12 Ways To Dress Yourself On A Lazy Day


There are days that women feel like dressing in their best selves, complete with the shiniest earrings and the highest heels. However, there are also days that they would just throw on whatever shirt they see first. On days like these, you would still want to look cute and feel comfortable. Even simple makeup will do. No one really wants to look out actually looking lazy. Thus, if you feel like you are having one of those days, here are 12 ways to dress on a lazy day.

1Shirt + Light Trousers


For every woman that has an LBD in her closet, surely, she also has that white shirt that she can wear with anything in her closet. If you are running errands that day or meeting your girlfriends for a quick lunch and do not want to bother dressing up, opt for a clean white shirt, light trousers, and a pair of sneakers. Wearing this outfit would let you move comfortably while making you look good. No need to wear fancy accessories since this outfit requires a very casual and laidback look. You can wear your hair in a bun or down in a loose ponytail. You can also do a french braid to put some twist in your hair. Literally.

2Sweaters + Jogger Pants


Not really in the mood to show any skin? Then wrap yourself in a cozy sweater and a pair of jogger pants. Whether you are heading out with your girlfriends or staying in the comforts of your home, this outfit would do. Plus it gives you the perfect excuse to grab your favorite sweaters! Jogger pants work like your denim jeans except they are more comfortable and breathable. They also keep your legs warm especially on cold days like during winter.

3Leggings + Shirt


Surely, every woman has a pair of leggings in her closet. Leggings are very versatile apparel and a must-have fashion essential. Feel a lazy day coming? Grab your pair of leggings and match it with your favorite statement tee. Put up your hair in a bun to complete your “lazy look.” This outfit can immediately make you look casual and ready on-the-go. It also takes a short time to put this look together since you would not be tinkering with belts or buttons. Wear your rugged sneakers or sandals to finish the look, whichever you prefer for the day.

4Loose Sweater + Skater Skirt


Feel like looking girly but want to feel comfortable? Replace your jogger pants for a flowy skater skirt and grab your favorite loose sweater. The skirt will instantly make you feel good and look good even on a lazy day. Skirts have that power to make you look dressed without putting so much effort and thought on your whole outfit. Feel like taking your look to the next level? Wear combat boots that will make you look empowered and ready for the day.

5Mom Jeans + Shirt


History ought to repeat itself, or so they say. Who could have thought that vintage clothing would make a comeback soon? Mom jeans are the thing now. Ditch your favorite skinny denimĀ for chunkier but trendier pants. These pants are so 80’s that you would feel like you are time traveling while in them. Mom jeans are easy to style because you would only need simple tees to wear with them. Opt for a comfortable shirt that will allow you to move freely. You can best wear these jeans with your shirt tucked in or, for a better pair, a crop top.

6Denim Shorts + Top


Most women opt for the shorts and shirt combo when going out at the last minute. This is because this outfit is also relatively easy to put together and is a definite no-brainer. You can do this on a lazy day, too! Not sure where you are going? Wear something fancier than usual like a v-neck shirt. Style your hair in a braid or just let it down. Wear minimal accessories as this look does not ask for too much styling. Do not feel like wearing heels for the day? Wear your go-to sneakers instead. No one would suspect that you put this outfit together for a “lazy day.”

7Jeans + Your Boyfriend’s Shirt


Got important meetings to attend but cannot find anything in your own closet? Turn to your boyfriend’s closet instead. Dress androgynously and wear your guy’s crisp white button down shirt. No boyfriend? Purchase your own boyfriend shirt! The good thing is, fashion is already so versatile that you would find a boyfriend shirt even in the women’s department. Match your shirt with a pair of black trousers for a balanced look. Do not forget to swipe on your favorite lipstick. Sometimes it takes that little to feel ready for a long day.

8Short Dress + Sneakers


Want something easy to wear and takes minimal time to style? Go for a short dress that you can wear with a pair of sneakers for a casual but ready look. You do not have to actually look lazy when you do not feel like dressing up. Sometimes all you need is an outfit that is easy to put together and would make you feel comfortable for the rest of the day. You can wear this dress and sneakers combo for work, for running errands, or even for date nights.

9Drawstring Waist Shorts + Shirt


Feel like wearing something light and flowy? Go for a pair of drawstring waist shorts and a loose shirt. You would definitely feel comfortable in these without making much effort for your look. Whoever said that these shorts are only made for the beach? Drawstring shorts are versatile because you can wear them with anything. You can choose between crop tops, loose shirts, tank tops, or even fancy tops for special occasions. Need to go somewhere a bit formal and dressy? Just put on a polished blazer, and you are ready to go!



If there is an ultimate lazy day outfit, it should be The Jumpers. These are so comfortable to wear just because you only need to choose your shirt for the day and you are ready to go. Jumpers call for casual footwear like sneakers, so it gives you no time to look for the perfect pair of heels from your closet. Do not feel like looking glamorous for the day? Jumpers can instantly give you a laidback look. They also make you look fun, easy on your feet, and quite adventurous. These jumpers are wearable whether you want to go for a long-sleeved crop top, a loose shirt, or a fitted tank top. Braid your hair for a more fun look.

11Cashmere Top + Trousers


Lazy days can happen even when you are at work. As much as you would prefer to wear your baggy sweatshirt, you would have to look extra decent for the office. At times like this, you can trust a chic cashmere top to do the work for you. Pair it with black capri pants and loafers, so no one actually suspects that you are wearing your “lazy day” work clothes. Smear on your favorite red lipstick to look glam and polished even on a lazy day. Dump your pens and notepads in a chic but easy-to-bring tote bag to finish the look.

12Culottes + Top


Want to wear pants for the day but not the fitted type? Go for a pair of culottes instead. These are instant pick-me-uppers when it is one of those lazy days, but you need to look polished for a social event or a meeting. Pair your culottes with a crop top or fancy shirt, and you are ready to go. You can wear these pants with sneakers or sandals if you do not feel like walking in heels during the day. Culottes are best paired with cropped shirts to show the high-waisted band of these bottoms.



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