25 Easy Homemade Honey Remedies


Honey! Many of us already know what honey is, and well if you don’t, here’s a small explanation as to what honey is-honey is a type of sweet food made and produced by bees by sucking the sweet nectar of flowers, and it is a natural sweetener.

As most of us know, honey is a classic kitchen staple. It is used most of the time as sweeteners for pastries and desserts. It can also be used as an ingredient for certain dishes to add a bit of natural sweetness.

Due to honey’s unique composition and chemical components, this famous kitchen staple can last up to a hundred years. Aside from being used as an ingredient, honey is also known to cure certain illness and a few health problems too, making it one of the best home remedies.

However, just taking honey alone can be quite dull to our taste buds, so to prove its awesomeness and importance I’ve filed some easy home remedies that use and incorporates honey with other healthy ingredients. So here is a list of honey remedies that you can easily make at home.

1Lemon-Honey tea-infused recipe for Colds


This honey remedy is for anyone who hates having a cold. Everybody hates colds, not only does it stop you from doing certain activities it also makes you feel horrible by giving you headaches and a very sore throat. Although you aren’t allowed to eat anything sweet, well honey is an exception. Honey and lemon has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that fight against the virus and also boosts your immune system, making your cold lessen. So, the next time you start getting a cold or flu, this honey remedy will surely come in handy.

2Ginger and Honey tea for Nausea


Having an upset stomach paired with dizziness can sometimes equalize to a major disaster, and nobody wants to have a prolonged feeling of discomfort and urge to vomit. This honey remedy is paired with ginger to give you relief. Ginger has been known to make nausea effectively lessen or even go away. Just boil a cup of ginger tea and add honey to have that sweet extra taste and nutrients. So, whenever you get that queasy feeling again, you know what to brew.

3Honey and nuts oatmeal for Diabetes


Taking in pure honey rather than table sugar is a more healthy choice especially if you are on a diabetic diet. It is a healthier substitute than taking artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and aspartame. If you are diabetic and still want to curb that hunger for something sweet then try adding a small amount of honey to your diet. But, it doesn’t mean you can already take large amounts of honey. Though it naturally lowers the risk of a lot of health problems including diabetes, too much of something can be bad for the health. So just take in an amount that’s just enough to curb your appetite. If you want to try a healthy recipe that doesn’t contain too much sweetness but will surely satisfy your sweet tooth then try this honey recipe.

4Drink to have lower cholesterol


So I am not talking about beer or alcoholic beverages. This honey remedy paired with apple cider vinegar can help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The next time you wake up in the morning try to mix a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and drop about 5 to 10 drops of apple cider vinegar and do this regularly every morning. Plenty of studies about the benefits of apple cider vinegar have shown that it contains an antioxidant that has been known to protect cholesterol particles from becoming oxidized which is crucial especially in heart diseases process. So always remember to have a cup of this Honey-ACV recipe every morning.

5Sleep remedies for insomniacs


If you find yourself having sleep problems or just randomly waking up in the night. The probable reason of your insomnia is that because you are stressed out or you have a fluctuating level of hormones (especially if you are pregnant or on a period) this can become a huge problem because having insomnia affects not only your mental state but also your physical health.

Waking up without having enough sleep can make you grumpy and unfocused. This negatively impacts a lot of things that you will be doing daily, like your job for example. But not to worry this list also has a honey remedy for those who have trouble in closing their eyes for the night. Many studies have shown that taking honey before you go to bed helps you relax, and it is a natural sugar that raises the blood sugar level only slightly enough to cause a controlled rise of insulin which allows or causes the tryptophan to enter our brain and makes us sleepy. So the next time you find yourself staring into oblivion worrying and wondering when you’ll fall asleep because you need to wake up early then remember to take spoonful of honey.

6Honey lemon drink for dietary purpose


Honey, unlike other sugars or sweeteners has a low glycemic index which is why it is beneficial for people who want to lose weight. This concoction of honey and lemon can aid in your weight loss because it contains protein molecules that are call enzymes which helps promote metabolism and digestion. This drink will become more efficient and effective if you follow a strict and healthy diet and also make exercising a habit. So always have a pack of this drink whenever you are doing your workout or if you just feel thirsty.

7Honey Hair mask and conditioner for healthy hair


Honey remedies doesn’t always mean that it’s only for colds, diet and sleeping food. Honey remedies also include things that are for self-grooming and beauty purposes. Not only is Honey a morsel of food for humans, it is also a delicious and healthy treat for the hair. Honey especially raw and unpasteurized has plenty of nutrients that can make your dry and damaged hair healthy again. This classic kitchen staple is also full of antioxidants that feed hair follicles that houses in your hair thus, encouraging hair growth. Also, unlike most conditioners that promise gorgeous and excellent hair honey is budget friendly. So the next time you want to make your crowning glory standout always have this go-to-recipe hair mask ready.

8Honey recipes for Sinus infection relief


Waking up early in the morning for work with a sinus infection can be quite annoying than waking up with none. Also, it somehow makes a person grumpy and his day gloomy, you get lazy, and you also tire quickly than normal. Plus it makes you do fewer chores or sometimes even skip work compared to a person who woke up without a stuffy nose.

With pain in the forehead and stuffy nose nobody can fully function well, and sometimes taking dozens of bland and flavorless pills and tablets can be quite icky to our taste buds and guts. Thankfully, we have honey which is a natural remedy that helps fight infections in congested noses and along with other ingredients can kill bacteria’s that cause sinus infections. This honey remedy will effectively help in relieving your headache and sinus blockage.

9Natural Honey Citrus flavored syrups for Sore-throat


Unlike other cough syrups, these syrups will surely make you ask for more than one Spoon. Having a sore throat can be quite irritating especially if it is scratchy and swollen, and it also feels painful to speak, eat and drink. These Honey remedies will act as a hypertonic osmotic, meaning it draws water out of inflamed tissue making the swelling and discomfort reduce and lessen. Not only will these recipes taste good it will also ensure that you will feel relief from your dilemma in the most delicious way possible.

10Molasses concoction for Constipation

Molasses concoction for Constipation


A homemade honey remedy with molasses for constipation? Absolutely! Molasses is a thick dark syrup that came from the extracted juice of pure sugar cane. It is very rich in magnesium and calcium which are known to help prevent constipation. It also helps in removing waste and other toxic materials from the colon. Molasses can have a quite adamant and concentrated taste so some people might not really like its flavor. So to make it more for palatable, mix it with honey which is also a known, mild laxative or any other fruit juice of your choice. So whenever you feel like you have constipation this honey remedy will be your hero.

11Paste for Oral Ulcers


Oral Ulcers are those small sores or blisters that appear inside your mouth. When these sores pop unintentionally inside your lips or the side of your cheeks. They can be quite stingy making eating, drinking, and even speaking a bit hard and painful. The mixture of turmeric and honey can accelerate the healing process of oral ulcers because of the antibacterial properties of honey. The paste also helps in drawing out toxins which helps in stopping the oral ulcers from spreading.

12Paste for Toothache Relief


This Honey remedy is truly a miracle maker. It is only a mixture of cinnamon and honey. Many of us already know the pain and agony of having a toothache. So, if ever you find yourself unluckily alone in your house on a day where your dentist is not available. Try to look for honey and cinnamon in your kitchen pantry and mix em’ up to make a paste that will give you temporary relief from that painful toothache.

13Easy Detox Drink


This drink is not only easy but also has a lot of benefits. Every ingredient used for this Detox drink has a vital role especially in ridding our bodies from toxins and other harmful things that may be floating around in our body. For example, ACV has plenty of enzymes and honey is a good source of vitamin B. This drink not only detoxifies our body but, it also helps in preventing cold. If you make up your mind to detoxify your body in an affordable way. Then, try this honey remedy instead and skip those yucky processed and artificially colored detox drinks and stick to something more natural and homemade.

14Green tea for Rheumatoid Arthritis


The recipe for this home remedy uses only three ingredients: Green Tea, Honey, and Cinnamon. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are known to be able to treat arthritis. While Honey along with green tea are well-known antioxidants and are also full of iron and calcium which are good for the bones. When these three are added together, they make a useful tonic that gives off a soothing effect plus it has a good aroma too. Make this honey remedy for arthritis now.

15Electrolyte-filled energy drinks for Sore Muscles


Quench your thirst with this all-natural and easy to make at home energy drink. All you will be needing are a few fruits and of course honey to act as a sweetener. This honey remedy for muscle aches will keep your body full of electrolytes and will help you stay hydrated all day long. So the next time you want to do a morning workout or an intense and extensive hardcore exercise that will last for hours, skip those artificially sweetened and colored energy drinks and stick to this delicious all-natural thirst quenchers.

16Face mask for Acne


Buying face masks can be quite expensive and sometimes can be disappointing, especially if you see no results or improvements at all. This Facial Mask is effective and won’t cost you much and, it promises a long-lasting effect on your skin that is undeniably noticeable.

The main ingredients of this mask are yogurt and honey, yogurt is rich in probiotics and has exfoliating properties and is suitable for all skin types. Honey is an age-old beauty regime that is even said to have been used by Cleopatra herself to keep her skin beautiful has astringent properties that are suitable to fight against sunburn and also keeps the skin hydrated. So the next time you want to do a facial that will suit your skin try this honey remedy.

17Scrub for Dry Skin


Everybody wants a skin that is smooth and glowy. But, sometimes buying scrubs from department stores and beauty stores can get pricey and some women due to a busy schedule will find it hard to plan a trip just to buy something from the department store.

Well, not to worry anymore, ladies. This scrub can just be made with ingredients from your kitchen pantry, and it will give your skin that smooth and silky feeling while leaving you with a sweet scent. All you’ll be needing are just brown sugar, a few essential oils, and of course honey. Not only is this scrub perfect for you, but it is also the perfect present!

18Ginger-honey tea Sore stomach


This ginger and honey tea is tasty, delectable, smooth and it helps soothe the tummy especially if you are feeling ill or if you have an upset or sore stomach. The ginger helps in circulating your system and flushes toxins outside of your body. The mixture has a very strong flavor though. So if you find it too concentrated try to add a bit of water or if you want it to be sweeter just add a teaspoon of honey or more until you reach the desired taste. The next time you find yourself having the ‘bugs’ then skip the pills and take this homemade ginger and honey remedy instead.



Medicine for UTI is pricey, the food you eat are selected and chosen carefully, and you are told that you must only drink water. However, not everyone can live without drinking something other than water, so I present to you another tea mixture that will make your meals brighter.

This tea is made with peppermint, ginger, and Juniper berries. The first two ingredients helps in making your urine less acidic while Juniper berries act as a diuretic. To sweeten this tea, use honey because it also contains anti-inflammatory properties. If you do not want tea, then try making this into a smoothie or a shake the taste might surprise you. If you or someone you know contracted UTI then I recommend this honey remedy for you.

20Honey treatment for Eczema


Scientists have discovered that honey has exceptional powers in treating extreme cases of eczema. Not only does honey heal damaged skin and remove dark blotches but it also aids in the growth of new skin cells. All you need for this home remedy is just to apply half and half of cinnamon and honey and apply it to the affected area. Cinnamon along with honey can substitute for those expensive creams you use on your face to eliminate eczema. So if you have eczema problems or if you know someone who has a similar problem, then I recommend you check out this honey remedy and see the results for yourself.

21Honey cream for athlete’s foot


Want to remove the stinky smell in your foot? Then try using this honey remedy. Having athlete’s foot can be embarrassing because of the bad odor it emits. Using honey as a cream can help in your dilemma. Honey is a natural antiseptic that reduces the itch and inflammation. Also, this mixture of honey and sugar can be used as a cream because sugar helps in removing the dead skin cells.

22Homemade mouthwash


If you want to have a more natural resort to killing germs in your mouth while eliminating bad breath than try this mouthwash recipe. Using mouthwashes that are store bought can sometimes do more harm than good because of the processed chemicals that it contains. A lot of mouthwash in stores only uses flavoring so it doesn’t guarantee you to have a fresh breath that will last all day long. Not only is this recipe filled with nature goodness, but it also makes your mouth healthy and clean. So the next time you want to gargle a mouthwash use this instead.

23Heals wounds


Honey, for centuries, has been used as an ointment and cream to treat wounds and burns. It is useful in helping the skin cells regenerate and also eliminates bacteria’s from wounds. However, the honey you need to use must be natural and not those artificial ones. Just applying honey in the wounded area will not exactly do the trick. Try measuring the area first and use proper dressing to speed up the healing process. The next time you find yourself scratched, bruised, or wounded and you’re unfortunately stuck in a place where all you can find is honey, then try to remember this honey remedy because it will surely come In handy.

24Honey moisturizer for Cracked heels


Having ugly calluses on your feet can be unsightly and disturbing to some people, and sometimes it can be a reason for discomfort. Cracked and dry heels can also turn to athletes foot which is more embarrassing. To fix this trouble and problem use this all natural cream that is designed to treat cracked heels. Honey is a natural humectant and moisturizer and when combined with milk and orange it can be the perfect honey remedy to have your feet indulge in.

25Honey tonic for overall health


Honey though it doesn’t treat all diseases can be considered as something close to a panacea. It cures a lot of things and it is also the perfect ingredient to achieve perfect wellness and overall health. It can be used for beauty purposes and strengthening the mind. It can also be made into hundreds of home remedies and meals. This tonic along with honey is made of super ingredients that will fill your body with a lot of nutrients. This is also another honey remedy that is good for removing body waste and quenching thirst. So if you want to live long and healthy, remember this honey remedy and all other honey remedies that will surely make your life easier and sweeter.


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