12 Fashionable Ensembles To Wear This Christmas Season


Christmas is just around the corner. With parties, gatherings, and get-togethers left and right, you cannot miss out on the sparkles and glitters. Going to a social event is always a good reason to doll up and wear your best party dress. Do not have a precise ensemble yet for this Christmas season? Let this listicle show you 12 different fashionable styles to help unleash the fashionista in you. You do not have to buy new clothes to look dashing at parties. Sometimes, all you have to do is mix and match and show the guests something they have never seen before.

1Sparkly Top + Red Knee-length Skirt


Nothing screams Christmas better than the color red. It is such a festive color that you would not mind seeing it everywhere come the Christmas holidays. Got a sparkly top and a pair of sparkly heels to boot? Then all you really need is a red skirt to complete your look. This outfit is such a head-turner because of the combination of red and dirty white looks dainty and perfect for the Christmas season. With this outfit, you would definitely feel like a princess for a night.

2Denim Jeans + White Blazer + Sparkly Top


Aiming for a casual Christmas outfit while still looking polished? Throw on a blazer and strut in your best heels. Denim jeans can easily downgrade any extravagant top. It gives off that laid-back vibe while still making sure that you look good. White is the color of peace and calmness. Wear this color to spread positivity and harmony to your social events. You would surely stand out with this outfit in a sea full of red and green.

3Sparkly Spaghetti Strap Top + Blazer


Want to look a bit rugged and festive at the same time? No problem! Wear boots with any of your Christmas outfits and you would immediately look like you stepped out of a fashion runway. Add bling to your outfit by wearing sparkly accessories. Not a fan of white? Opt for the compliments black blazer instead. Details are everything. Make sure your blazer will not swallow you with its size. Find an excellent fit that will still show your curves despite wearing a casual pair of jeans and a spaghetti strap top.

4Red Skater Skirt + Black Stockings


Feeling dainty and sweet? Go for something that is short but still appropriate for the occassion. Wear something that you can on any ordinary day like a red skater skirt. This would easily accentuate your hips and give you a better-looking figure. Wear this with a pair of black thigh-high stockings to really show that wintery feel. Match the skirt with a turtleneck top for a fancy night out or a cute sweater for a casual dinner with friends.

5Sparkly Thigh-High Skirt


Going to a corporate Christmas party anytime soon? Try to wear nothing but sparkly stuff. Anything that shimmers looks good at night. Add as much glitter to your outfit so you can really own the night and look your best. Opt for a tutu-inspired skirt and a glittery top to go with it. Wear dangling earrings to add an accessory to your Christmas ensemble. Do not forget your statement blazer! Remember, it can get pretty cold at Christmas Eve especially when you are all out and about.

6Your Own Party Dress


We all have that party dress pushed far at the back of our closets. Indeed, it is hard to find an appropriate place to wear a fancy dress especially if you already have your daily routine written down. Well, there is no better time to wear it than on a special gathering like a Christmas dinner or get-together. Jazz up a little and let people see you in a different light. Keep your flats in your shoe rack and walk in heels for a night. Perfect that smokey-eye look so you will be at your most glamorous come D-Day.

7Red Poncho + Cashmere Boots


Have tasks to run during the day but a party to attend to come evening? No worries. Ponchos are made to make you look amazing any time of the day. It is the perfect ensemble if you want to try a cozy outfit. In fact, you do not need a special occassion to wear a red poncho. It is enough to spread the Christmas spirit and get everyone giddy over this much awaited holiday. Wear it with your favorite cashmere boots and do not forget to put on your favorite nude lipstick!



Rompers have become so popular just this year that you cannot miss out on this fashion must-have. The good thing about rompers is it does not limit you on where you can wear it. You can easily pull it off on a weekend getaway at the beach or a dinner party with your friends on Christmas. Just throw on a chic blazer that complements your romper’s color and you are ready to go!



Looking for something that will really make you stand out? Try a stylish jumpsuit that will instantly make you look sexy and polished even without anything else on. Wear your signature red lipstick and dig out your best sparkly clutch, and off you go!

10Sequined Bodycon Dress


While it is a must to have that LBD in your closet, it would not hurt to also have a sequined bodycon dress for parties and glam social events. Want to make it look different than what you usually see? Here is an easy fix – wear a pair of black stockings underneath! Pair it with your best black pumps and off you go to a Christmas eve worth remembering.

11Little Red Dress


No time to shop and look for the perfect Christmas OOTD? No problem. That casual red dress you wear for date nights or afternoon hangouts with friends will do. You can experiment with different hairstyles with this laidback outfit. It would surely be enough to make you look nice on a fine Christmas evening. Pair your dress with boots, flats, and heels, and accessorize with all things sparkly from your drawer. Put your hair up in a bun or let it loose in beautiful waves.

12All-Green Ensemble


Not really feeling the color red? Opt for green instead. Dig out the greenest item of clothing from your closet and accessorize it according to your preference. A green skirt is a pretty versatile piece since you can wear different colored tops with it. A green top would also look festive with a plain colored skirt or a pair of pants. If you are really feeling the Christmas vibes, go all-green for that special occasion.


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