MCT Oil Powder Review: (UPDATED 2019) Burns Fat or Drains Bank?


Coffee is what makes breakfasts more appealing. It fuels your body for today’s work and makes your brain cells active. Coffee is present is almost all American household and what would coffee be without a creamer?

This is where the MCT oil powder takes place. Instead of mixing your regular coffee creamer, why not use this product instead? The MCT oil powder, compared to other coffee creamers offer additional health benefits for a healthier mind and body.

Since this oil powder is making quite a buzz in the market, allow us to dig in further of what this oil powder has to offer. Below is a detailed review of the MCT oil powder that will help you decide if this is the right coffee creamer that you are looking for.

1What is MCT Oil Powder?

MCT oil powder contains triglyceride or the medium-length chains. Since the long-chain triglycerides take too long to digest, the medium-length chains can easily break down. According to various studies, the MCT can help you to burn excess fats in your body and get you in shape with regular consumption.

2How Does it Work?

The product arrives in a bottle and coconut flavor. This alternative coffee and tea creamer will replace your regular creamer. Just mix it with your favorite coffee or tea every morning before you drink.

This recommended powder in Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet will help you to lose unwanted fats. The process may be slow, but it offers permanent results.

Also, do not limit it to coffee and tea. You are allowed to mix the oil powder to any liquid that is allowed in the Keto diet. Once consumed, it helps to suppress your appetite. In that way, you will not be tempted to overeat.

This oil powder is also proven to improve your energy. If you have a long day ahead, drinking this your coffee with this oil powder will sustain your body of the energy that you need to pull today’s work.

The product works by boosting your metabolism and controlling your appetite. Some people feel weary by simply fighting their appetite alone. Thanks to the MCT oil powder, it’ll be easier for you to reject the food temptation. Also, an elevated metabolism is the key to the success of your weight loss program.

3About the Creator

You may be wondering about the product’s creator and why should you trust their company. Allow us to introduce Dr. Don Colbert. He is the one who formulated the MCT oil powder in coconut flavor.

Dr. Colbert believes that healthy fats are essential to losing weight and controlling your appetite. Compared to other products, this oil powder contains 70% C7and 30% C8. If you are in a Keto diet, you will be able to maximize the diet’s benefits by taking the oil powder.

4The Benefits

Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy should you decide to use oil powder:

  • Improves your mental health

Approximately 60% of your brain is composed of fats; the MCT provides the best form of healthy fats to support your mental health. This is important especially to aged people. It can help you to prevent mental disorders later on such as dementia. This alternative coffee and tea creamer can also boost your cognitive ability, improving your performance at both school and work.

  • Boosts your energy

Are you feeling tired lately? You might want to boost your energy by drinking your favorite coffee paired with this oil powder. Studies have proven that MCT can increase an individual’s energy. If you have a busy day ahead, fueling your body with energy will allow you to give your best at any work you do.

  • Suppresses your appetite

We understand that controlling your appetite is no joke. People are easily tempted with mouth-watering yet unhealthy foods. Fortunately, the MCT oil powder can help you to suppress your appetite by making you feel full.

If you feel full all the time, the fewer chances of you eating unhealthy foods. Controlled appetite is one way of losing weight naturally.

  • Improves your mod

It is true that because of stress, people may act irritable. Their mind is clouded with exhaustion and may lead to poor performance or complications at work. Good thing that the MCT oil powder can improve your mood. No more grumpy days with this product!

  • Improves your heart health

The MCT oil powder can help to improve your heart health by getting rid of unwanted fats. A healthy and lean body is free from potential heart diseases. It will help you to develop better endurance and improves the blood circulation in your body.

  • Increases your productivity

Improved concentration and boosted energy level can help you to increase your productivity. Now you can meet the demands of your work with the help of this oil powder. This natural energy booster will help you to get the most out of your day.

  • Tastes good

Unlike other oil powder that has a nutty taste, this product is delicious. It can improve the taste of your regular coffee every morning.

  • Travel-friendly

Another thing that we like about this product is the convenience that it offers. The MCT oil powder is travel-friendly. All you need to do is mix the product with your beverage before you hit the gym or if you’re running late. The bottle is slim and can also be placed in one of your bag’s pockets.

5The Pros and Cons

Below is a list of the pros and cons that you’re most likely to experience once you buy the MCT oil powder:


  • Easy to consume
  • No side effects
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Can be mixed with any liquid
  • Tastes good
  • Can improve cognitive ability
  • Can boost metabolism
  • Can enhance fat oxidation
  • Assist a fast fat burning process
  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners or any additives
  • Helps to control appetite
  • Ideal for customers on a budget
  • The manufacturer offers a guarantee


  • Visible results may take a while
  • Available only in online shops

6Is it Safe to Take?

Yes, it is. The MCT oil powder is made of 100% natural ingredients and does not cause any side effects. However, there is a limitation when it comes to the person who’ll be taking the product.

For instance, it is not suitable for people age 18 years old and below. Pregnant women are not recommended to take the product as well. Similar with people who are under heavy medication or undergoes regular therapy unless you consult your doctor and you have their permission.


As what we’ve mentioned above, the MCT oil powder is affordable and ideal for customers on a tight budget. Below is their current list price as of 2018:

  • One bottle offer- $35
  • Three bottles offer- $87
  • Six bottles offer- $150

You can return the product and get a full refund of your money if you think it does not work for you. Try it for at least 30 days before you reach out to the company for a money-back guarantee.

They also offer a guarantee to customers who do not like the flavor of the MCT oil powder. Hence, there is nothing you can worry about. Order now with confidence!

8Important Notes to Remember

  • Make smart lifestyle choices

You can’t merely mix the MCT oil powder in your coffee and expect to lose weight afterward. Losing weight requires an active lifestyle and taking the right supplement. Hence, it is essential that you stay on track for the best results of the oil powder.

  • More on protein

It is also recommended that you focus on eating foods that are rich in protein if you are under any weight loss supplement. Protein can help in toning your body and building lean muscle mass when you exercise. High protein intake is vital for a successful weight loss program using the MCT oil powder.

  • Follow the proper dosage

The last thing that you wanted to experience is an unexpected overdosing of oil powder. Follow the recommended dosage by the manufacturer. You should only mix it to your beverage once a day for best results.

  • Lower your carb intake

Carbs are present in preserved foods nowadays. As much as possible, you should lower your carb intake to achieve desired results. Stay away from rice, fried foods, soft drinks, and alcohols. Instead, replace it with healthy alternatives that you can incorporate in your diet.

  • Hydrate yourself

The MCT oil powder boosts your metabolism and makes you sweat more than usual. Visiting the bathroom multiple times is also a part of this process. Since your body is losing a lot of water, it is essential that you hydrate yourself. Drink up. The recommended amount of water that you need to take is at least eight glasses a day.

We also suggest that you drink one glass of water for every dose of the oil powder that you’re going to take to ensure optimal absorption of the weight loss supplement.

9Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing the product, you can visit their official website here. Make sure that you only buy from the manufacturer itself. The last thing that you wanted to experience is buying a fake MCT oil powder.

It will also allow you to avail their 30-day full refund guarantee upon buying the product. If you want, you can also purchase Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet book. This informative book will help you to get started with a Keto diet. It will also teach you how to get the most out of your MCT oil powder.


  • Is the MCT oil powder for everyone?

No. There are few exemptions for this product. For instance, pregnant women and people under 18 years of age are not allowed to take the product. Consulting your doctor is essential if you want to know if this oil powder is the right weight loss supplement that you are looking for.

  • How long would it take to see the results?

It would also depend on how you handle your lifestyle but in a month or so; you’ll be able to see a difference in your weight. For better results, refer to the discussion above and switch to an active lifestyle.

  • Can I mix it with alcohol?

No. You can only mix the MCT oil powder to your coffee or tea. Other liquids are acceptable as long as it has a link to Keto diet. You can prepare a smoothie and mix the oil powder afterward.

11Our Final Verdict

There’s nothing more convenient than a weight loss supplement that you can mix with your favorite beverage. The natural ingredients, safety, convenience, and efficiency are all present in this product.

Hence, we highly recommend the MCT Oil Powder for anyone who wanted to lose weight without much effort. This oil powder will allow you to achieve your desired body goals in the long run. With proper diet and right lifestyle, the MCT oil powder will give you the body you’ve always been longing for.


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