BullGuard Anti-Malware Review (UPDATED 2020) – 9 Reasons to Buy!


While there are a variety of programs and applications that you will find useful on the internet, it is crucial that you secure your computer first by getting a malware program. In that way, you can rest assured that none of your applications can pose serious virus threat to your PC.

Today, we are going to take a look at the BullGuard Anti-Malware Program. This malware program is designed to ward off any potential virus that might attack your PC. It will also give you peace of mind, especially if you are fond of downloading things you see on the internet.

1Introducing BullGuard Anti-Malware Program

BullGuard Antivirus Featured

The BullGuard anti-malware program provides real-time protection of your PC from virus attacks, hacks, and other dangers on the internet. The primary security system built into your PC can no longer shield you from the devastating virus attacks on the internet.

This program features an online file backup, parental controls, customized firewall, and gamer mode. If you compare the premium security software and the internet security suite of BullGuard, there is little to no difference.

If you use a Windows operating system, this is the best malware program for you. It’s easy to use, reliable and does not burn a hole in your pocket. It does not have any hidden charges at all.

The following are the primary objectives of this program:

  • Provide real-time protection of your PC 24/7
  • Provide an affordable security system for Windows OS users
  • Ward off potential attackers from the internet

2BullGuard Anti-Malware Program Features

The program is designed to have a simple interface. In that way, even beginners can quickly figure it out and make the most out of the anti-malware program. Here are the following features that you can use once you purchase the product:

  • Behavioral detection – this feature can detect any existing threats or viruses in your PC. Scanning your PC with the BullGuard anti-malware program is effective because you will know the standing of your computer. This feature is also designed to prevent any future virus attacks and dangers online.
  • Spam filter – this feature is designed to protect you from annoying spams dotted almost everywhere on the internet. It also phishes scams at its best. For instance, if you are going to search for a website before you are directed, the BullGuard will warn you if this website host malware or if it attempts phishing. In that way, you can consider visiting other websites to avoid the risk.
  • Phishing protection – this feature works by protecting your PC from phishing websites. Phishing websites are those who fake PayPal sites and would ask for your information to create an account. Now, with BullGuard anti-malware protection, rest assured that these kinds of websites will automatically hit the blacklist once they’ve been scanned.
  • Safe browsing – one of the best features of the BullGuard is the secure browsing. It will allow you to stay away from any website that will pose a threat to your PC. This feature works by creating markup links in most visited sites.

For instance, a green checkmark circle means the site is safe to use. But if you see a red stop sign, it indicates that the website contains viruses that might attack your PC. You can hover your mouse over the icon display to see the threat level of the site before you proceed.

  • Vulnerability scan – the developer removed the previous feature of the program’s earlier version, spam filter when they realized that some people are in dire need of a local spam filter. Now, this feature will protect your computer’s most vulnerable points from hackers. It puts up a good defense against all kinds of PC attacks to ensure that your computer is 24/7 safe from potential threats.
  • Game booster – this product uses a feature that will suspend all notifications and scans while you are playing a game. In that way, you can focus on your game and get rid of annoying tabs that keep on popping up while you are busy playing. The BullGuard also has this feature, but rest assured that your PC is still protected even on a game booster feature. This feature will automatically work when you play any full-screen games— also if it’s just an online dating game.

3BullGuard Anti-Malware Program Benefits

BullGuard Antivirus 2

If you are still contemplating whether you should buy the anti-malware program or not, here are the following benefits that you should consider:

BullGuard has passed the AV-Test

AV-Test is a German independent test lab. Fortunately for potential buyers, BullGuard is one of the 22 products that were tested, and it gave the test last February of 2015. The BullGuard gained a perfect score in the test suite. It just indicates that its capability to protect your computer from malware is excellent.

This program can determine first and risky files from the internet. It can also identify websites that are most likely to bring harm to your computer. Its above-average score for its rate of false positives is enough to give you peace of mind.

They have excellent customer service

Do not worry if this is your first time using an anti-malware program because the BullGuard offers tremendous and 24/7 real-time customer service. If you have a question, all you need to do is send them an email, and you can expect a response within an hour.

Or you can also reach them with their telephone support that’s available at all time. However, should you want to know and ask for advice from other users of BullGuard, you can visit the online community that they host. There you will see a complete product guide, mere technicalities, and FAQs by other users as well.

It has a dated parental control

Even though not every user can benefit from parental control, this feature is excellent for parents who wanted to impose a unique online experience for their kids.

The parental control is integrated on the BullGuard but rest assured that it will do nothing unless you start configuring the settings. You can block access to sites with matching 24 categories.

You can also choose an age range to ensure a predefined profile when it comes to preventing classes. In that way, your kids won’t wander into sites that they shouldn’t see at their young ages.

They offer a default backup profile

Now, no one would appreciate lost files because of ransomware or computer fault. Thanks to their traditional backup, you can now create a profile for all of your files and folders that you want to keep, in case your PC gets attacked by a virus.

All of your documents, photos, videos, music, and other files are restored. The BullGuard will use your existing online storage for this backup. You can connect it to your Dropbox or OneDrive account. 

4The Pros and Cons


  • It automatically scans your computer for any weak points where most hackers target to get in
  • The program has a good phishing protection score
  • It features a vulnerability scan
  • This program is ideal for gamers
  • It gained good ratings from independent labs
  • Its simple interface is perfect for beginner’s use
  • It has a backup and PC tune-up
  • It has a full-featured Android security
  • It provides antivirus of macOS
  • The set-up is simple and easy


  • This program does not include a password manager
  • It does not add a spam filter
  • It has a poor score in hands-on malware protection test
  • The program does not offer a rescue CD option
  • It cannot detect ransomware threats
  • It can cause a slowdown in your system performance
  • There are only limited features in Mac antivirus
  • No hosted online backup

5The BullGuard Tune-up System

While turning up your system is not a security feature, you can benefit a lot from this option provided by the BullGuard. It will help to boost the performance of your PC by cleaning up all traces that could get in the way when you browse.

It also uses your computer history to provide added security when browsing. The system tune-up is available even on an entry-level suite.

6Using the Program

As what we’ve mentioned above, the user interface of the BullGuard is simple and easy to navigate. All settings are by default. You can customize it the way you prefer to ensure optimal security support from the program.

But if you are not familiar with some settings or options, we suggest you opt to the community and ask for help from old users as well.

Some features such as dated parental control have not evolved over the past five years. It may be a good thing for many because that means the software is still easy to use. Or it could be a bad thing for someone who is looking for a constant upgrade of a security system.

7Where to Buy?

The BullGuard manufacturer doesn’t have a physical store. You can only buy their anti-malware program on their official website here. Be careful of spam messages in your emails though; some may claim a big discount on an anti-malware program only to lead you into a malware site.

There is only one website for BullGuard and nothing else. And buying from their official website will ensure you of real-time customer service from the company along with the benefits above that they can offer.


Is it suitable for all windows operating system?

Yes. The BullGuard anti-malware program is suitable from Windows XP to Windows 10. However, note that the features will vary according to your windows operating system. Some features are present in a Windows 10 user that you cannot find in a windows seven user.

Is BullGuard lightweight?

It is. The anti-malware program doesn’t take too much of your existing storage. It can help you manage your room better thanks to the feature that it can offer. Some security system will cause slow down and lagging to your computer, but rest assured that it will never happen in BullGuard.

Can I access the online forum even if I haven’t purchased the product yet?

Yes, you can. It will give you an idea on what’s store for you should you buy the anti-malware program. The online forum will also help you to set up the anti-malware program faster compared to configuring it out on your own.

9Our Final Verdict

Annoying spam messages, attacks from ransomware, and even random virus attacks from malicious websites are annoying and can damage your computer. Hence, you need to provide extra protection from all of these cyber-attacks.

The BullGuard anti-malware program is an excellent choice if you are on a budget but still wanted a quality security system. While it’s not a fancy or complicated security system compared to another program, this easy-to-use anti-malware program is a life-saver for people who wanted to browse safely and avoid virus attacks in the long run.

For more information, you can visit their official website here and see what’s in store for you.


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