7 Creative DIY Bookshelves for Home Decors


When we speak of home decors, we often think of little trinkets that can add some spice to our curtains, rooms, doorways, halls, kitchen, and other parts of our house that could use a little sparkle to brighten up the place or perhaps to add something new for the eyes to see.

While that is what happens in most cases, you do not have to look so much into aesthetics alone. You can find something to décor your house with something beautiful and useful at the same time. Take a bookshelf for example.

You do not have to buy a wooden shelf from Ikea every time your reading pile goes higher; you can simply make do with the stuff you have at home and turn them into bookshelves. This little project can instantly organize your books and add some decoration to your home.

1Hanging Rack, Organizer, and Bookshelf


If you are looking for something that would instantly decorate your walls, why not put up something that can be equally useful? This hanging rack is easy to do and has multiple functions. It can be used as a frame, as an organizer for your little things, and as a bookshelf.

Grab your wooden box, rope, and screws and bolts before getting started. Create a hole on both sides of the box and put the ropes through them for hanging. Make sure both ends of the rope are tightly knot so your rack would not fall off from the wall. Paint your wooden box whichever color your prefer, or you can even decorate it with quirky patterns to make it look more alive and vibrant.

Hang your rack rope on a wall holder and stash your books in the box to make a cute organizer and bookshelf.

2Book Chair Bookshelf


As a true blue Bibliophile, it should be anticipated that you are not only into books, but you are also into other things that would make your reading lifestyle easier and more enjoyable. A chair is always a handy household item, but who said you could not turn it into a bookshelf for your beloved paperback friends?

This book chair requires more attention to detail, patience, and manual labor, but after you are done with it and polished every corner, you would find that the effort is worth it. After all, it is like hitting two birds with one stone – you get to have a comfortable reading area and a bookshelf attached to its sides.

For the materials and tools, you will need the following: 2 pcs 4×8′ sheets of 3/4″ plywood, 6 pcs 8′ of 2×1″ pine strips, 4 pcs 8′ of 2×2″ pine, 2 boxes 1-1/4″ Kreg pocket screws, wood glue, measuring tape, measuring triangle, hammer, marker, wood clamps (of various lengths), miter saw, cordless drill, compressor and nail gun, and Kreg jig.

Start off by making a base for your table with four legs and a floor base instead of a top. Make your way upwards and gradually add smaller cuts of woods on the side for the shelves. Use your Kreg pocket screws and wood glue to secure your chair’s sides. Once your reading throne is done, paint it with the color of your preference and, once it dries, put a fluffy pillow on the seat for a comfortable reading session.

3DIY Crate Bookshelf


Not all woodwork has to be done by men. You can also roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to make a useful bookshelf out of your used pallets. Ditch the store furniture and make something that you can call your own, like this DIY crate bookshelf that easily spices up your room and organizes all your lovely books.

Gather all your wooden boxes and scrub all sides with sandpaper to avoid rough edges. Afterward, polish all the crates for a smooth finish. Stack them up to a bookshelf and make sure that you find the right balance between the measurements of the boxes so you can maximize the space.

Once you find the right proportions, start from the bottom and work your way up. Secure two crates together with screws so they would not fall off. You would want to keep the natural color of the crates for added personality. Otherwise, paint it first before you pile them up. Once you are done with everything, find a suitable spot for your DIY bookshelf and start adding in your books.

4Bookends as Floating Bookshelf


While the previous DIY bookshelves were a bit harder than your typical DIY project, this one is a piece of cake. All you need are bookends and snip pliers, which you will use to make two small notches and fold into ordinary pliers. These tiny pieces of metal are intended to hold back the cover of the first book you would be putting on the pile. There are weight limitations with this bookshelf as the bookends are probably to bend from all the weight after some time, so make sure to choose books that are light enough and keep them paperbacks.

This witty bookshelf design will make it seem that your book pile is just floating on the wall. Besides that, it makes a lovely decoration for your home and adds character to an otherwise plain hallway.

5Toy Storage and Bookshelf


This next DIY project is not only a bookshelf, but it can also double as toy storage for the little ones in your house. For the materials, you will need two 1x3x8 boards and five 1×3 boards that are cut into 24 ½”. This makes an open storage for books and toys so you can easily spot when something is missing from the pile and also to add some decoration to your entertainment room. You can assign the bottom compartment for the plush toys and the upper portion for your hardbound and paperbacks. You can even put a soft carpet on the floor of the lower compartment to keep the toys clean.

Assemble the open storage and secure the sides and corners with screws before you paint it with a color of your preference. You can also turn this into an open storage for your creative tools like scissors, pens and markers, and paintbrushes.

6Curbside Bookshelf Makeover


While some women choose to buy furniture and household items, and some recycle stuff to make something useful out of them, you can opt to find an original item in your house and just redecorate it to give it a new look. It is cheap, practical, and easy. Take a curbside bookshelf for example. Use your imagination and think of a design that would make the bookshelf look more alive. Once you have a picture in your head, remove all the contents of the bookshelf and start redecorating.

For this tutorial, you can use a wrap-up paper to cover the backs of the bookshelf, and a light blue paint to make it look more feminine. You can choose any pattern of your liking as long as it suits your taste and makes your home a wee bit more colorful. You can use this as a bookshelf and bedside table rolled into one.

7Rain Gutter Bookshelf


If you are one of them who refuse to try contemporary designs in your home, then this bookshelf tutorial is for you. Ditching the typical wooden bookshelf, you can opt for something more unique, like this rain gutter bookshelf. For just $12, you can quickly build your own wall book gallery. This tutorial only requires some sewing, mounting, and screwing.

When you have your rain gutters, cut them into your desired measurements, preferably in the same sizes so the would look consistent on your wall. If they are long enough, you can just sew them into halves. Find your desired spots where you want to put the studs, and then screw them into your wall. Make sure the screws are tight enough to prevent accidents. This kind of bookshelf is generous with the space for books. You can even mix in some magazines and newspapers.


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