Scentbird Review (UPDATED 2020) – Choose Your Signature Scent!


Various studies revealed that smelling good can attract other people more than looking good. It can also boost your confidence. Now, if you had been using the same brand of cologne for a long time, perhaps you should consider changing your perfume a bit.

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy designer perfumes on the market when you can subscribe to Scentbird, just like how you can buy alternatives for high-end makeups on the drugstore. Today, we are going to review this cologne services along with the nine things that you should know first before you buy their product and services.

So, what are you waiting for? Allow us to take you into the world of designer perfumes without draining your bank.

1What is Scentbird?

Scenbird Perfume Subscription Review 1

The Scentbird is one of the most public subscription services when it comes to luxury perfumes.

It will introduce you to a wide variety of fragrances that you can buy from their company. This subscription service is ideal for both men and women who are willing to try different perfumes and scents in the long run.

Now, you may think that Scentbird is costly, but it’s not. It can help you to save money instead of spending thousands when you buy a single bottle of designer perfume in physical stores.

The following are the sole purposes of this cologne subscription-based company:

  • Save your money from buying designer perfumes
  • Introduce a wide array of new colognes for both genders
  • Receive and explore numerous kinds of colognes every month
  • Test the scent first before ordering a full-sized bottle

2How Does It Work?

Customers are required to create an account first before you can subscribe to their perfume services. One you paid the $14.95 per month, expect to receive a package full of luxury perfume. Most of their perfume brands include Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabanna.

Users are also encouraged to rate and review perfume. It will serve as the basis of perfume experts to choose the right scent that will suit your taste and personality. The company utilizes its database and matching system in doing so.

3How To Create an account?

Scenbird Perfume Subscription Review 3

Now, if you are interested in subscribing, all you need to do is create an account with Scentbird. Visit their official website here and sign up for an account. You will also see full reviews of the previous customers on their site.

They will require you to fill up a profile questionnaire so they would have an idea of the kinds of perfumes they are going to send to you.

The CEO of this company, Mariya Nurislamova, wanted her subscribers to test the perfume first before you spent earnest money on luxury perfume.

Hence, they dedicate themselves to sending test bottles of luxury perfume without burning a hole in your pocket. Once you find the right bottle of perfume for you, you can now order full-sized bottles.

4What To Expect?

Once you have registered the subscription, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy a few of the biggest brands in the perfume industry. It includes the following:

  • Dolce & Gabanna
  • Tom Ford
  • Versace
  • Issey Miyake

Note that all the packages are sent out from the city of New York, and its delivery is only limited to the US. As of now, the Scent Bird has over one million subscription queues from men and women in the country.

5What’s Inside The Box?

Now, let’s unbox the Scent Bird package! All products from Scent Bird comes in a sleek-looking black sleeve. It has a logo of Scent Bird on the center with a smooth touch. You can easily pack up this sleeve and bring your set of colognes with you wherever you go. It is a must-have when you are traveling.

All the colognes are packed neatly inside the sleeve. It also comes with a solo fragrance vial, two information cards, and a sleek velvet bag.

The first card contains information on how to use the cologne properly. The other card comes with the details of their perfume of the month. This perfume above is already included in the package, allowing you to give it a try before you order next time.

6Scentbird Subscription Benefits

Scenbird Perfume Subscription Review 2

Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy should you subscribe to their company:

  • They offer the most extensive sample section of designer perfume

Compared to other cologne subscription-based company, the Scent Bird provides the most extensive sample section of designer perfume. You can choose from reputable perfume brands. It will allow you to discover other perfume suppliers you’ve never heard of before.

  • The spray cases are travel-friendly and portable

What we also like about this cologne service is that all of their claims are travel-friendly and portable. It will allow you to use the Scent Bird perfume on the go. The spray case is also refillable if you like the scent they’ve sent to you for the month.

  • They offer awesome gift boxes

Expect to receive fantastic gift boxes every month from the Scent Bird. It comes in an elegant package and inside are the scents that they’d like you to try for a month. The spray cases are in a simplistic yet elegant design. Most of the time, the company also offers discounts to its customers.

  • They highlight a specific cologne every month

Another fun thing with the Scent Bird is that they emphasize a particular cologne every month based on the most favorable by their subscribers. It will give you an idea on what’s trending nowadays and give it a try to see what the buzz is all about.

  • Buy individual perfumes without a subscription

Now, you are not required to sign up for the monthly subscription if you just wanted to buy your usual bottle of perfume. You are free to do that with Scent Bird. All you need to do is place an order and expect to have the cologne by the following week.

  • You can have your interval

It is also not necessary that you pay for colognes every month. You can have the subscription as long as you want. It could be in three months’ time, six months, or even a year. Note that you are not committed to the subscription since you are just testing out the colognes that will best suit your personality and taste.

7The Pros and Cons


  • Choose perfume from over 450 designer colognes
  • Read over 500,000 perfume reviews from their previous customers
  • Most suitable for men looking for their signature smell


  • Takes too long to deliver
  • Some people did not receive free fragrances after referring to other people
  • They do not offer a refund/return policy
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Their nice fragrance brands need improvement

8Where To Subscribe?

Click here to visit the official website of the Scent Bird. You will quickly see the sign-up box to get started. Once you have completed all the necessary details, you can now subscribe and begin receiving perfumes every month.

The transaction is smooth and hassle-free. With just a few minutes sitting in front of your laptop, you can now expect a package of cologne on your way next week.


Scenbird Perfume Subscription Review 4

  • Is it exclusive for men’s use only?

No. The subscription knows no gender. There are perfumes specially designed for men and women. All you need to do is choose once you have subscribed to their services. However, most of the time, their cologne of the month is for unisex. In that way, all subscribers can enjoy their latest and most favorable cologne that can match any outfit and any occasion.

  • Am I required to pay monthly?

Only if you order another package of colognes, then yes, you are required to pay monthly. However, if you think that the cologne will last over a month with you, you can postpone the next delivery and order again when you want some more. The intervals of the subscription can reach up to 12 months.

  • What if I don’t like the perfumes sent to me?

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a refund and return policy. Once you have the perfume, there’s no replacing it with the company. That’s why it is crucial that you answer their profile questionnaire honestly because they will base the scents they are going to send on your answers and profile.

  • How long will it take for me to have the perfumes?

The company is based in New York City. Once you’ve placed your order, expect seven business days to deliver the product at your doorstep. Assuming you are a US citizen, then there would be no problem. Customers outside the US can inquire about their customer service for available options.

  • Are their fragrances authentic?

Yes. All the products sold at the Scent Bird are 100% authentic and not fake. That’s why you should be wary when buying luxury perfumes from other sellers at a lower price. The Scent Bird is a legit company that sells smaller bottles of luxury perfume for you to try on before buying the full-sized bottle.

  • Can I choose perfumes?

Yes, you can. But if you want to explore other perfume brands aside from the one you know, you can let the company choose the perfume for you. All their choices are based on your user profile and your ratings on the scent. In that way, you can rest assured that all the items in your package will suit your taste.

  • Does it cause skin allergies?

For that matter, you may consult your doctor first. There are some ingredients in perfume, even a luxury brand, that may contain allergens. Your doctor will give you a list of the ingredients in perfume to avoid. You can specify it to the team so they prevent any smells that might trigger your allergic reaction. Similar to how you keep your house free of dust using an upright vacuum cleaner, you should also consider your allergy when choosing a perfume.

  • Can I buy perfumes without subscribing?

Yes, you can. As what we’ve mentioned above, the subscription is not mandatory. You can subscribe and stop any time you want. You may also buy perfume without subscribing to their company. They sold the luxury perfumes at a regular price since it’s authentic. Or you can accept once and not renew your subscription again if you are not happy with any of the items in the package. The Scent Bird always puts the satisfaction of their customers above anything else.

  • How much is the shipping fee?

Good news for you because the Scent Bird offers a free shipping fee on every purchase! Just for $14.95, you can now enjoy a variety of luxury perfumes in the long run. Cancel any time and renew your subscription later on in the future if you want.

10Our Final Verdict

As what the company implies, you should first “date” perfumes before you decide to “marry” them. That’s why it is essential to give it a try first before you pull out cash and buy perfumes on its regular bottle sizes. The Scent Bird will allow you to choose your signature scent. Aside from that, you can also enjoy other luxury brands from all over the world without draining your bank.


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