8 Natural Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth


Smiling always give a positive impression about you. It can always mean that you are friendly or you are a positive person. But what if you have teeth problem and can’t make a smile especially if you have a discolored tooth which can be a great problem? And finding some solutions about it can be troublesome especially if you’re prescribed with expensive and painful teeth whitening products. Luckily, we always have our natural resources to use as a remedy and as an aid to our teeth problems especially when it comes to whitening the teeth. All the listed below are an effective way to whiten your teeth. You might get one that suits you.

1Coconut Oil Pulling Chews with Tooth Whitening Turmeric

Coconut Oil Pulling Chews with Tooth Whitening Turmeric - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List


This natural remedy and recipe are more convenient than those that are mixed and created as a paste. You can even keep it in your fridge and put some into your mouth while doing some stuff. You can also add essential oils to add a little flavor. You just need to mix all the required ingredients and pour the mixture into an ice cube or silicone candy trays. To use this, place one to three chews in your mouth as soon as you wake up. Chew this for 5-20 minutes then spit it out and do not swallow. Wash your mouth with warm water mixed with mineral- rich sea salt.

2Homemade Baking Soda Toothpaste

Homemade Baking Soda Toothpaste - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List


It’s hard to look for a brand of toothpaste that has no suspicious ingredients like sweeteners, fluoride, triclosan, glycerin and surfactants. All of this had something bad to our health. That is why using natural ingredient is much better than those brands bought on stores. This toothpaste recipe has all the nutrients your teeth needs and will not only make your teeth clean but healthy too. It’s easy to make and would take 2 minutes in doing it. It also tastes good with kids, so you won’t be having a hard time encouraging them to use it. Many have been using this wonderful toothpaste and testified that they notice that they have less plaque and whitens their teeth.


Lemon - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List

Lemon has a lot of benefit to our body, and one of them is that it can whiten our teeth as a natural remedy. Its vitamin C helps brighten the teeth and can be a good bleaching agent that removes the yellow stain. Its citric acid enhances the saliva production of the mouth and cleanses it. It also kills the bacteria in the mouth with the help of the anti-bacterial properties of it which prevent you from having oral diseases. It also freshens your mouth due to its natural sweet smell.

You can use the lemon juice to brush the teeth added to water for a minute. Then you can brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste then wash with water. You can do this twice a week. Lemon juice can also be added to the salt and use as toothpaste before washing it with water. The lemon peel, on the other hand, can be rubbed to the teeth for two minutes then rinse with water. This is done regularly to achieve a good result. Lemon juice and baking soda are good pairs in whitening the teeth. You can mix the lemon juice with the baking soda to make a paste and apply on teeth for a minute. Brush, it afterward with the paste then rinse with water. You can also add hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar on it and brush it regularly. You can also use lemon juice mixed with water and a pinch of salt and use as a mouthwash for twice a week.

Remember not to use lemon often because of the high acid it contains that can damage the tooth enamel. Do not leave it for more than 15 minutes in your mouth. It would also be best to consult first with your doctor before using lemon as a natural remedy.

4Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List

Apple cider has a lot of health benefits. This fermented apple is high in pectins and other healthy minerals and is widely known to be a natural remedy for health problems wherein whitening teeth is included. It works as a cleansing agent and maintains the pH balance of acid which makes your smile bright. Aside from removing the stains and whitening the teeth, it also kills the bacteria in the mouth that can cause gum problems.

To use the apple cider vinegar, dilute it with a water and gargle in the morning. Do this daily to remove the stains and whiten the teeth. Remember to always shake the bottle of ACV before using it because most of the important components of it are at the bottom of the bottle. Always dilute it to any solution because it is acidic and can harm your teeth if taken in undiluted form. Do not use too much. Use only once a day especially on your teeth for it might weaken your tooth enamel.


Strawberry - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List


Most of the whitening teeth products can be sensitive to our teeth. But if you want to use something natural as a remedy to whiten your teeth, strawberries can be one of the effective remedies you can try. The malic acid removes the discoloration of the teeth. Combine it with baking soda, and you can then create a natural tooth cleanser that can clean the stains from coffee, sodas, and wine. This cheap and natural treatment is the fastest way to give you that bright smile you want. Always keep in mind to use it only once a week because its malic acid can damage the enamel of the teeth.

6Banana Peel

Banana Peel - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List

Bananas are one of our best pick fruits because of the health benefits it gives to use and can be easily digested. It is also good to know that bananas can be a great remedy in whitening the teeth because it is high in potassium, and manganese. To try this remedy, you can get a ripe banana. Ripe banana is high in potassium that can make your teeth bright. Peel the banana and take a small part of the peel and carefully rub it to your teeth. Do this for two minutes and make sure the teeth is covered with the material of the banana peel, so it can absorb the minerals. You can then start to brush with your regular toothpaste and rinse with water.

7Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Coconut Oil Toothpaste - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List


Coconut oil is used in many ways. Luckily, one of those is that it can also be used and be a natural remedy in whitening the teeth. Thus, making a coconut oil toothpaste which can be a great replacement to toothpaste with suspicious ingredients. It is pretty easy to make your coconut oil toothpaste. The ingredients you just need are coconut oil, baking soda, essential oil, and stevia. You just have to mix it all well till it has a creamy texture. You can put it in a mason jar or a used hair dye bottle with pointed tip.

8Charcoal Teeth Whitening Scrub

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Scrub - 8 Natural Remedies To Whiten YourTeeth - All Time List


It can be hard looking for the product that can whiten your teeth. Most of the time it is expensive and can be painful to the teeth. That is why it is much better to go natural when it comes to oral hygiene. You will just be using three ingredients for this one, and those would be; coconut oil, baking soda and activated charcoal. You can lessen the use of baking soda because it can be a little harsh to the teeth. Just like the other teeth whitening stuff, you just have to mix them all and place in a jar. Brush your teeth with these teeth whitening scrub for two minutes then brush your teeth with your normal toothpaste.

You can choose the best natural remedy for you especially the one that you are comfortable using with. But aside from these remedies, you can always find ways to whiten your teeth. And that includes your way of lifestyle and eating habits. Eat foods that are firm and crisp such as apples which are known as nature’s toothbrush that can clean the teeth especially when you are at work and cannot brush the teeth. You also need to boost your calcium to have healthy teeth that are why cheese is recommended to eat for it can also balance acid and remineralize the enamel. Always take a lot of water. It acts a natural cleanser and removes away the bacteria and other residues. Chewing gum is also helpful in removing debris and help in stimulating the production of saliva which neutralizes the acid and remineralizes the enamel. If you are smoking, it is time that you stop for smoking only cause your teeth to discolor.


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