Top 10 Best Laser Measuring Tools Reviews (UPDATED 2020)


The best laser measuring tools offer complete laser light (no sound) to get the most accurate measuring. It can prove to be very useful in handling tasks where you need to measuring something.

They are usually very fast, precise, and not to mention incredibly efficient. These kinds of products can be incredibly useful to you if you are an architect, an engineer, or a construction worker.

Put that tape measure away when measuring square footage or lengths. It takes into consideration the tools size; simply place the tool against a wall, hit the go button and the job is done!

With the rising need on finding more efficient ways of measuring, this list will provide you the best of Laser Measuring Tools.

Top Best Sellers of Laser Measuring Tools

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1Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display GLM 50 C

Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled 165’ Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display

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This is a great tool, especially for doing measurements that are over 6 feet.

It includes an upgraded color display with backlighting for increased visibility as well as a Bluetooth functionality than can conveniently transfer and store measurements from the laser measurer to a smart device via the Bosch app.

The Bosch GLM 50 C also has a built-in inclinometer allows for advanced features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect.

It also provides a default real-time measurement that adjusts as you move closer and farther from the target, just like a tape measure.

The product design is very compact and small- it can fit right in your pocket but the buttons may feel rather cheap as it’s made out of plastic.


  • It is easy to bring- fits right in your pocket.
  • Has a bluetooth functionality.
  • It provides real time measurement.


  • Product feels cheap.
  • Buttons are buggy.

2Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0

Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red

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This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output that has a 330-foot measuring range. It’s built in with Bluetooth 4.0 for transferring. The unit also has a Pythagoras function for indirect height or width measurements.

It also comes with a free app that you can download to your smartphone (either IOS or Android) for easy connection with the unit through it’s bluetooth. You also have to choice on either you want your unit to come with glasses or a target.

However, the D2 offerings from Korea, Hong Kong, China and any country outside the USA are NOT the same units as the D2 supplied they are also in a different part number and DO NOT necessarily have feet/inches/fractions.

Many are in metric only. Also, the device build quality is low. The rubber overmold has very sharp edges, which makes it less comfortable to hold.

The flip-up bottom plate for measurements is now plastic instead of metal, and the red-black zebra striped on the side look outright tacky.


  • Has high range
  • Has bluetooth for easy transferring
  • Comes with a free app


  • Device build quality is low
  • The unit sent to the US is different from other countries

3Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth

Leica DISTO E7100i 200ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth, Black/Red

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This device gives you the distance within 1/16th inch. If you want the square footage of a room: turn the unit on, hit the square button, measure one wall, the measure the second wall, and it gives you the square footage of that room.

The device is small, it comes with a belt loop and a carrying case. It can also easily fit in your pocket. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 built in for easy and wireless data transfer.

The device has a min/max function,  you “sweep” the laser point into a corner and the longest measurement is recorded. This is very useful for accurate diagonal room or window/door measurements.

There is also an area/volume function. In Area Mode, this laser distance measure determines the area of a rectangle or square in two shots.

Volume Mode adds a third vertical shot to calculate volume. However, the device is definitely not waterproof nor is it water resistant, it’s battery slot is also not as secure as it should be.


  • Has multiple functions
  • Compact/ easy to put in pocket
  • Comes with belt loop and case
  • Comes with a free app
  • Has built in Bluetooth 4.0


  • Battery slot not secure

4Bosch Bluetooth Enabled 330-Foot Lithium-Ion Laser Distance and Angle Measurer GLM 100 C

Bosch Bluetooth Enabled 330-Foot Lithium-Ion Laser Distance and Angle Measurer GLM 100 C...

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This Laser Distance and Angle Measurer device is quite good. The laser tool’s Precision Measuring Technology with extreme accuracy measures distances up to 330-feet to within 1/16-inch.

Versatile features including measurement history with arithmetic, reference point choices and extrapolation using trigonometry. Bluetooth connectivity is adequate though not necessarily seamless or automatic.

However, the Bosch software and apps are tedious, convoluted, and not particularly intuitive.

The current and alleged preferred “MeasureOn” app does not seem to have similar functionality and is intuitively opaque when it comes to doing what it’s supposed to do.


  • Very feature rich relative to the price.
  • The device is appropriately loud and gives tactile feedback when taking measurements.
  • Measurements are quick and precise.


  • The menus and display of the unit are not intuitive.
  • Overall build seems cheaper.
  • The app is subject to crashing.

5Leica DISTO E7400x 265ft Laser Distance Meter

Leica DISTO E7400x 265' Laser Distance Meter, Red/Black

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This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output and a 1/16″ ACCURACY up to 265-FEET Measuring Range. There are also a lot of functions built in this unit like mart Horizontal, Min/Max, Area, Painter, Pythagoras, Height Tracking.

Also, the DISTO E7400x offers the ability to obtain heights and widths of objects remotely using the Pythagorean Theorem and two to three measured distance/points.

For those rough and tough jobsite conditions, the DISTO E7400x offers an IP65 rating against dust and water protection.

This rating also includes a 2m drop test and the E7400x will continue to provide high accuracy measurements

You have the choices to buy this product along with glasses, a target, or a tripod. You also have the choice to buy these three together as a bundle. However, it is almost impossible to see the led light during daylight without the glasses.


  • Durable
  • Has a ton of useful functions


  • Impossible to see led light during daylight without the use of its glasses.

6Bosch Laser Distance Measurer, 825 Feet GLR825

Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer, 825', Blue (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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The Bosch GLR825 provides superior accuracy of 1/25 inch at long distances up to 825 feet, making it an ideal laser measure for construction and concrete trades. It also has a number of different functions that you can use.

The unit is very easy to use and understand.  It also features an integrated 1.6X magnification view finder for long range and outdoor measurements. It comes with an IP54 rating, meaning that it’s protected against dust and water, providing a longer laser tool life.

The back lit LCD is great when wanting to use the GLR825 in the dark to see the laser. Easy on/off button for the light. The 4 positions to measure from are very handy. (front, midde (tripod hookup), back, and extension on the back for corners).

If you hold down the measure button, the GLR825 goes into a scanning mode and displays distances as you move. However, a downside of this product is the customer service isn’t too great with this company and getting a warranty isn’t easy.


  • The unit is very durable
  • The unit has a lot of features that are useful
  • It is simple and easy to use


  • The customer service isn’t great
  • There are a lot of warranty issues

7Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter

Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter

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This is a Lazer Class-II; Laser Type-635nm, with 1mW. It can instantly measure up to 50m (165ft.) but you can choose if you want to get the product that has 80/100 range.

It has a simple one-button operation instantly that measures the distance between two objects.

It is also equipped with the most advanced laser technology for distance measurement, making it fit for your needs. It also has a built in pythagoras function that indirectly measures heights via two other measurements.

However, you may want to bring spare batteries. The device requires fairly full batteries to run; anything below a full battery indicator seems to be a problem when making a reading.

Also, the laser is extremely difficult to see beyond 30 feet outside (only about 1/10th it’s range).


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Has a built-in pythagoras function
  • It is equipped with the most advanced laser technology


  • It is recommended to bring spare batteries whenever you use this device.
  • The laser is difficult to see beyond 40ft (outside)

8Stanley STHT77140 Laser Distance Measurer TLM330

Stanley STHT77140 Laser Distance Measurer TLM330

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The device not only measures distance up to 330 feet (100 meters) with an accuracy of plus or minus 1/32-inch (1 millimeter), it also calculates area and volume.

It also allows for indirect measurements, utilizing Pythagoras to calculate distance when point A or B is inaccessible. An integrated digital leveling sensor identifies angles and positions and also levels surfaces for additional accuracy.

Its continuous measurement tracking function locates your target quickly and easily, allowing for one-person use on a busy job site.

However, It has absolutely no tactile feedback. The buttons are mushy, you will not notice that you’ve pressed the button. There’s no “click” feeling when you press the button. It is somewhat hard to press.

The base (bottom of the measurer) is not 100% flat because of the rubber armor and that there’s a seam right in the middle of it. This is the most important part of the laser measurer.

If you’re going to look at distances that are over 100 feet long, the base has to be absolutely flat.

Also, the screen does not have any backlight whatsoever, you need to have bright light when using it to see the numbers shown on the screen. This is not good in dim buildings or in the shade.


  • Fast targeting
  • Has a lot of useful functions


  • The buttons are mushy
  • The base of the measurer is not 100% flat
  • The screen doesn’t have a blacklight

9DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer

DEWALT Laser Measure Tool/Distance Meter, 165-Feet (DW03050) - Discontinued by Mfr

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The DW03050 is a rugged, easy-to-use measurer that’s typically offered at a very competitive price. You can display measurements in feet and inches (for example, 3’01”3/16), inches alone (37 3/16 in), or meters (0.945 m).

But be aware that the capabilities of the DW03050 are not quite as good as you might infer it. According to the instruction manual, the ±1/16 inch accuracy applies only for measurements between 2 inches and 33 feet.

At 98 feet, the accuracy is ±3/16 inch. At 131 feet, the accuracy is ±5/16 inch and to measure distances beyond 131 feet up to 164 feet, you’ll need to use a target plate. Those capabilities will be good enough for most of us.

But if you need something better than that, the DW03101 offers longer range and greater accuracy. The DW03101 can also do tilt measurements to ±0.2°.

Its a nice product well built accurate for framing or maybe closet shelving working but not for basetrim or chair rail the measurement can fluctuate by a 1/8″ and its tedious to get into tight corners so it has its use maybe for T&G plank lapboard walls centering pictures or fireplace mantles but just not fine trim work where you want everything within 1/32″ or under as far as fitment goes.

However, the buttons on the laser are very weak/easy to break and it doesn’t seem to be very accurate on triangulation.


  • The device is accurate in measuring
  • Comes with a manual that’s easy to understand


  • Buttons are easy to break
  • Triangulation isn’t accurate

10Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0

Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red

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The new Disto D2 has Bluetooth functionality, which makes it very easy to transfer measurements from the laser meter to apps like Leica’s own Disto Sketch (free) or MagicPlan (free app, you pay per floor plan).

It has a 1/16″ accuracy and up to 330-foot measuring range. Measuring units-0.000 m, 0.00 ft, 0’00” 1/16, 0 in 1/16. Also, measurements per set of batteries can go up to 10000

Unfortunately, the device build quality seems to have gone down. The rubber overmold has very sharp edges, which makes it less comfortable to hold.

The flip-up bottom plate for measurements is now plastic instead of metal, and the red-black zebra striped on the side look outright tacky.


  • Comes with its own app
  • Can measure up to 10000 times per set of batteries


  • The device build quality is rather bad


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