16 Top Spring Break Destinations


Finally! After long and torturous days of school and work, spring has arrived and as we all know spring break is a time of the year where the people are frantic where to spend it and enjoy their holiday, many are excited to go out and enjoy themselves to many different relaxing and joyful destinations.

However, the problem here is where will you go? Where can you enjoy the fun and exciting season of spring break? Maybe you want to party and get wild in Miami, or probably want to dive into the gentle waters of the Caribbean, or maybe explore the wonders of Europe, perhaps indulge in the rich culture of Asia.

There are just way too many places to go and do all the things you want to do during spring break, and these are just a few destinations that most of the people are thinking of going. So, we summed up a few places where you or your family can enjoy your spring break. These destinations are not just in the United States, but all over the world.

Moreover, this list is definitely for every person who wants to enjoy the glorious sunshine and conviviality spring brings. So whether you are married or single this list will surely help you in making the best choice to know where you’ll get that gorgeous tan and relaxation that you have been dreaming of.

16 Top Spring break destinations


Miami, Florida

South Beach, Miami, Florida


If you are looking for a place crazed with wild and ridiculously fun parties, then Miami is the place to be. Located on the Atlantic coast of southern Florida. Miami is the home to almost every spring breaker who wants to be in a place that can get them in the mood to be wet and wild and a three-day EDM party is held every year. The nightlife scene in Miami is just gorgeous, and it is the perfect escape for anyone who wants to inhale the fresh breeze of the beaches or view the scenic and glitzy nightlights of the upscale buildings and lounges.

Now, Miami is not only known for its clubs and numerous nightlife hubs but also for its vibrant cafes that showcase the city’s Cuban influence. Examples of these famous cafes are “little Havana” and “Versailles”. This bustling city also has places that are excellent and ideal for families who are looking to spend their quality time in Miami, like the Jungle Island and Miami Seaquarium.

Miami is also a great destination for anyone who is not fond of spending his/her spring break being sun-kissed or in the midst of a crowd during a party. The city also has its unique art scene like the sidewalks filled with colorful murals and paintings that will surely get you in the mood for spring break.


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