10 Natural Remedies of Himalayan Pink Salt


Pink salt? Is there even such a thing? Yes! The salt is skillfully and manually mined from deep within the Himalayans in a salt mine. Pink salt is believed by many people to be the purest salt in the whole world. Unlike other salts sold in the culinary market pink salt is not processed and, it is in a place far from the pollution a city brings. Pink salt is used by many people from home cooks to professional chefs because of its wide range of nutritional and therapeutic properties.

Pink salt contains 84 minerals and elements that can be found on the human body, isn’t that impressive? This kitchen ingredient will certainly be an excellent addition to your favorite and handy kitchen staples. To prove more of its remarkable effects here is a list of natural remedies that uses pink salt.

1Maintains electrolyte balance


Dissolving pink salt in water can become a solution for people who need to replace the lost electrolytes in their bodies. Individuals who are into sports or do sweat-inducing activities tend to lose electrolytes in the process, and this needs to be restored for the body to function normally and be back in its original state. Try this nourishing and refreshing drink the next time you do your next hardcore activity.

2Helpful in Detoxification


Pink salt is a great thing to add to your beauty regimen. It helps in regulating the water in your body, and it also aids in managing your blood pressure. Add a few cups of salt in a bathtub and turn the tap to a temperature you can handle. So, next time if you want to be relieved of the stress your work or love life brings, spend it in the bathtub.

3Treats sore muscles


Have you ever tried training a bit too much at the gym and then ended up with cramps and sore muscles the next morning? Skip the pills and do something more fun and relaxing- A.K.A Bathing. Aside from ridding your body of harmful stuff and bacteria’s, bathing in water that contains pink salt will speed up the restoration of your strained muscles, giving you relief from all those soreness. You can also wear a pair of compression stockings to reduce the cramping and soreness of the muscles.

4Heals sinus congestion


Instead of using decongestant pills to relieve your itchy and stuffy nose, use can try this mixture of pink salt and luke warm water. Also known as a “Saline solution,” this wash will effectively help get rid of the troublesome dripping off an annoying snot. Just mix half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of distilled water.

5Acne Wash and Toner


Buying those chemically processed facial washes and toners can be quite expensive, except if you have your list of drugstore alternatives that are cheaper. So, try this cheaper and efficient way instead. Pink salt contains astringents that are perfectly ideal for the skin. It is a natural ingredient that gently cleanses your skin while leaving your skin’s pH level perfectly balanced. Undeniably, though those store brought toners to keep your skin tight, it is only for a temporary period and overtime it can cause more harm than good.

6Builds healthy and strong bones


“A salt a day keeps the bones straight.” Okay, that does not a lot of sense but, it is true that Himalayan salt makes your bones stronger. As I have said earlier, HPS contains many minerals, and some of these minerals help in fortifying your bones and their structure. Substitute your ordinary table salt with HPS instead and use it to add flavor to healthy dishes. Always remember though that too much of something can be bad, so take good care of your bones.

7Boosts nutrients absorption

Taking in a lot of ‘health’ pills or nutritious meals can be quite disappointing if it just exits our bodies without actually doing anything. When you ingest something in the hopes of becoming fit and active, it is important to note if our bodies are absorbing all those nutrients or just letting it wash down the drain. Pink salt, when regularly consumed, provides plenty of vital minerals that will boost our bodies absorption level.

8Improves sleep


Inadequate sleep can affect you a lot. Studies have shown that not having enough sleep can affect you severely, from your mood making you downright irritable to your physical performance making you slow and sleepy. Not having enough sleep can damage your whole well being. Adults need at least seven to eight (7-8) hours of sleep for their bodies and brain to function properly. However, stress from our everyday life and affect our sleep negatively which in turn can have an impact on a whole lot of aspects of our life negatively.

Aside from investing on the best and comfortable sleeper couch, there’s no need to worry anymore, two ingredients when combined will give you all the good night sleep you need. Mixing honey and Himalayan pink salt and taking it in before going to sleep can make you energized the next morning. Honey releases melatonin, a sleep hormone, that will help you sleep like a baby.

9Treats skin problems


From acne to rashes, to warts and rashes. Pink salt is also a what I would dub a “wonder” ingredient. People, unique as we are have different skin tones and types. Depending on the climate and weather of a particular place, our skin could get rough, scratchy, and patchy which is a major EW and it would probably horrify and possible suitors. Not to worry ladies, Captain pink salt is here to save the day! Mix a cup of pink with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and use it as a scrub. Not only will it remove dead skin cells on your skin, but, it will also leave it feeling smooth and moisturized. Thanks, captain!

10Prevents Goiter


The sun shone beautifully, waking you up from your deep slumber and you look in the mirror with a smile on your face only to quickly morph into an expression of utter horror. A huge lump has grown in your throat, and you scream a painful scream only to wake up again, you quickly touch your throat for any signs of humps and realize it was all just a dream. Okay, waking up with an extremely painful throat is just horrible, how much more if it is a goiter.

Thankfully, pink salt can prevent this from happening. Goiters are caused by iodine deficiency which can also affect your offspring. Just using table salt or ‘iodized’ salt will not cut it. Pink salt, unlike iodized salt, is not processed. In other words, all of its minerals and components are intact, making it a more healthy choice than just regular salt.


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