your plants hydrated without keeping on watering them, you can use wine bottle as plant waterer. You just have to fill an empty wine bottle with water and punch a hole to its cap so that the water can come out of it when you turn the bottle upside down as you place them to the soil of the plant. When the bottle is empty, you can still refill it again with water and place it again to the soil till you are satisfied with the amount of water the plant had.

13Bird Feeders


Bird feeders made from wine bottles are one of the great ideas of reusing items and recycling materials. The difficult part in making these feeders is the part where you have to drill a hole to the glass. But as you follow the instructions correctly, even though it’s a slow process, you would still get the result you wanted. When you are done drilling the bottle, you can put a saucer at the bottom with the help of epoxy then wrap a copper wire on top of the bottle.

14Handmade Candles


Handmade candles from wine bottles are actually unbelievable crafts you can make as a gift. Wine bottles are now knowing for different crafts made out of them such as containers, glasses and this one which is candles. This can be a great Christmas present and birthday present or a gift for other occasions. The candles in this craft only needed a few ingredients and takes two hours in making it. You can add candle fragrance or essential oils to the candles.

15Winter Centerpiece


Wine bottles turned into nice centerpiece is a great idea in reusing them. They can be a perfect centerpiece to your tables during holiday season. To let the bottle have that winter effect, you need to paint them in silver paint and pour Epsom salt all over it to create a snowy effect. Let them dry for a few hours and add some decorations and they are set to be a perfect winter centerpiece.

16Chandelier Wine Bottles


Wine bottle chandelier is an inexpensive way to lighting kitchen or dining room. It might take some time to make this one because you need to cut the bottles, adding the wire to the sockets, cutting and painting the wood plank and putting the wires to the junction box- but let me tell you that all those hard work is worth it. The chandelier will make a great lighting effect especially if they are in different colors.

17Wine Bottle Modular Shelving


This is one of the craft that has been made out of wine bottles. It is a creative wood project too and can be useful to a house. It may take some time doing it and you may need a lot of effort and hard work to create it but the result is awesome. This can be used as storage for books or liquor or anything that you can put to the shelves.

18User Designed Tables


This is also a wonderful craft to be made out of wine bottles. The table is made from chestnut wood and has holes where the bottles are placed. The bottles serve as the table’s leg and the bottle neck serves as vase or candle holder. The design and output of the table depends on your taste and how you want your table to look like. There are a lot of ideas you can try for this craft.

19Hummingbird Feeder


This is a great hummingbird feeder you can make out of wine bottle. You can create your own design for this one like floral rhinestones. To hang it, take a key ring and thread it to the wires then looped a cooper chain. Hang it to a nearby tree or garden and wait for a humming bird to arrive.

20Citronella Candles


Citronella Candles are great way to remove bug mosquitos along with the help of bug- repellant plants. Your porch can also look classy and elegant with Tiki torches made from wine bottles. It’s actually easy to make and the instructions are easy to follow. The marbles will serve as the decoration for the bottle. You can also try a homemade recipe for tiki torch fuel made from distilled water, isopropyl alcohol and fragrance. After finishing doing it, you can then enjoy a mosquito free night with the help of Citronella candles.

21Wine Bottle Candles


This is actually the simplest and easiest centerpiece to make. When they are put together, they actually look gorgeous and great for vineyard wedding. You can add color to the bottles by spraying paint to it. The candles dripping down on the bottle will create a vintage effect and feel.

22Glass Bead Wine Bottle


This wine bottle craft is so gorgeous that the beads effect on the lights are same of a disco ball. The bottle is covered with beads all over it.

These awesome ideas and stuff made from wine bottles proved that everything can still be reused and be reinvented into some more beautiful and more useful than what they are meant to be used. It’s also a great way to help people be creative and to help them in saving more money.


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