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Top 10 Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

Creating a well-designed craft is a dream come true to every artsy person. Vinyl Cutters could make it easier to the people whose business or hobby is making a do-it-yourself art.

Reliable, durable, and quality machine is what you need to achieve the design or cuts that you desire.

Here is the list of the best vinyl cutter machine that would be very helpful for you. These machines offer different features that would suit your need.

Top Best Sellers in Vinyl Cutting Machines

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MkCutty 53″ Vinyl Cutter Sign Cutting Plotter Machine

MKCUTTY 53' Vinyl Cutter Sign Cutting Plotter Machine With SignMaster (Design + Cut) Software

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Offering a great design, MkCutty Vinyl Cutter is an advanced aluminum alloying structure and metal streamline modeling.

It has excellent workmanship, long used life and durability, low noise, and cuts precisely. When an error occurs while cutting, you can press the reset button to clear the data and start again.

This feature is called humanized operation to stop cutting and restart. Its flexible application supports U-disk offline. This cutter can work and cut offline without connecting it to the computer.

When using this cutter offline, you have to find and fill-out the offset value while patrolling. This cutter is best used in advertising signage, electronic construction, mold, drawing, hot cutting, contour cutting map, PVC label, and small batch hard brush.

It provides power cable, USB connector, and signal wire to use it offline. It maximum cutting width is 47.2″1200mm.


  • The choice of designs that it can cut is really varied.
  • Easy to install and cuts efficiently.
  • It is also a great product in cutting papers.
  • It has a humanized operation.
  • It can be used in many things.


  • It is inconsistent with the cuts it made.
  • Gives a hard time to figure out how to tweak.
  • A broken machine is sometimes delivered.
  • You may encounter technical problems.

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Home and Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

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Right from being recognized as the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine, Brother ScanNCut Machine has a 300 DPI built-in scanner.

You can scan virtually anything; from a handmade drawing to your most treasured family photo. You may cut or scan without design cartridges or PC required. Offering 600+ built-in designs and the ability to scan virtually, your creativity is no longer limited.

The large and colored LCD touchscreen has on-screen editing capabilities for rotating, welding, resizing and organizing.

It can accommodate a massive project with the 11.7 extensive scanning and cutting area. It provides a limited set-up time and user-friendly interface to use it right out of the box quickly.

It is free and easy to register and convert .SVG files to .FCM files with the cloud-based web application. You can connect the machine to the PC through the USB port. It can cut paper, fabric or plastic at the press of a button.


  • Quick and comfortable and the machine cuts so well.
  • It cuts thicker paper nicely.
  • Screen easily allows for resizing and placement on the paper.
  • Produces high-quality cards.
  • You can scan and cut virtually anything.


  • It offers short instruction booklet.
  • Does not have enough instructions on paperwork.
  • The mat jams repeatedly.
  • The mat stop sticking plus the blade cut through it quickly.
  • It is a bit pricey.

USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter

USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand and with Sure Cuts A Lot Pro Design & Cut Software

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Supporting multi-function carriage, USCutter Vinyl Cutter and Plotter is used for cutting blade, cutting vinyl or ink pen for drawing on a paper.

It has a two fully adjustable pinch-rollers that allow you to use a flexible range of materials. The Roland compatible blade holder gives you access to the most economical blades available.

It offers a superior ball-bearing dual roller media roller system. It is compatible with the personal computer and comes on a blast-from-the-past CD disk.

USCutter Vinyl Cutter and Plotter allows you to produce lettering, logos, and pinstriping and comes with a variety of tools for text, curves, and objects.

It can cut a maximum width of 30.63 inches and a maximum length of 8 feet. This cutter can cut standard vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paper, and cardstock. It comes with three blades, so you don’t have to worry about the replacement.


  • It cuts the more full width to produce bigger outputs.
  • It is easy to use and is intuitive.
  • You can place your materials on the dual ball-bearing media roller system.
  • Can make many different decals.
  • Produces good quality.


  • You cannot connect it to Mac using the USB port.
  • The cutter won’t last long if you use it a lot.
  • It is a little bit loud.
  • Can’t sustain its cutting performance on larger jobs.
  • The drivers are slightly frustrating.

Brother Electronic Cutting Machine, CM350

Brother CM350 Electronic Cutting Machine, Scanncut2, 4.85” LCD Touch Screen, Wireless Network...

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As techy as it is, Brother Electronic Cutting Machine offers colored touchscreen display with 4.85 inches for more comfortable viewing.

The full LCD screen can background scan, weld, rotate and resize your designs without the use of the computer or expensive design cartridges. It is a wireless network ready, and it can cut and scan online while transferring files with ease.

You can create your own cut files with the 300 DPI built-in scanner. The new project gallery provides step by step instructions and downloadable cut files to create unique projects.

It has a free cloud-based application or editing and designing cut data. You can choose a design of your choice and be creative with the 631 built-in designs.

It is designed to cut a large area up to 12” x 24” on a wide range of materials, from fabrics to handmade papers.


  • You can take pictures anywhere, trace and cut them.
  • This machine does everything and so easy to use.
  • It scans your paper ahead of time.
  • The software works very well.
  • The screen is large and responsive.


  • It has a very steep learning curve.
  • The mats don’t seem to last long.
  • You cannot print directly to the machine.
  • This uses its own type of image format with the FCM extension.
  • The paper pops up and jams the cutting head.

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

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Cricut Explore Wireless Cutting Machine can do dual carriage for cutting and writing or cutting and scoring in one step.

This cutter can create more space to work on your project, and you can say goodbye to unnecessary cords. It has an embedded Bluetooth for wireless cutting.

You can upload your images for free and cut over 60 materials from vellum to leather. It can cut smart precision cutting and has an integrated storage compartment.

You can design with the 50,000+ images, projects, and fonts in the Cricut Image Library, or upload your own images and fonts for free.

The machine can cut a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, poster board and fabric for DIY projects. It does not require a setting.  Just turn the Smart Set dial, and you can cut on nearly any material.  It can cut a card and write a message.


  • It is pretty helpful for last minute projects.
  • It saves working space because of the wireless feature.
  • This machine is also designed for on the go.
  • It works super quite.
  • It has an iPad application.


  • The Print-Then-Cut feature is limited to 5.5×8 inches.
  • There is no control over where on the paper the cut will be made.
  • The cutting wasn’t clean.
  • Mat lost sticky after three cards.
  • The program is entirely un-user friendly.

USCutter 15-inch TABLE TITAN Craft Vinyl Cutter

USCutter 15-inch Table Titan Craft Vinyl Cutter with VinylMaster Cut - a Design and Cut Software

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Equipped with speed and cutting force, Titan Vinyl Cutter is ideally suited for cutting a material including adhesive vinyl, window film, hard paperboard, sandblast stencil, and mask.

It produces a high-quality and affordable choice for professional sign makers and do-it-yourself vinyl cutting persons. It is explicitly designed as a table or desktop vinyl cutter.

Titan Vinyl Cutter features laser registration for contour cutting function and a plug and play-simple installation.

To adjust speed and cutting force, it offers a large LCD display and control panel for convenience. It is constructed to withstand precise use and is built strong from the inside out.

You send files directly to the cutter machine with the true USB offered by the product. Adjustable speed and force are available by the touch of a button which makes for ease of operation.


  • Runs in producing clean and sharp vinyl decals.
  • Compatible with USB and RS-232 connection.
  • Offers large LCD display and has a control panel.
  • It has a design and image editing tools.
  • There are an adjustable speed and force features.


  • The software doesn’t work sometimes.
  • Tends to go off track through on more extended cuts.
  • Isn’t compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

Silhouette CAMEO Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle

Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Starter Kit Bundle with PixScan Cutting Mat, White

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Allowing you to create your own designs and images, Cameo Vinyl Starter Kit includes silhouette studio, an easy to use but powerful program.

You can turn hand-drawn sketches and lettering into cut jobs, and digitize fabric patterns with its silhouette pixscan cutting mat.

This kit includes Cameo machine, vinyl starter kit, and bonus pixscan mat, 12-inch x 12-inch cutting mat, cutting blade, vinyl trimmer, and software for pc and mac.

It is an electronic cutting machine that can cut a variety of materials. The device is also capable of registering and cutting printed materials and is PixScan compatible.

You save your work to a USB controlled by the computer and plug right into the machine. Another feature that makes it unusual is when you replace the device with a pen, it will sketch instead of cut.


  • It is capable of making shirts, mugs, and cards.
  • This machine is straightforward to learn and use.
  • It has tons of adorable fonts and designs.
  • The touchscreen was very responsive and easy to use.
  • Paper peels easily off of the cutting mat.


  • It produces loud sounds.
  • Adjusting the blade is a bit confused.
  • The mat leaves an adhesive feel to the first images you cut.
  • It has a broken blade sometimes.
  • It tore the paper most on the right setting.

Silhouette Cameo 2 Starter Bundle

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No products found.

The Silhouette Cameo 2 Starter Bundle with Vinyl Kit is designed for crafters and people who are creative. This bundle includes Silhouette Cameo 2 Cutter Machine, premium vinyl in black, white, dark pink, and leaf green.

A 10-feet of premium transfer paper, Silhouette hook and Silhouette scraper is also included in the bundle to create more artistic outputs.

It provides a PixScan mat, cutting blade, glitter pens, starter guide, and other tools. The cutter machine has a product dimension of 24 x 11 x 11 inches.

Silhouette Cameo 2 Starter Bundle has a silhouette studio software which enables you to create and cut your own designs.

You can also use the fonts already installed on your computer. An optic sensor is mounted in the machine for scanning and cutting out printed designs.


  • It provides metallic sketch pen pack.
  • The bundle offers extra blades.
  • There is an extra cutting mat.
  • You have the freedom to choose and customize designs.
  • The software is simple to use as well.


  • It is not easy to work with sometimes.
  • The extra vinyl was rolled up in the box when packed.
  • The optic sensor is not easy to use.

Cameo II Digital Craft Cutter

Silhouette America Cameo II Digital Craft Cutter with 4 Tools

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Compacted with complete tools, Cameo II Digital Craft Cutter is the newest SPPR-26 available with touchscreen LCD display.

The tools included in the bundle are spatula tool, hook tool, scraper tool, and dust cover. It has a cutting blade, vinyl trimmer & 12-inch x 12-inch mat.

Just like the usual printer, it plugs into your personal computer or Mac with a simple USB cable. A small blade is used to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and other material up to 12-inches wide and 10-feet long.

When the blade of the machine is replaced with a pen, it will give you sketch instead of cut. It is PixScan compatible can register and cut printed materials. It is an ultimate do-it-yourself machine.


  • It has the easily guided settings.
  • It comes with tools for weeding vinyl and a dust covers.
  • It is a user-friendly machine.
  • You can use it daily for personal and starter business.
  • There are so many options available.


  • One of the included tools was glued shut.
  • There is no machine delivered, only tools.
  • Instructions are not clear.

Cricut Explore One Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle

Cricut Explore One Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle

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Cricut Explore 1 Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle is designed and made for do-it-yourself crafts and projects. It has a free cloud-based app for personal computer, Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

You can upload and cut your own images and design of your choice. This machine is capable of cutting materials from paper to iron-on to adhesive vinyl-even leather.

The cutting machine bundle includes the Cricut explore one machine, Cricut scraper, and spatula, and Cricut 12″ x 24 inches Standard Grip adhesive cutting mat.

It works with Cricut cartridges and has an integrated storage compartment. It can cut any printable images.

It offers ultra-precise cuts with free Cricut design space for online software. It has a smart set dial for the material setting.


  • You can work with so many different media.
  • It’s quieter than the original Cricut.
  • The machine works beautifully.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The precision cutting design is genius.


  • You must use a program from Cricut called Design Space.
  • The software works badly.
  • The learning curve is steep.
  • It can’t be used offline.

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