6 Ways to Dress Up in a Boring Shirt


Humans since the discovery of clothing have been inclined towards wearing something that at least or at most covers, their body and somehow that became a part of a person’s everyday routine. Dressing up has then been into every human’s instinct. Since then, it is every person’s “natural state” of being unless you grew up and lived in the thick Amazon rainforest which is something I doubt ever happens in this generation.

Every year, there are lots of new trends coming out. Year by year, people, technologies and the way people thinks evolve and it does not make any differences to the evolvement of fashion. After all, life is all about choosing between yes or no, you can never choose from between. So it depends on you, ladies if you go with the trend or not. Well, in the end, what matters most would always depend on your creativity.

There are lots of opinions, strategies, fashion pieces and ensembles when it comes to dressing up. There comes a lot of dilemmas, thoughts and ideas popping out to which and how are you going to pair up every clothes in your closet so that you can post a selfie of your fabulous “outfit for today.” So take a moment or maybe a night to figure out what personality you wanna show because a simple shirt can go a long way.

In this list, we have everyday outfits that range from Casual Streetwear to Edgy chic looks with a T-shirt as the main glue of the whole ensemble.

1Culotte and Pastel Blazer

Culotte and Pastel Blazer


Pastel and black are both different and strongly opposing colors, and in this outfit, they seem in harmony with each other, and that’s because of the white shirt that serves as a neutralizer. An outfit like this is perfect for a sunny stroll downtown or whenever you’re going on a shopping trip to the mall. This pastel pink blazer makes the outfit look impeccable while the black culottes give it a bit of edge.

This outfit doesn’t need to have many accessories, and it looks very high class dashed with a bit of pastel giving it a mellow vibe. If you want to check out a blazer similar to this then click here and if you want to buy a culotte like this then click here.

2Pencil Skirt and Pumps

Pencil Skirt and Pumps


Who says a shirt isn’t a clothing piece that’s fit for work? A shirt can still make you look fabulous and polished enough for work. All you have to do is take that pencil skirt from your closet, grab a pair of pumps and to complete your look wear a simple watch and you’re all done and ready for your paper works. With this outfit you won’t be needing to wear those bulky, dull and dark suits anymore. If you don’t have a pencil skirt then click here and If you want a pair of pumps that’s similar to this then go here.

3Printed Pumps and Denim Jacket

Printed Pumps and Denim Jacket


Express yourself through streetwear by freshening up your basic t-shirt and jeans with a pair of printed pumps and a denim jacket. The denim jacket makes your look more rugged, smart and more comfortable especially if the weather is a bit chilly. Instead of wearing chucks you can wear printed pumps to make your whole OOTD poppin’ and more feminine. Get your own denim jacket by clicking here and if you want to own you own pair of fierce printed pumps then click here.

4Maxi Skirt and Round Hat

Maxi Skirt and Round Hat


Who says only muscle tees and crop tops look boho? Any plain shirt will also have that fun vibe when you pair it with a maxi skirt. If you’re a petite woman, then try maxi skirts, and you will surely fall in love with it. Maxi skirts make you look taller than your actual height, and it makes your figure look more statuesque, and the great thing about it is you can wear it throughout any season.

Instead of just inserting your shirt in your maxi skirt or covering it with a belt you can tie the front or the side of your shirt into a knot to make it look more stylish. You can complete your whole look with a round hat to add a bit of flare. Buy your own maxi skirt by clicking here and if you want to purchase a round hat then click on this link.

5Distressed Jumper

Distressed Jumper

If you want something that’s simple but will still make you look fashionable then a distressed jumper is what you need to up style that plain boring shirt. It’s casual, it’s chic and it’s figure friendly so you won’t be having any headaches from worrying if your outfit reveals too much or if it makes you look boxy.

This combination is something you can wear every day and you won’t be having any anxiety from worrying whether you’re overdressed or not. This duo maybe more basic than basic but it’s a classic look that will always rock no matter where you go. It’s also a look that will make you look younger and playful, if you want to wear any bling-bling keep it simple by wearing a silver watch or a necklace. Check out a distressed jumper similar to this from Amazon by clicking here.

6White Leather Jacket and Boyfriend Jeans


A simple everyday outfit turns into something else once a black leather jacket is added on, but when it’s a WHITE leather jacket, it’s a whole other’ level. White leather jackets are not commonly worn by many, and some people see it as something that’s ‘risky’ because most women don’t see it as something they can pull off or even wear. If you want to dress yourself on a lazy day, you should consider this effortless outfit. Well, good news ladies a white leather jacket matched with boyfriend jeans and a plain ole’ shirt will make you look banging as you walk down the streets! You can even wear this to work, and all eyes will be on you. If you want to have a cool white leather jacket then click here. For the distressed boyfriend jeans, click here.


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