CLA Safflower Oil Review (UPDATED 2020) – 8 Things You Should Know!


Unfortunately, “embracing and accepting your flaws” is not applicable for obese people. Obesity is a serious problem that should never be neglected. Hence, if your weight is above normal, do not wait until the problem deteriorates. It’s crucial to lose excess fat as soon as you can to keep your body healthy and strong.

Today, we are going to review the CLA safflower oil. This product had been claimed to be effective in losing weight and toning your body. Below is a detailed review of the product, allowing you to determine if the CLA safflower oil is really effective or just another spam loss weight product dotted in the market.

1What is CLA Safflower Oil?

The CLA safflower oil is a product of The American Heart Association, aimed to utilize the benefits of omega-6 fatty acids in maintaining heart health and losing weight. A study from the Ohio State University revealed that safflower oil can help to improve the condition of women suffering from diabetes, obesity, and improves their menopausal phase.

This CLA supplementation is formulated to get rid of excess fat from the body. Suitable for women, the supplement can help you to achieve an attractive body shape in the long run. It is also effective in keeping your heart healthy.

2How Does It Work?

Considering the fact that safflower oil is rich in omega-6 fats, equivalent to a large amount of refined vegetables, it can benefit one’s waistline in the long run. When consumed regularly, it gets rid of the excess fat in your body. It will allow you to tone your body shape as you exercise.

It was supported by a study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published way back in 2007 that the conjugated linoleic acid can help in increasing the fat oxidation while you are sleeping. An International Journal of Obesity study also revealed that the CLA can help in getting rid of body fat when consumed.

Each safflower contains 0.7 milligrams of CLA, enough to supply your body’s need in burning fat. Plus, it was manufactured to increase the amount of CLA in every pill.

However, it is still important that you tweak your diet and exercise regularly to see best results. While dietary supplements can help you to shed the excess fat, the food you eat and activities you do also says a lot about your current body shape and weight.

Now, the CLA safflower oil works in four simple steps:

  • First, it will activate the fat burning components once you’ve ingested the product.
  • Second, it starts breaking down the fat tissue especially on your belly area.
  • Third, it starts building lean muscle.
  • And lastly, it helps to prevent any formation of fat in the near future.

3The Benefits

Here are the following benefits that you can enjoy should you decide to use the CLA safflower oil:

  • It lessens the risk of heart diseases

As what we’ve mentioned above, numerous studies have supported the fact that the CLA safflower can help to lessen the risk of heart diseases. By getting rid of the excess fat from your body, rest assured that you are free from death-causing cardiovascular diseases as you age.

  • It suppresses your appetite

Are you worried that you may not be able to control yourself when it comes to eating? Well, worry no more! the CLA safflower is an appetite suppresser. That means you always feel full or does not feel like eating at all. It will allow you to discipline yourself better when it comes to losing weight.

  • It boosts your metabolism

Notice that healthy people have fast metabolism. Yours may be slow but do not worry because the CLA safflower oil can boost one’s metabolism. It alters your body system so that you can burn more fat without doing any intense workout. All you need to do is take the capsule on a regular basis.

  • It is easy to take

Unlike other weight loss products, the CLA safflower oil comes in a liquid form. That means you can take the product without any difficulty.

  • Regulates the blood circulation in your body

The CLA safflower oil is also effective in regulating your blood circulation. Your heart can now pump at utmost efficiency, allowing all of your body organs to receive proper nutrients and oxygen.

  • It targets your belly area

Belly fats are one of the hardest to lose. But you need not to worry because the CLA safflower oil targets your belly area. In that way, you can shed fat and distribute it evenly in other body parts. Keep in mind that healthy fats play a crucial role in losing weight.

4The Pros and Cons

Now, let’s take a look at the set of pros and cons that this product can offer when you start taking it:


  • Affordable price
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Comes in liquid form and easy to take
  • Visible effects in less than a month
  • Cost-effective


  • It is only available online
  • The research of safflower and CLA is limited

5Side Effects

Even though the CLA safflower oil is made of natural ingredients, there are following things that you should pay extra attention to:

  • Stomachache

A small percentage of the CLA safflower oil reported that they suffered from diarrhea and stomachache when taking the product. Some of them ended up throwing up what they ate.

  • Allergic reactions

Some people are allergic to safflower and took the product without prior consultation from their doctor. As a result, the oil triggered their allergic reaction including rashes, fever, and seizure. That’s why it’s vital to visit your doctor first before you start taking the product because anyone can buy it without presenting a prescription.

  • Low blood pressure

Another side effect of the CLA safflower oil is that it decreases your blood pressure. That’s why it’s not suitable for people who are suffering from hypotension.

  • Birth defect

Pregnant women are not allowed to take the product. if you start taking the product while carrying your child, there is a tendency that you will give birth to an unhealthy child with disorder. Hence, the CLA safflower oil is dangerous for pregnant women.

6The Dos and Don’ts when using the CLA safflower oil

Do you want to make the most out of this dietary supplement? Here is a set of do’s and don’ts that you should follow when taking the CLA safflower oil:


  • Opt for healthy foods.

It’s about time you change your diet into healthier set of foods. A smart food choice can help you to lose weight effectively. Cut back on salt, sugar, alcohol, and preservatives in your food. Opt for fresh vegetables and prepare it yourself to ensure that there are no chemical additives that can harm your health.

  • Exercise regularly

It would be rendered useless if you start on taking the CLA safflower oil but you don’t have the time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. You don’t need to hit the gym or do intense workouts just to get a desirable result. But you should be active on a regular basis.

Jogging around your neighborhood or walking your dog to the park can be considered as an exercise. Keep your body active daily by following a routine that can benefit you in the long run.

  • Stay hydrated

We would like to emphasize the importance of water when losing weight. Lack of water can cause headaches because of the shortage of oxygen in your body. Hence, you should drink at least eight glasses of water in a day for best results of the CLA safflower oil.


  • Smoke

If you want to enjoy utmost benefits from the supplement, you could start by eliminating your toxic habits such as smoking. Smoking will not only damage your respiratory system but it can also make other organs to malfunction. Smoking can also contribute to gene alteration and may cause complication to your future offspring.

Stop smoking while you’re still young. Smoking and taking the CLA safflower oil product at the same time will be rendered useless.

  • Starve

You don’t need to feel guilty when you are eating. If you are trying to lose some weight, you will need all the nutrients that you can get to achieve desirable results. That means you should never starve yourself in the process. Starving yourself will only deteriorate your condition and slow down the process.

  • Drink too much alcohol

If you want to lose weight, you should stop consuming products that contributes to the excess fats in your body. And one of it is excessive consumption of alcohol. Even if you follow a strict diet, a glass of alcohol is enough to ruin it all.

While alcohol can help in cleansing your body, consuming large amounts of alcohol regularly is not recommended. Regulating and maintaining your blood sugar will also depend on the amount of alcohol that you consume.

7Where to Buy the Product?

Are you interested in buying the product? Great news! The manufacturer is giving out discounts to first-time customers. You might want to visit their official website here today and grab your own bottle now!


  • Who are the people that are not allowed to take the product?

People below 18 years of age, pregnant women, nursing mother, people with serious medical condition, and people who are allergic to daisies are not allowed to take the product. It can cause serious side effects with regards to their current condition right now.

  • How do I take the product?

Make sure that you keep your daily dosage at a maximum of three tablespoons only. If you want to observe the effects it will cause your body, then you should start with 1-2 tablespoons only.

  • Is it safe to take?

Yes. The CLA safflower oil is 100% safe to take and effective. Although there are side effects that you should be wary of, the dietary supplement is made of natural ingredients and have passed numerous clinical tests before it was introduced to the market.

  • Where to buy the product?

For interested buyers, you can visit their official website here. Because of the patronage of their customers, the manufacturer is offering a limited 30% off on your first purchase!

9Our Final Verdict

Losing weight can’t be done overnight. But if you have the dedication, commitment, and mindset towards a healthier body, you may be able to achieve it through the help of CLA safflower oil.

This affordable yet effective dietary supplement is recommended for anyone who wants to build back their self-esteem by being the best versions of themselves.


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