10 Dresses You’ll Need For Every Occasion


The way we carry ourselves on every occasion speaks way more than words ever could. The way we dress however is a different story. The first thing most people notice whenever someone enters a room is their appearance. They eye you head-to-toe to see whether what you are wearing is appropriate for the event. People suddenly become fashion police and trust me honey you do not want to be caught. In this list, we’ve compiled the top 10 dresses you’ll need for every occasion and a few tips on what events you should wear them.

1Maxi Dress

B010WQUNOY - Vanilla Bay Floral Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are very fun and delicate looking, and it’s the perfect dress for an afternoon stroll or when you want to show off a bit of skin during beautiful weather. It’s flowy, and it flutters in the wind in a way that will compliment your figure. If you’re a bit shy and you don’t want to wear any see-through covers then maxi dresses are what you need, it provides just enough fabric to cover the right places plus it’s made of light and soft fabric that is soft on the skin. This floral maxi dress from Vanilla Bay also has different designs and colors, and all have beautiful floral prints that are so chic and lovely. Aside from being a great dress for casual walks, this dress is also the perfect dress for a seaside brunch. So whether you’re wearing one on the beach, in the pool or while strolling in street bazaars you will always be Instagram perfect ready. Check out this floral maxi dress here.

2Hot Red Dress

B01N2MTMGP - Sidefeel Women Off Shoulder Short Sleeve High Low Skater Dress

Whether you’re in your early 20’s, late 30’s or even in your mid 40’s wearing a stylish, sexy red dress in a party will always turn heads. Like the LBD a red dress is a closet staple that will never go out of style since It’s chic, flirty and attractive. A red dress will always make a woman feel confident, and it gives out an aura of excitement. A red dress is also very versatile; you can wear it during the day, and you can also wear it during the night. Pairing your hot red dress with red lipstick is one classic combo that has been proven and tested many times to be foolproof. This red dress from sidefeel shows the right amount of skin, and if you’re wearing it for a date night, then you’ll surely catch the eye of your date. Click here to see more of this red dress.

3White and Simple Dress

B01M8KR8OG - Lalagen Women's Vintage 1950s Party Cocktail Wedding Swing Midi Dress

White and pure; Pretty and meek that is what an LWD is or more commonly known as the little white dress. Unlike her older sister the great LBD, white dresses aren’t seen by many women as a necessity in their wardrobe since it plain and well let’s face it not many grown women like wearing a white dress unless it’s for a special occasion. However, these ‘plain’ dresses are one of the most versatile clothing pieces you can have in your hanger rack. One LWD is enough to make many OOTD combinations, you can layer it with a button down shirt or maybe add some gold pieces to complete your ensemble, you can also mix and match with prints and colors to add some pop and fun to your outfit. If you want to check out this white dress from Lalagen, then click here.

4Little Black Dress

B0104HPNPU - Heloise Women's A-Line Sleeveless Pleated Little Cocktail Party Dress

Ah yes, the legendary LBD, Finding the perfect LBD is like finding “The One.” Whatever your body shape or size you have there will always be an LBD for you. LBD’s have stood the test of time and is always seen being worn by famous actresses and powerful women figures like Audrey Hepburn, Jaqueline Kennedy, Madonna, and the late Princess Diana. Almost every woman has this in her closet, and if you don’t have one, then you must check out this Sleeveless, pleated little black dress from Heloise.

5Basic Black and White Combination

B010RPDKUY - GRACE KARIN BoatNeck Sleeveless Vintage Tea Dress with Belt

Black and white may be opposites but they are the perfect couples. A black and white combo dress will always look classy, and it can be used for many occasions. Like when you’re having tea with your girlfriends or eating out lunch with your S.O and even if you’re going out to a dinner party a black and white combination dress will always make you prim, proper and ready to go. If you want to buy your B&W dress, then check out this vintage dress from GRACE KARIN.

6Summer Dress

B010P8LQHW - LILBETTER Women's Beach Crochet Backless Bohemian Halter Maxi Long Dress

Summer dresses are one of the beach essentials you’ll want to have especially if you’re trying to achieve a perfect season on-point style. Summer weather can be cruel sometimes that’s why summer dresses are handy plus they’re very cooperative, and you do not need to worry about mixing and matching complicated outfits because a summer dress paired with chic gladiator sandals will make your look Instagram worthy. Splurge on this Boho-chic summer dress by LILBETTER by clicking here.

7Eye Catching Dress

B01NA94HKP - made2envy Open Back Long Sleeve Sequin Mini Dress

An eye-catching dress is a dress that will make you the center of attraction for all the right reason whenever you wear it. This dress from made2envy is embezzled with sparkling sequins, and it’s made of body hugging material that will show off all your curves. It’s perfect for when you’re going on a night out with your girlfriends or when you want to attract the attention of some hottie that you’ve been eyeing out the whole night in the club. Check out this dress by clicking here.

8An Elegant Dress

B01N0KLDFJ - TEESROOM Women's Sexy Package Hip Fishtail Bandage Evening Dresses

Flowy, beautiful and exudes grace- that is what an elegant dress is, it gives out an aura of class and elegance. Whenever you want to feel comfortable, sexy yet powerful at the same time, then you’ll want to wear an elegant dress. This dress from TEESROOM exudes grace and elegance, and it’s the type of dress you’d want to wear during dinner dates or house warming parties. Click here if you want this dress.

9Pastel Dress

B01D90QLXM - Knee Length Convertible Bridesmaids Dress in Light Pastel Green Lace,One Size

A pastel dress gives a touch of mellowness to wardrobes that are sometimes full of clothes and dresses that have bold and strong colors. Pastel dresses are very trendy right now, and they always look good no matter what weather it is outside. This light pastel green dress from ilzo is the epitome of flexibility. This dress can be converted into six different styles, and it’s perfect for any special occasion like weddings and debuts. If you want to check out the various transformations of this dress, then click here.

10Cocktail Dress

B01MQ07KV6 - TINYHI 3-4 Sleeve Ruched Waist Elegant V-neck Casual Party Dress

A cocktail dress is casual, simple yet elegant. It is something that you can use anytime of the day, and it does not have to be fluttery, princessy or prom-like, This dress from TINYHI is something you’ll want to have in your closet. You can wear it for work, and you can also wear it during the night time for a casual event. It comes in different colors, and it’s also made of materials that will give you the utmost comfort from morning up till night. Click here to check it out.


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