20 Fun Food Ideas You Can Make to Your Picky Eater


As much as we want our children to healthy stuff, they tend to be picky sometimes. That is why we still have to make an extra effort in making their food more inviting. Listed below are fun food ideas you can adapt and can actually make with the help of your kid.

20 fun food ideas you can make for your picky eater

1Rocketship Sandwich


Turn ordinary sandwiches into a fun and new way by turning it into a rocketship sandwich. This sandwich contains fruit and vegetables your kid can try to eat.

2Piggy Nutella Sandwich


This is also a new way of encouraging your kids to eat. Children loves Nutella sandwich right? And it is more inviting to eat with its pig shape look. It is actually easy to make and won’t take you long in making it.

3One Sweet Bee


Help your kids to like bees with this little bee snack.

4Dino Bread


Boys like dinosaurs. Thus, serving them a dino bread can bring a smile to their face.

5Cheese Slice Owls


This is one of the edible art perfect for your kiddo who loves cheese.

6Angry Bird Sandwiches


Children (even adults) loves playing Angry Birds. Angry birds-themed lunch can encourage them to eat their lunch without any leftovers.

7Bear Pizza


Turn your pizza into a “bear-y” nice bear pizza. This is actually simple to make and will be a sure hit to your kids.

8French Bread Pizzas


In here are different pizzas you can make with your kids. Just put the toppings on the ingredients and let your kids have their way in making their own pizza.

9Vanilla Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles


This is a delicious cookie recipe that is easy to make. Your kid can also help in putting the sprinkles on the cookies.

10Baked Spaghetti Squash


This fun food can be a great way as a substitute to the spaghetti your children used to eat. It is healthy and fun to make and you can let your child do the carving of the squash.

11Salad in a Jar


Let your kids create their own version of salad and you’ll be amaze how they will love to eat those.

12Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad


The good thing about cookie cutter is that it can also other things like fruits and vegetables. Let your child cut the fruits in this salad recipe.

13Chewy Oreo Bars


This delicious treat can be done in just 15 minutes. This is a fun snack you can make with the help of your child.

14Jell-O Popsicles


This is actually easy to make with its main ingredients- Jell- O and Kool Aid. You can serve this as a yummy icy treat to your kids.

15Lasagna Cups


Lasagna are so delicious but always takes a long time in doing it. But you can actually make a mini version of it in muffin tray.

16Nutella Brownies


Brownies in three ingredients? Wow. Totally amazing and totally delicious. It is the easiest brownies recipe I’ve known and can only be done in 30 minutes.

17Brownie Popsicles


This recipe is easy and fun to do for a summer party.

18Berry Pops


This is also a great summer treat you can enjoy with your kids. Berry pops are high in protein so it is a healthy snack for them.

19Breakfast Toast Cups


This is a classic toast where you put egg and bacon on it. The only difference is you cook them in a muffin tray.

20Captain America Pancake


When your kids’ superhero is Captain America, serving them a Captain America-themed breakfast can be a sure hit to them.

These fun food ideas are so enjoyable to make especially when you do it with your kids. Just make sure that every meal time, eat with your kids to keep that bonding you have while monitoring what they eat.


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