Women love makeup; there is no doubt about that. It is like painting on a blank canvas but with a different set of brushes and using the woman’s face as the canvas. It gives women plenty of makeup choices and different ways to express their creativity through these colorful cosmetics.

The following are seven simple but useful tips to help you create a more flawless look for your next date, for a girls’ night out or simply for when you want to try a different look.

7 Makeup Tips and Tricks Youll Love


The Secret to Long-lasting Lipstick

The secret to long-lasting lipstick


Have you ever gone through a meal and found all traces of your lipstick gone? Unless it’s an extremely long lasting one, you’d always have to re-apply your lipstick. While this is true for most lipsticks out there on the market, it’s worth knowing that there are ways you can make your lipstick last longer even without the unique formula and without using any expensive tool or by-product.

A moisturized lip is always a good start. Make sure your puckers are free from dry flakes by exfoliating, followed by a hydrating lip balm. Pat some foundation or concealer on your lips for the base, but don’t cover it entirely so the natural blush of your lips is still prominent. Your foundation or concealer will help cover the dark edges of your lips and will make the color of your lipstick stand out. Use a lip liner to fence your lips and stop the color from bleeding. Apply the same lip liner to the rest of your lips to make your lipstick stay put and last longer. Make sure to choose a shade that is lighter than your lipstick.

Next, take one pull of a tissue paper and fold it in half. Place it on your lips and dust off translucent powder onto it. This helps set the color without leaving traces of powder on your lips. Remove the tissue paper and dab more lipstick on for a finishing touch.


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