20 Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in Asia


Planning for a honeymoon unlike any other? Do you want to experience something that even your friends can get envious of? Need a vacation that surely stands out without hurting your budget?

Check out this list of the top honeymoon destinations in Asia that you can consider for your honeymoon vacations – for half or more than what you’ll get in other parts of the world.

20 top destinations for a budget friendly summer tropical honeymoon vacation in asia

1Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia


Malaysia is home to a lot of beaches that deserve to be listed on the top of the world, one of which is in Pulau Perhentian. Literally translated as “Stop-over Island”, Pulau Perhentian is one of the popular honeymoon destinations for honeymooners and for couples who want to experience a romantic getaway-slash-holiday without emptying their pockets. You wouldn’t want to miss the crystal clear waters, the white sand beaches and the serene atmosphere in this great island destination.

2Koh Lanta, Thailand


Honeymoon calls for a lot of private time, and if you’re going for a honeymoon vacation on a place you’ve never been before, then you’re going to have a hard time. Luckily, Long Beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand offers a great view and a relaxing atmosphere and unlike the other popular honeymoon destinations, this one is not so crowded. Accommodation is cheap and internet is virtually accessible anywhere – you would love spending your summer holidays in this tropical island.

3Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Malaysia is gifted with probably hundreds of great honeymoon destinations for honeymoon vacations; no wonder here’s another Malaysia-bound adventure on our list. Though this one is better listed as a summer destination, if you’re the adventurous type then this one would pass as a honeymoon getaway for you and your better half. Aside from the beaches, there are a lot of fun-filled activities for everyone including (but not limited to) snorkeling, parasailing, sunbathing, diving and exploring the beautiful rainforest on the inner part of the land.

4Phu Quoc, Vietnam


Phu Quoc is one of the best tropical honeymoon destinations if you’re looking for cheap yet romantic honeymoon destinations. Aside from the gorgeous white sand beaches, the island is also the home of wonderful waterfalls that are so romantic and eye-popping – you’d definitely wouldn’t see something like this anywhere else. Since you’re in Vietnam, expect everything to be cheap: from the food down to the guesthouses, but not everything, especially if you want to spend time on private luxurious hotels that are also available in the area.

5Sugar Beach, Negros, Philippines


If you’re searching for the best island beaches for honeymoon destinations located in the Philippines, chances are you’re stuck with either Boracay and El Nido (which we’ll talk about later in the list). This rather unknown destination will not make you worry about your safety; instead, you’ll be rewarded with the peaceful ambiance far from the crowded popular beaches around – perfect for honeymoon vacations. Spend time walking on the sand, snorkeling on the crystal clear waters, and finally – watch the romantic sunset with your better half.

6Tioman Island, Malaysia


If you’re planning to get to Singapore after spending your vacation, then this destination is perfect. This remote island is located near the Singaporean border, and it’s one the great honeymoon destinations for couples who want a relaxing and comfortable seclusion –away from the confines of the metro. You can spend your honeymoon vacations on the beach or plan for a hike to the jungle. You can even get close to marine life by diving or snorkeling. You can also rent jet-ski or a speed boat and have a tour around the island.

7El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


Highly recommended by CNN itself, this wonderful beach destination is probably not on the list of honeymoon destinations because it tends to get crowded especially during the summer season. But don’t fret – if you plan ahead, you can get the best accomodation if you’re going on an off-peak season. Aside from El Nido itself, there are a bunch of uninhabited and/or deserted islands nearby that you can camp for the night for romantic honeymoon vacations, you will need to ask your boat driver for the best island to camp out for.

8Koh Lipe, Thailand


If you’re planning on spending your vacation in Thailand, probably you’ve heard of Pattaya and how crowded it is during peak season. Shift towards south of Thailand and you’ll eventually get into one of the honeymoon destinations you’ve probably never heard of but will remind you of Pattaya – this time it’s only a beach but it’s greatly similar to the ones you’ve expecting, even better. Unlike Pattaya, this part of Thailand is not yet overly populated, hence you can spend your honeymoon without worrying for your privacy. You can even save more than expected.

9Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Cambodia is not one of the popular honeymoon destinations if you want to bask in the summer sun, but there are some wonderful beaches that are waiting to be explored. Sihanoukville has one of the finest beaches that is at par with the neighboring Thailand without the crowded atmosphere – perfect for couples who want to have a memorable honeymoon. As an added bonus, it comes with a cheap price tag: you would love fo come back again next time, probably with your kids someday.

10Kuang Si Waterfalls, Laos


If you want a nature-inspired adventure without splurging too much, then this destination is for you. Although this site is a bit crowded, if you plan your visit during off-peak season, then you can enjoy your stay much more. Prepare your cameras and get your perfect waterfall shot with the emerald green colored water that is so beautiful, you wouldn’t resist getting yourself wet. Aside from the waterfalls, there are other perks you can enjoy like visiting a bear sanctuary and spending time on the beautiful butterfly park.

11Koh Nang Yuan, Thailand


Thailand is gifted with probably hundreds of miles of beaches but this particular destination stands out on its own. Koh Nang Yuan comprises of three little islands interconnected with a sand road. Due to its topography, this island destination has a bunch of activities visitors can enjoy to, aside from the white sand beach and its shallow reefs that are perfect for snorkeling. You can also have a hike on the mountains, ride on a long zipline and get that Koh Nang Yuan postcard perfect souvenir photo. The downside is you’re just limited to a single choice of resort and restaurant that tends to get crowded during peak season, so plan your trip wisely. Koh Nang Yuan is a privately-owned island so aside from paying an entrance fee, you’re also not allowed to bring any plastic to help them sustain the cleanliness of the island.

1217 Islands Marine Park, Riung, Flores, Indonesia


If you’re the kind of sick during long travel on a public transport, then skip this destination. But if you’re adventurous enough, you’ll be amazed with what you’ll see and experience. This beach is not so popular with tourists because of the long journey due to the area being deserted and secluded but that’s perfect for couples who want to have a honeymoon that everyone can get jealous of. Upon setting foot on this place you’ll be greeted with the serene and quiet ambiance that you’ve only dream of. Because it’s an uninhabited island, there are no resorts available so you’ll need to camp on the island itself if you want to stay, and no one is available to clean up your mess so prepare yourself for the work. The water is clean and perfect for swimming, and marine life is thriving, bring your diving gear if you want to explore the vastly open sea.

13Minna Beach, Minna-jima, Japan


Okinawa is a popular destination for people who want to experience tropical weather while in Japan, that’s why it is often listed in the top beach honeymoon destinations all over the world. Due to its popularity, it is oftentimes crowded especially during peak season. Not all of Okinawa is crowded, though. Minna Beach is only 15-minutes away from Motobu town in Okinawa, and provides an excellent Okinawa experience away from the mainland. Its crescent shape attracts the visitors most, and it’s also popular to divers and snorkelers because of the crystal clear waters surrounding it.

14Langkawi, Malaysia


Honeymooners often like calm atmosphere where they can relax a bit more. Enter Langkawi in Malaysia and you’ll experience one of the best beaches and see a one of a kind sunset you’ll never see somewhere else. Aside from the sea, you have other activities to consider in Langkawi such as boat tours to popular tourist spots like Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden), Gua Langsir (Curtain Cave) and Gua Cerita (Cave of Stories). You can also go to the Field of Burnt Rice, the Beach of Black Sand, and Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells).

15Boracay, Philippines


Oftentimes ignored due to expensive costs and crowded atmosphere, if you manage to book a trip during off season it would be the best experience you’ll ever had in Boracay. This world-famous beach destination is mostly seen on top beaches in the world list because of the perfect white sand and crystal blue waters that are waiting for you to explore. Boracay also boasts a great nightlife that is perfect for beach-goers who like to party at night. If you want to stay on this island for days, stay away from the expensive luxury hotels and resorts and opt for smaller less-expensive resorts that you can find on the other side of the island.

16Koh Rong, Cambodia


The second largest island in Cambodia is home to one of the finest beaches in this Southeast Asian nation. Although this one is a bit remote and often passed on by tourists because of safety concerns, it is probably one of the cheapest honeymoon destinations in this list. A bit under-developed, it only houses few settlement with some guesthouses, limited electricity at night, and zero internet connectivity might dissatisfy you, but the privacy and the calmness of the area will negate all your hunger for convenience. After all, it’s the experience that matters most – you’ll come back again anytime soon.

17Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


Tired of the same old beach destination? Why not check this awesome mountainous region in Malaysia that is also popular during summer season because of the slight cold temperature perfect for relaxing. Cameron Highlands offer a different view away from the sunny beach houses that are a staple in tropical regions like in Malaysia. It offers a beautiful landscape that is home for tea plantations, strawberry farms, flower greenhouses and so much more, you’ll eventually end up trekking more than relaxing.

18Naiharn Beach, Phuket, Thailand


Phuket has a bad reputation from tourists nowadays due to overcrowding and overly expensive hotels and resorts, but if you can’t resist the temptation of going to Phuket, then you got some good news. Naiharn Beach in Phuket is still a perfect place to relax and wind down, though it is still recommended to go there during off season to avoid large groups of people. Nonetheless, it’s still on top of the list of world-famous beaches and you cannot simply pass on this honeymoon destination.

19Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyako Island, Japan

Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyako Island, Japan


Oftentimes considered as one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in Japan, Yonaha Maehama Beach in Miyako Island stretches to a whopping four uninterrupted miles, perfect for beach-goers and for people who wanted to relax a bit more. Aside from the great sand and the clear blue waters, it also boasts a wonderful skyline and a beautifully unique sunset that you can view almost anywhere in the island. If you plan to visit during off season it would be better because you can practically own the area for a day because it would be less crowded.

20Malapascua Island, Philippines


This one is possibly unknown to most tourists but if you want to have a romantic time with your loved one, then this one is probably your best choice. Since most popular beaches and destinations in the Philippines is crowded, why not opt for a lesser known honeymoon destinations that only a few had enjoyed. Enter Malapascua Island, a remote isle in the Visayan group of islands in the Philippines. Probably not the best destination compared to the other Philippine beaches, but the experience of calmness and serenity is what drives you to go to this island.


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