Blood Pressure Protocol Review (UPDATED 2019) – 10 Things to Know!


Body fatigue, blurring vision, throbbing headaches, irregular heart rate, and blood in the urine are just one of the symptoms of hypertension. It can affect your day-to-day work and may even hinder you from the activities that you wanted to do.

Worst of all, if left untreated, it can escalate into something worse such as full-blown stroke or a heart attack. That’s why people who had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and hypertension nowadays are cautious about the food they eat and the activities they do.

Now, what we are about to reveal to you is one of the best home remedies to combat the effects of hypertension. Rest assured that Blood Pressure Protocol by David Riley requires no equipment, medicine, or any expensive type of therapy at all.

1What is Blood Pressure Protocol?

It refers to a program specifically designed to combat hypertension and its adverse effects to your body. This guide will show you how to manage your high blood pressure without any assistance from equipment or medicine. You can do this remedy in the comfort of your own home.

This program consists of only natural remedies and will allow you to live a healthy life like others. You need not avoid your favorite food, drinks, or specific activities with the help of this program. It will strengthen your body and allow you to enjoy as much as you can without worrying about your high blood pressure later on.

The program’s primary objectives are the following:

  • Allow people with hypertension to live a healthy life
  • Avoid expensive medicine and equipment to regular high blood pressure
  • Do the remedy at home, saving money in the long run

2Secret Blood Pressure Ingredients

Before we delve into the program and how it works, let us take a look first of the ingredients of their product. Their main ingredient is the Coenzyme Q10 that had been proven to lessen the harmful effects of hypertension. Also, the following ingredients will appear in the program:

  • Dark leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Coldwater fish
  • Herring

All of these foods will help you to avoid the significant adverse effects of hypertension. Each of them works hand in hand to regulate your blood pressure. These foods can also combat other potential diseases that might enter your body.

With the help of the foods above, you need not undergo special treatments to free yourself from hypertension. The Blood Pressure Protocol program will introduce a whole new diet that you should stick into for a healthier lifestyle.

3The BP Secret Program

Now, let’s talk about the program. Upon downloading the pdf, you will be given a guide on how to lower your high blood pressure in just 17 days. After that short time, you will notice drastic changes in your health. But first, you need to let go of your unhealthy habits including the following:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Not having enough sleep
  • Eating unhealthy foods
  • Neglecting exercise
  • Overeating
  • And staying too long in a polluted area

Note that this program will not work if you don’t change yourself first. Start slowly with yourself. Are there any habits that you should eliminate first for you to have a better lifestyle and avoid the adverse effects of hypertension? Can you improve your current eating habits right now?

Once you start changing your lifestyle, you should follow the guide. The author will tell you the secret diet to lower your blood pressure. It also includes the vitamins and supplements that you need to take for a more effective result.

Aside from guiding you on how to manage your high blood pressure, the author will also discuss the leading causes of hypertension.

In that way, you will be able to avoid such factors that can deteriorate your health. It will also help you to understand hypertension better. Knowing how and why it attacks your body is a great start to combat it.

4About the authors

Now, you may be wondering, why should you listen to this man?  Allow us to introduce the two authors of this program—David Riley, the developer, and Dr. Miles Channing, a hypertension cardiologist.

David Riley suffered from hypertension for over 12 years in which he is required to take different medicines to regulate his high blood pressure.

Riley experienced what you are feeling right now—numb hands, sudden chest pains, erectile dysfunction, extreme fatigue, and of course, he cannot eat the food that he wants.

Dr. Milles, on the other hand, spent his three years living with the Yanomamo Indian tribe and found out that none of them suffered from hypertension or have high blood pressure. It’s because they stick to their no-salt diet.

They also consume foods that are rich in protein, fiber, and Coenzyme Q10 antioxidant (you can find it in leafy vegetables, freshwater fishes, chicken, and beef).

Now, the two men came up with this program to combat hypertension in the long run. They aim to lower your high blood pressure without relying on a doctor’s prescription at all. Riley and Dr. Channing wanted you to change your lifestyle to experience drastic changes in your health.

5Blood Pressure Protocol Benefits

If you are still hesitant to buy their product, you might want to check out the following benefits that the Blood Pressure Protocol program can offer:

Save money in the long run

You can now kiss your expensive medicines goodbye with the help of this product. Their guide will allow you to save money because you no longer need to buy medicine or rely on medical equipment anymore. Their guide uses only natural foods, vitamins, and supplements that you can find in your local market.

No side effects

Lucky for you, unlike other medicine, this program will not cause any side effects at all. Although you may have to say goodbye to your favorite foods before, rest assured that you will not experience any fuzziness, dizziness, puking, or fatigue. It will help in strengthening your body by eating the right foods and avoiding unhealthy eating habits from before.

Safe and effective

The Blood pressure protocol is proven safe and effective. No harmful chemicals, no side effects, and best of all, affordable! You don’t need any prescription to achieve a lower blood pressure. Patient as young as 18 can try the method and see how it works.

6Pros and Cons

Let us take a look at this protocol’s pros and cons once you start following it.


  • The program consists of recipes made of all natural ingredients with no added preservatives or chemicals. Rest assured that everything you’re going to consume is organic and can provide the nutrients that your body needs.
  • The program is easy to follow. Once you download the PDF, you will be surprised that most of the ingredients in the recipes can be found in your kitchen. Now, all you have to do is prepare yourself a shake or a meal that you can enjoy and help combat hypertension.
  • It decreases the chances of stroke and heart attack. Unfortunately, people with hypertension are prone to heart attack and stroke. The last thing you’ll ever want to experience is a full-blown stroke when you still have a family to support or even starting to live your life.
  • Learn the culprit of hypertension. Unlike doctors who will only prescribe medication to lessen the adverse effects of high blood pressure, this guide will discuss the real cause of hypertension. You will learn of the significant factors that can lead to high blood pressure. In that way, you can avoid it in the long run.
  • You don’t need any prescription at all. As what we’ve mentioned above, once you follow the program, you will realize that none of the recipes or tips that they are going to give requires any prescription at all. Hence, rest assured that execution is smooth as a breeze.
  • Science backs the program. If you are hesitant about the program, know that science has supported it. Previous studies stated that this kind of diet could help in improving your condition and lowering your blood pressure.


  • You can only buy it online. Unfortunately, there are no physical stores that sell the Blood Pressure Protocol program as of the moment aside from their official website.
  • It is only available as an e-book. Apart from that, you cannot hold the product physically. It’s going to be a problem for those who fancy a handier product. You can only download the e-book right after paying.

7Side Effects

As what we’ve mentioned above, there are no side effects of this product because it uses all-natural ingredients. Compared to other hypertension treatments, rest assured that you will not experience dizziness, puking, fatigue, or a headache.

However, we still recommend that you visit your doctor first before you follow the program. Some people are not suitable to support such applications and can lead to adverse effects if they tweak their diet all of a sudden.

If any of the food from the program can trigger your allergic reaction or extreme fatigue, we recommend that you visit your doctor as soon as possible.

8Where to Buy

Are you interested in buying? You can visit their official website here. As what we’ve mentioned above, there is no other official website. So be careful in buying from other sellers because you will not receive any other product aside from the e-book after you paid.


Blood Pressure Protocol 1

Is this method effective?

Yes. Thousands of people have relieved themselves from hypertension thanks to this program. And you can be one of them too! If you do not have any allergic reaction and is looking for a way to decrease your high blood pressure, this is the right product for you.

Is the BP secret suitable for pregnant women?

Unfortunately, no. We recommend that you give birth to your child first before you try on the program. Focus on getting healthy first and eating the right foods to provide nutrients for your baby before you work on a variety of home remedy.

What if I can’t see any difference in 17 days?

Just as our bodies vary, the results may differ as well. Some people may experience quick, and others are not. Just be patient. You are changing your entire lifestyle with this program, and it would take a while for your body to adapt to this new kind of diet and activities.

Is this program safe to follow?

Rest assured that it is 100% safe and effective. Free yourself from hypertension and high blood pressure by giving it a try. You’re going to eat a lot of organic foods in the long run so you might as well start now.

10Our Final Verdict

It is indeed important to take care of our bodies especially if we have hypertension. It can pose a severe threat to our health. We highly recommend the Blood Pressure protocol program not just in decreasing your high blood pressure but in changing your entire life as well. This guide will introduce you to a healthier version of you.


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