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Top 8 Best Elbow Splints Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

There’s a list of ways where you can end up getting injured, which is a complete hassle. The best elbow splints are used for elbow injuries, it can also be used after a fracture. It is designed to apply pressure to the muscles of the forearm, taking the pressure of off the injured tendon.

Wear them while working or playing sports, usually up to six weeks while the tendon recovers.

Top Best Sellers in Elbow Splints

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Sammons Preston Ultra XR Cubital Tunnel Elbow Splint

Sammons Preston Ultra XR Cubital Tunnel Elbow Splint (Small/Medium)

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It may look very awkward but it does its job of completely immobilizing the elbow. It’s rather comfortable to wear and is effective. It holds the tendons in a neutral position, so sleeping is more comfortable as well.

It’s padded and adjustable with the wide velcro straps. The liner can be removed and hand washed. You can choose either getting a small or medium.

The brace is neither right-handed or left-handed. You align the big embossed letters “MEDIAL” towards the middle of your body. So you turn it around depending on which arm you want to put it on.

The freedom of movement is also beneficial for a night splint as you aren’t trying to lock the arm in one exact position.

Rather, you are trying to prevent the arm being held in extreme flexion or extension, which is the primary cause of nerve irritation. You don’t need to be prevented from scratching your ear or whatever.

However, this thing does not come with instructions- so it can be a hassle to put on your arm. Also, there could be issues with the velcro not staying put as it comes undone a lot.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be hand washed
  • You can get a small or medium version


  • The product does not come with instructions
  • Isn’t very innovative
  • The velcro sometimes detaches itself/falls off

ROM hinged Elbow Brace Arm Support Splint Orthosis Orthotics Band Pad Belt Immobilizer

ROM hinged Elbow Brace Arm Support Splint Orthosis Orthotics Band Pad Belt Immobilizer,Right or Left...

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This product uses a ROM Elbow Brace-Post-operative immobilization or ROM control for the elbow Conservative treatment of elbow dislocation or luxation.

It is for stable or internally fixed fractures of the distal humerus or proximal radius or ulna. You can limit the ROM by adjustable simple setting hinges, it’s as simple as pressing a button to adjust the elbow angle. The length of the brace is about 41cm/16.14”.

While wearing this, the elbow is limited to the range of 0 to 120 degrees. Also, there is a fixed elbow joint area by fixing the upper arm and forearm.


  • The elbow is limited to the range of 0-120 degrees when wearing this.
  • The splint is adjustable.


  • It looks uncomfortable.

BraceAbility Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace

BraceAbility Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace | Splint to Treat Pain from Ulnar Nerve Entrapment,...

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When buying this, there’s a list of instructions that you should follow in picking which splint you should buy depending on height and elbow length.

You can choose on whether buying small, medium, or large. Make sure that it holds your elbow joint at a 122-degree angle, preventing excessive flexing/bending and over straightening, to reduce tension on your ulnar nerve for a quick recovery.

The product is designed to treat and manage pain from cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, elbow hyperextension, and surgery recovery. It also has three straps that you can adjust to make yourself more comfortable.

Reviews state that there is an immediate relief when the product is used. It’s incredibly durable and will last for a long time. It’s pretty rigid and will stay on the spot even if you’re asleep.

Again, make sure that you are getting the right size. Getting the wrong size may cause your elbow more damage.


  • The splint is sturdy
  • It has 3 adjustable straps
  • Holds your elbow at a 122-degree angle.


  • There are some issues with size

Corflex XR Cubital Tunnel Elbow Splint


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It’s an innovative support that immobilizes and positions the elbow at 122 ¼. Because of this, the splint helps reduce pain and numbness associated with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (which it’s specifically made for).

It’s constructed using rigid A.B.S. material with medial contouring on shell and plush cloth liner (replacement liners also available).

Also, the product fits most females & smaller framed males. Make sure you adjust the padding to make it more comfortable, as the splint may be too stiff.

The product itself is fairly easy to put on and is, of course, great for immobilization.


  • It’s a pretty innovative support
  • Easy to put on


  • Product fits only most females and smaller framed males.
  • Needs more padding.
  • The splint itself is too stiff.

Corflex Long Humerus Splint-M

Corflex Long Humerus Splint-M

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This splint controls humeral segments through circumferential soft tissue compression and features deltoid cap extension to prevent migration.

It’s used for the treatment of humeral Diaphyseal fractures or deep humeral bone bruises. It’s constructed by rigid polyethylene laminated with closed cell foam lining and contact closure; includes two stockinette undersleeves and one arm sling.

Take in mind that measurement is taken at the widest part of the bicep and above the elbow


  • The splint is highly durable


  • You cannot buy one specifically in your size
  • Looks uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t seem to hold the elbow in an angle

Corflex Ultra Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint


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The Ventral Cubital Tunnel Splint has a unique design that immobilizes and positions elbow at 122¼ while still allowing easy access to dressing Indicated for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or post-op application.

It is made out of a high-density polyethylene shell with a plush cloth liner. You can get the product in the size of your elbow. It’s a great substitute if you can’t afford whatever your doctor will tell you to buy.

It’s good for keeping your elbow at an angle but does not provide any padding which is needed if you have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

However, the splint doesn’t really protect the nerve when sleeping on your back. Your nerve is still being pressured by your elbow that is still bearing the weight.

The splint’s straps are so sturdy (large) that you must sleep with a shirt or they’ll scratch your arm all night. It does prevent excessive flexion very well, so while you’re up and about with clothes, it should be great.


  • It is made out of sturdy material
  • You can get it at the size that you are
  • The velcro grip is very good
  • Great during day use


  • Does not have padding
  • Doesn’t do a good job at protecting nerves

Breg Ambulite Elbow Quick Splint

Breg Ambulite Elbow Quick Splint (Large)

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The Ambulite Elbow Quick Splint helps stabilize and decrease joint movement while providing injury support.

It is an easy-to-apply splint that is made out of lightweight, breathable materials for your added comfort. It can fit easily in either your right or left elbow and is adjustable.

It also has a removable hand positioner. You can also get this item in either small, medium and large.


  • Very comfortable
  • Holds your arm at a 90-degree angle
  • Varies in size
  • Can be used in either your left/right arm
  • Decreases joint movement

Corflex Elbow Immobilizer Brace – Elbow Fracture Splint

Corflex Elbow Immobilizer Brace - Elbow Fracture Splint-L/XL - Charcoal

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This splint can fit most males and larger framed females, you can’t choose what size you’ll get. It can provide a comfortable and secure immobilization of the elbow immobilization that’s fixed at a 90 ¼ degree angle.

It’s used for trauma stabilization, fractures of the elbow, distal humerus or proximal ulna fractures and chronic olecranon bursitis. There’s also a constructed of foam laminated to pressure sensitive fabric with three rigid stays and bursa pad for added comfort.


  • The splint is great for sleeping
  • The splint is very comfortable

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