Top 9 Best Satellite Speakers Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

The best satellite speakers are essential when you binge-watching movies and tv shows, providing a home theater experience.

Even if you’re just a bonafide music lover- this is a great product to get for your leisure. Satellite Speakers offers the convenience of the best quality of sound, making anything you hear be amazing.

These speakers are usually smaller stereo speakers that are designed to hand off their low bass (where the ear has difficulty localizing sounds) to a single larger subwoofer, allowing the smaller satellites to be more flexibly located for best imaging, with the big woofer more easily hidden from sight.

In surround sound systems, the term can additionally refer to the rear channel or center speakers.

Top Best Sellers of Satellite Speakers

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APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker IPX6 Waterproof Dual 10W

MPP Watch Charger Cable Wireless Magnetic Latest Version Watch Charger - White

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This speaker is portable, you can chill and listen to music anywhere from parks, your house, and even the beach as this speaker is also waterproof.

Enjoy high stereo sound quality and robust bass through dual high-performance drivers and a passive subwoofer. You don’t have to worry on carrying this with you throughout a party as the speaker has a range of up until 33 ft away from you.

The speaker has a rechargeable 2200mAh battery for up to 10 hours of playtime based on music volume. You can also pick up calls with this speaker, just connect it to your smartphone using bluetooth.

The less you use this product, the worse the sound quality will go. There are also some issues with charging and its battery isn’t the best when the volume is placed on max. Overall, the speaker provides good quality sound and is reasonably sturdy.


  • The device is waterproof.
  • It can be Bluetooth enabled.
  • Its maximum volume is very loud.
  • The device is sturdy.
  • The device is portable.


  • Buttons can occasionally be buggy
  • Overall sound quality can decrease significantly in time
  • Doesn’t always charge well
  • The battery drains pretty quickly.

Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers (Pair, Black)

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The horizontal design of this speaker makes it fit easily on bookshelves. It has spatial dispersion speaker lens creates a smoother high-frequency spatial response and wider distribution of sound.

You also have the choice to either buy this in the color of black or cherry.  It has a bass reflex design for high impact.

The speaker works with sources of 10-150 watts with receivers from 4 to 8 ohms. It has a long-excursion woofer 8 Inch delivers clean with powerful low frequencies and balanced sound throughout your room.

It also has a built-in automatic protection circuitry that prevents drivers from being overdriven and provides increased reliability while minimizing interference with the listening experience.

However, the bass sound of this speaker isn’t the best quality. Bass is tight, but porting seems too noticeable and the midrange is flat and not as forward.

The quality of the speaker themselves isn’t the best either, the product seems to be cheaply made. Also, the customer service isn’t that good.

They got loud but were very imprecise on the high and low end,  trebles and mids were flatter and dull-sounding.


  • The speaker has a nice design.
  • The speaker’s pretty loud.
  • Has a built-in automatic protection circuitry.


  • Bass sound quality isn’t good.
  • The product feels cheap.
  • The customer service isn’t good.

Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers 400 Watts Black Bookshelf Pair

Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor Speakers 400 Watts Black Bookshelf Pair

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The speaker provides acoustic audio AA321B. It’s indoor mountable and has full range speakers. The recommended power is 20-400 watts, its frequency response is 150Hz-20 kHz, and has an efficiency of 88dB, 8ohm.

The speakers are small and unobtrusive and are easy to integrate into any existing system. They have a decent sound for their role since they typically play incidental sounds or fill out the music.

They come with wall mount brackets and screws. Really, the speakers are pretty light so the screws will hold well.

Keep in mind that they should be set up in your receiver as “Small” because you don’t want the bass frequencies to muck up the reflected sound of the audio as only higher frequencies are able to do this effectively.

The customer service here is nonexistent. It’s recommended to handle the speakers with care as it’s not the most durable thing ever.

The anchors, however, are not easily aimed and it can be a hassle to set it up the way you want it to.


  • The device is mountable.
  • The instructions on how to set up is easy to understand.
  • The device is incredibly light.


  • Nonexistent customer service.
  • The device isn’t easy to adjust.
  • The device isn’t that durable.

Bose 161 Speaker System

Bose 161 Speaker System (Pair) - Black

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You can choose if you want your speaker to either be black or white. They’re versatile and excellent for movies and home use. They’re ideal to place on bookshelves.

Magnetically shielded speakers allow for speaker placement in close proximity to your TV without ruining quality. The product includes the left speaker, right speaker, mounting brackets, self-adhesive rubber feet, and a user’s manual.

They include buttons for the bottom or sides to place them on a shelf. The nicest thing about these is using the wall mount.

Lots of adjustment when mounted vertically or horizontally and even include screws for the most common mounting substrates.

However, there are times when the product may come broken/inadequate. It is unclear whether or not there is customer service.

Also, the quality of the mounting and wire connectors isn’t the best. It also has limited mounting options because of their shape and non-compatibility with it.

Another drawback is the near absence of low frequencies, it isn’t recommended to play rock or low bass music using this.


  • Great for indoor use.
  • The speakers are very versatile.
  • The instructions are easy to understand


  • The product sometimes comes broken/inadequate.
  • The bass sound isn’t good.
  • Unclear whether or not there is customer service.

Bongo Wood Bluetooth Speakers | Retro Handcrafted Bamboo

Bongo Bamboo Retro Bluetooth Speakers - Portable Wireless Handcrafted Wood Speaker for Travel, Home,...

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This speaker is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also great for traveling. It is designed in Brooklyn, each speaker is handmade from beautiful bamboo with the classic style of a retro radio.

In addition to superior acoustic qualities, the bamboo wood is lightweight, durable, and renewable. The compact design maximizes portability.

It has 33 feet of wireless Bluetooth range and 15 hours of battery life let you dance all day (and night) so say goodbye to wire hassles. It also provides 360° degree sound with crisp highs, strong midrange, and deep bass.

It’s not particularly clear, loud, or warm sounding – not bad – but definitely not the kind of speaker that drowns you in great fidelity.

It has more bass than some but less than others. The battery doesn’t last that long, the buttons must be taken with care as it isn’t that tough. Overall, the speakers are very well rounded.


  • The speaker is very aesthetic.
  • The speaker is light and durable.
  • The speaker is very compact.
  • Offers bluetooth 4.0
  • The speaker is portable.
  • The speaker’s overall build quality is great.


  • Doesn’t have the very best sound- but good nonetheless.
  • Batteries don’t last that long.
  • Buttons must be handled with care.

Fluance AVBP2 Home Theater Bipolar Surround Sound Satellite Speakers

Fluance SXBP2 Home Theater Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers (Black Ash)

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This unit is able to provide movie theater sound with immersive bipolar surrounds. Its bipolar radiation pattern offers optimum surround imaging. It’s expertly crafted engineered MDF wood cabinetry is to reduce cabinet resonance.

The device doesn’t look that bad either, it has a nice black ash wood finish.  It is made with a trapezoidal configuration, the perfect shape to increase home theater sound.

Made with audio-grade MDF wood cabinetry for reduced resonance, the speakers provide superb, rich sound performances at every volume level. The customer service is also great. The packaging, documentation, and overall quality of manufacturing are excellent.

There is no muddiness to the sound and the bipole setup indeed fills the room and helps throw music in full stereo mode into the, you don’t need to blast the volume into max in order to hear it a couple of rooms away.

There are still some minor inconvenience with these speakers like, the mount that comes with it isn’t always straight. Also, you’d need to find out where it’ll sound best in your room first before mounting it. A style issue is that the logo is crooked.


  • Has a trapezoidal configuration
  • Has great resonance
  • Perfect for home theater
  • Great customer service


  • The mount isn’t always set right.

Boston Acoustic SoundWare XS Ultra-Compact Satellite Speaker

Boston Acoustic SoundWare XS Ultra-Compact Satellite Speaker (White)

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You can choose whether or not you’d like this device either in black or white. It has a unique shape allows you to angle the speaker toward your listening space.

If you are looking for a very small, design, beautiful and sophisticated speakers without giving up from quality this one could be your best choice. The device is portable as well. It has articulating mounting brackets for easy placement.

You won’t get the same sound as larger speakers; however, for compact speakers, the sound is very crisp and it has a very good range: the only thing missing is the deep bass so a woofer is required if you need the full range of sound.

The speaker offers clarity on whatever you’re listening to, and it’s great for surround sound (in bulk)

Keep in mind that you’d be only getting one speaker per purchase. It is recommended to buy more to make the most out of it.


  • Small and compact.
  • The mid and high frequencies on this speaker are incredible.


  • Does not produce or reproduce low frequencies.
  • Needs to be bought in bulk to make the most out of it.
  • The item is one per pay.
  • The biggest size wire gauge you can use on these is the 18 gauge.

Polk Audio FXI A4 Surround Speakers

Polk Audio FXI A4 Surround Speakers (Pair, Black)

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The sound in these speakers is amazing. It can be used as surround speakers and they are set to a dipole. The challenge now is to get a receiver that can push these speakers to operate optimally in your environment.

Your movie watching/listening experience will be greatly improved with a pair of these speakers. Installation is easy and pretty straightforward. It has a pair of timbre-matched surround speakers to fit any home theater or multi-channel music system

They’re great against a wall behind the listening area and aimed at both directions. It provides excellent surround sound if set up properly.

The instructions are pretty easy to understand and it isn’t that hard to mount/set up. Overall great speakers for home theater.

You will need to mount these to studs as they are relatively heavy. However, take in mind that these speakers aren’t for music as it might sound too loud (though it might be configured in settings).

They don’t really have a much low end, but there really isn’t much low-frequency content in the surround channels of most sources anyway. The sound is not quite audiophile quality but will do nicely in all but the highest end home theatre setups.


  • Great for watching movies at home.
  • Installation is easy.
  • The instructions is very straightforward.


  • Can’t play music that well.
  • The sound is not quite audiophile quality.

Bose 161 speaker system

Bose 161 speaker system (pair, white) - ideal for stereo or home theater use - 27028

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You have the choice to either get this speaker in black or white. These speakers are going to give you a natural sound. You can adjust frequencies as you need with the option of adding a subwoofer to your system.

But on their own, they are not going to shake your room or get you tossed from your apartment. It may also need some form of amplification and your home theater receiver would work perfect.

You could also use them with a bookshelf stereo receiver and whatever you drive them with, they are very flexible.

They include buttons for the bottom or sides to place them on a shelf. The nicest thing about these is using the wall mount. Lots of adjustment when mounted vertically or horizontally and even include screws for the most common mounting substrates.

However,  the speakers lacked high-frequency clarity and the bass was muffled and compressed. It also has poor quality with its connection plugs. Some adjustment may also be needed when setting it up.


  • The speakers sound great (mid-range).
  • Very flexible when setting up.


  • Very poor quality wire connection plugs.
  • Speakers lacked high and low-frequency clarity

Choosing the Right Satellite Speaker to Buy

Before taking a look at the top best-selling products of satellite speakers, it is vital to first educate yourself on how to choose the right satellite speaker. When buying a satellite speaker, the following factors should be considered, especially if it’s your first time to invest in a speaker.

What will you use the satellite speakers for?

First, you must consider the very purpose of your satellite speakers. Speakers are an important investment. Knowing and planning where you want to use your speakers can help you choose the most suitable model for you.

For instance, if your purpose is just to enjoy the music in your bedroom, a single pair of speakers will be enough. For those who are very keen with the bass quality, satellite speakers are the best for you.

Some listeners are active people who want to enjoy music while they drive, jog every morning, or clean the house. In this case, buying a speaker with a smaller size for portability is essential.

Satellite speakers vary from features to sizes. Establishing a clear and definite purpose of buying your speakers will help you to make the right choice.

When buying satellite speakers

  • Sound quality

Now let’s move to shopping for speakers in the market. When buying satellite speakers, the sound quality is essential. Never mind the appearance first, you need to make sure that you can enjoy the quality of the music when it is being played in your speaker.

We recommend that you listen to the music that you are very familiar with when shopping for speakers. In that way, you’ll be able to notice even the slightest change and pay more attention to the bass quality of the speaker. From then on, you’ll be able to decide if this speaker is worth the investment or not.

  • Portability

Satellite speakers are also known for being portable with its small size. It is best for people who want to accompany their camping trip with music. If you are planning to carry your speaker with you, we recommend that you opt for a model with a smaller size. But remember that small-sized speakers, when placed in a small room, can sound good, it will not have the same effect when set outdoors. Satellite speakers are not meant for the utilization of sound system in a big event or parties.

  • Operating mechanism

You might want to buy a pair of satellite speakers that are easy to operate. It should be easy to set up. Avoid complex models with lots of function that wouldn’t come in handy at all times. Even if the functions of the speaker are basic and can be found in almost every model, as long as it’s easy to operate and produces a good sound quality, it’s worth the investment.

  • Finishing look

If, by any chance, you are planning to use your speaker as a decoration, pay attention to the finishing look of your speaker. Albeit we’ve mentioned earlier that the physical appearance should not be the major deciding factor, it is best to buy a model that will complement your existing interior design. Your speaker, when placed in your furniture or with your TV system, can make or break your room design.

Why Should You Buy Your Satellite Speakers Online?

While some people may opt to buy their satellite speakers in a brick-and-mortar building, there are still advantages of buying your speakers in an online store. Here as it follows:

  • It is convenient. Imagine not having to deal with the traffic just to visit your local audio showroom to shop for speakers. You can find the best speakers at the comfort of your own home, even wearing your favorite pajamas!
  • It is a subjective and personal choice. If you tend to compared buying online and buying in an actual building, you’ll be able to choose what you want without a salesperson influencing your decision. Buying a satellite speaker is a personal choice. Therefore, it should be your decision only.
  • It is cheaper. Another thing that you need to consider—speakers online are less expensive than what is sold in brick-and-mortar stores. Why? Because the prices on physical stores elevate due to the costs of business that should be considered. Buying a pair of satellite speakers online can help you save a tremendous amount of money.

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