10 Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs


Girls will be girls, and they will always take their time getting dressed and doing their makeup, whether it will take an hour or two girls will never come out of the closet with their makeup messy and clothes looking ugly. A girls’ wardrobe is a magical paradise filled with light blouses and other clothing, but despite having hundreds of clothes, girls will never get over the common problem of asking herself “What should I wear today?” You do not need a gazillion clothing pieces all you need are exactly ten wardrobe essentials that you can mix, match and wear in fashionable ways with your favorite accessories.

You may already have some of these fashion pieces so there is no need to burn holes in your pocket to look trendy and fashionably right as this list contains versatile clothing pieces you can wear for any occasion in many different ways.

1White Shirt

White Shirt - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - All Time List

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As said by world renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani a white shirt is “the alpha and omega” of fashion. A bright white shirt is a perfect canvas for you to express your inner fashionista, No look can ever go wrong with a white shirt you can pair it with a frilly skirt to achieve that girly chic look or wear classic ripped jeans to complete a badass grunge look. You can also use on an all-white ensemble set against colorful extras to achieve a semi-casual/formal look. There are many ways in which you can dress up a boring white shirt.

You can also use a white shirt as your inner paired with a loose polo shirt or a dark blazer. Also, with a little bit of snipping and stitching, your old shirt can be reinvented into something new like a tank top, an off-shoulder shirt or a muscle tee. Don’t worry if your shirt is starting to lose it immaculateness, as I have said before it’s the perfect canvas for making a fashion statement so purchase a sachet of dye in your local craft store and make it as colorful as you want.

2Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - All Time List

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One is never over-dressed or underdressed when wearing a Little Black Dress. Introduced in the early 1920’s, little black dress is a fashion classic that you can wear from casual dates to formal parties. The little black dress worn with scarlet red lips is always a winning combo. LBD’s can be your go-to power look as it exudes a feeling of class and elegance. Many celebrities and iconic women have downed the classic LBD like the late Princess Diana and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy who was known for her elegance and refined sense of style.


10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - Blazer

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Blazers are trend-proof and have proven itself to pass the test of ‘come and go’ fashion trends. Blazers may look like it’s only fit for formal occasions and costume parties but nuh uh honey Blazers is also the perfect cover for when you’re dressing down. Many celebrities and Fashion bloggers have shown us that blazers can look casually chic when you’re just strolling down the streets, and you don’t have to bore yourself with black since blazers now come in playful shades of pastel-like baby pink and turquoise.

4White Button-Down Shirt

10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - White Button-Down Shirt

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Fun, classy, stylish and sophisticated this are looks you can achieve when you wear a white button-down shirt. This is a fashion essential every woman must-have. Like a blank canvas, you have the advantageous position of dressing down or dressing up in a white button-down shirt. You can tuck it into your favorite ripped jeans or knot it in a classic front bun, and it can also be paired with the most risqué footwear like thigh high boots and ankle sneakers. Trends may come, but the versatility of this classic fashion piece will stay forever.


10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - Leggings

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Everybody loves Leggings; It is comfortable, stretchy and it keeps you warm on cold nights and days. Not only are they perfect for when you’re feeling a bit lazy but they also look great when paired with the perfect top and shoes. Aside from giving you comfort in sleep time, it is also perfect for working out and for traveling out of town. The top you pair with your leggings must be kept at a certain length to avoid any fashion faux pas, I mean no one wants her crotch hanging out like Richard Simmons right?


Slacks - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - All Time List

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Men and teachers are not the only people on this earth who can wear trousers and be fashionably right. Yes, girl you can slay an outfit with slacks. Slacks doesn’t only look office appropriate, but it can also look high-fashion couture as proven by the fashion icon Katharine Hepburn as she slayed her outfits in the 50’s while showing that slacks won’t make you any less feminine, as long as it’s paired with the right hairstyle for the occasion. Black slacks look perfect for a casual look and if you want to achieve a professional and crisp look, but ivory colored slacks is the one you’ll want in your wardrobe if you’re daring enough to make a bold fashion statement.

7Tank Top

Tank Top - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - All Time List

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A favorite summer staple by many girls and it gives you an opportunity to show off your toned muscles and fair skin. Tank tops look great when you’re working out or when you’re strolling down the street with your dog. You can also choose from a variety of tank top styles like racer backs for when you’re working out at the gym for easy movements or a Cropped top to show off a hint of your summer bod.


Jeans - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe- All Time List

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Jeans earn the top place in the hall of fame of the fashion world. It’s timeless, simple, perfect for any look and it comes in a variety of colors and prints. The cozy and snug feel of jeans are just two of the many reasons why it is such a great thing to invest on. Jeans may look so simple, but they show off your best assets in the easiest way possible and don’t worry if you’re jeans are already super worn out even the most washed out jeans can be reincarnated into six other forms from Capri pants, pedal pushers, mid length shorts and even Short shorts. Just remember always to give your pants TLC (tender loving care) so that they’ll last long.

9Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirts - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - All Time List

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Pencil skirts is a clothing piece that is very useful especially in work. It gives you that saucy look in the back as you sashay away and it works for almost everyone. A black pencil skirt will especially look great when paired with fierce pumps or hot stilettos. However, don’t think for a second honey that pencil skirt only look great in executive looks, it can also be the perfect bottom for a sheer top on date nights, or you can also wear it with a statement tee for when you’re feeling a bit casual.


Shorts - 10 Fashion Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe - All Time List

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Shorts are the perfect summer staple, and they are the equivalent of an air conditioner. They are one of the best things that ever happened to humanity. Yes, including men. No matter what kind of weather it is, shorts will always look good. There are so many types of shorts that you can wear from simple and high-waisted shorts to hot booty shorts, and if you’re feeling a bit creative, you can use your old jeans to make your very own DIY shorts.


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