Top 10 Best Dog Beds Reviews (UPDATED 2020)

Depending on the level of activities your dog engaged in their daily lives, an average canine can sleep up to 18 hours a day. Countless times pet owners find their dogs sleeping under the table, on the carpet, on the couch, and even on the grass in the yard.

Now that your buddy loves to sleep so much why not make it comfortable by buying him his bed? Your dog will be grateful to retire in a cozy and soft dog bed every now. It can also help your dog to prevent many spines and joint problems.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or not, we’ve gathered the top ten best-selling dog beds for your buddy. From the comfortable memory foam, sleek appearance, and added safety features, here are the dog bed models you should look.

Top Best Sellers Dog Beds

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Pet Support Systems Dog Beds – Orthopedic Memory Foam

Pet Support Systems Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds - Eco Friendly, Hypoallergenic and Made in The...

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This luxury dog bed from Pet Supports System looks classy but is easy to clean. It features a four-inch medical-grade orthopedic memory foam that can last for up to two decades with proper use and maintenance.

Your buddy can enjoy a premium bed that could serve him for many years to come with degradation. It also has a water-resistant liner and removable cover that makes it easy to wash. You need not worry if your dog makes accidents on this bed because of its handy feature.

The memory foam is 100% non-toxic, safe for puppies to a senior dog. Thanks to its generous size, this luxury bed can accommodate large breed dogs or multiple small dogs. This bed is engineered to provide comfort for senior and ill dogs who would rather sleep than play all day.


  • Made of hypoallergenic certified Certi-Pur foam
  • Smart engineering for the comfort of your buddy
  • Doesn’t have a sink-in issue
  • Memory foam radiates your dog’s heat back to him


  • Issue with the poor quality cover
  • High price

Romeo Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed Memory Foam

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Now your dog can snooze in style with this elegant bolster dog bed from Buddyrest. It can relieve arthritic pain and promote joint health thanks to its memory foam. The pioneering and patented LiftTex technology allows the senior dog to enter and exit the bed with ease.

You need to worry about accidents because the outside suede cover is 100% waterproof. You can save money by buying cheap liners that help in generating the heat.

Impressive quality, advanced technology, and optimal comfort, you can get all this practicality at a reasonable price. Now you won’t see your dog sleeping anywhere in the house. Veterinarians recommend this luxury bed.


  • Crypton suede fabric prevents the build-up of smell
  • Lift assist for an easy access
  • Does not get too hot
  • Helps in reducing the stiffness of joint
  • Chew and mold resistant


  • Pricey

Jax and Bones Premium Cotton Blend Lounge Dog Bed

Jax and Bones 39 x 32 x 10-Inch Premium Cotton Blend Lounge Dog Bed, Large, Pearl

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The Jax & Bones present a chic and cozy lounge bed for your dog. It is filled using eco-friendly fiber sustain fill from recycled soda bottles to ensure your dog’s comfort. The washer is removable, and you can unzip the middle pillowcase for easy washing maintenance. This dog bed can cater to canines weighing up to 70 pounds.

Constructed using high-grade upholstery fabric, this modern and sophisticated dog bed is the best gift for your buddy. If you want to relieve your senior dogs from joint problems, this is the perfect product to do so. Its smart design is engineered to cater your dog’s needs for a sound sleep at night and short naps on the afternoon.



  • Too small for large dogs
  • High price

KONG Plush Lounger Dog Bed Red

KONG Offered by Barker Brands Inc. Plush Lounger Dog Bed RED

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Don’t let your pooch sleep under the table and check out this Kong lounger dog bed now. It’s engineered to be durable, yet it provides the optimal comfort for your dog who loves to sleep. The side walls are ultra-tough and resistant to chew, it can last for a long time with proper use and maintenance. Plus, it comes with a plush pillow top to prevent neck problems.

The removable cover is safe to use in a washing machine. There’s no need to worry about your dog making accident thanks to its water-resistant liner. The non-skid and non-slip bottom assures you it’ll stay in a place especially if you have a marble floor.


  • Durable and tough materials
  • Designed for ill and senior dogs
  • Built to last


  • High price

K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Tough Orthopedic Dog Bed X-Large Nearly Indestructible & Chew Proof, Washable Ortho...

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Do you have a chewy furry friend? Check out this dog bed from K9 Ballistics. This is intended for light to moderate chewers. The robust materials can resist around 90% of your dog’s chewing. Its durable rip-stop ballistic material cover can resist chewing and scratching of your dog. You can wipe clean the pet hair and odor that sticks to it. Best of all, the cover is safe to wash in a washing machine.

The 5-inch thick orthopedic mattress consists of a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam atop a 3.50inch layer of dense support foam to provide optimal comfort. If you have a senior or ill pet who suffers from the joint problem, this is the perfect dog bed for them. This robust pillow-style bed can last for a long time with proper use and maintenance.


  • Step up in durability and construction
  • Thick foam mattress soothes aching joints
  • Washable outer and inner liner
  • Impressive customer service


  • Although removable, cover is hard to take away
  • Cover generates unnecessary noises when the dog sleeps on it
  • Not budget-friendly

Buddyrest Comfort Deluxe, Memory Foam Dog Bed

Comfort Deluxe, Extra Large Memory Foam dog bed, Utilizes Cutting Edge True Cool Memory Foam...

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This minimalist dog bed from Buddyrest will look great in any formal or modern living room. Now your dog can relish luxury gel pet that provides orthopedic support in improving their joint health. It’s engineered to be durable and can serve your dog for many years to come.

Make the most of its high-tech Crypton performance fabric that stays clean and doesn’t smell. It requires little to no maintenance, so you don’t have to wash the cover now and then unless your pet makes accident on it.

Best of all, principal veterinarians recommend this dog bed because it’s scientifically calibrated to soothe muscle ache. Its smart design can provide relief to arthritic pain older dog suffer from. Allow your dog to enjoy the advanced high-end materials without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • Provides superior comfort and durability
  • High-tech crpyton performance fabric works like a tarp
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and mold
  • High density and no sink-in issues
  • Stain and odor-resistant cover


  • Not chew-resistant
  • Makes tons of noise when the dog sits on it

Bowsers Urban Lounger Dog Bed

Bowsers Urban Lounger Dog Bed, X-Large, Duke

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Bowsers present a luxurious and sophisticated dog bed in the printed design. Place it in any living room or patio, and it will look great. It’s both stylish and durable. The streamlined shape allows your dog to feel secure while sleeping.

Thanks to its micro velvet fabric that resists pet hair and dirt, you need not worry about canine skin problems that might occur. Its fiber topped foam inner cushion provides relief to your dog’s orthopedic problems.

This contemporary designed dog bed has a generous size for large dogs. Your dog can chew on it, but it wouldn’t easily tear because it’s made of durable and sturdy materials. It’s a great solution for dogs who love to dig before they settle down and sleep.


  • Elegant looking, can blend in existing interior design
  • Each side bolster is a separate cushion that provides optimal comfort
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Perfect for large dogs


  • Not for customers on a tight budget

Brentwood Home Deluxe Gel Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed

Brentwood Home Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed, Puppy Dog Couch, Washable Cover, Waterproof Liner,...

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Even though your dog wouldn’t mind what their bed looks like as long as it’s comfortable to sleep in, this Brentwood Home deluxe pet bed is a great investment. The stylish orthopedic bed can help in relieving muscle aches and joint pain of your dog.

The two-inch gel memory foam layer and the two-inch therapeutic base foam are precisely what your senior dog needs. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof liner helps you to protect the bed from accidents, liquid spills, and dirt.

This dog bed is resistant to mold and bacteria growth. With proper usage and upkeep, this model can last for a long time. The gel particles keep the bed cool and comfortable to sleep in. Your elder dog who would rather sleep than catch a ball with you will surely find his comfort in this snuggly dog bed.


  • Made of high-quality fabric that doesn’t rip easily
  • Ideal for medium to large-sized dogs
  • Contours around the body of your dog
  • Cushion is low and supportive


  • Pricey
  • Some dogs dislike the fabric smell

Orvis Field Collection Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Orvis Dogs up to 60-90 lbs. Dark Khaki Large

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This comfy dog bed from Orvis will make you wish there’s one that is big enough for you. It’s surrounding padded bolsters allows your dog to feel secure while sleeping. The rough materials and iconic colors of the upland hunt is the inspiration of the design to last for a long time. This is ideal for hardworking and sporty dogs who need to sleep well for another day of gaming and playing.

It features a four-inch thick memory foam that supports the joints and relieves your dog from pressure. This dog bed in dark khaki looks great in any living room. The cotton cover with polyester sleep surface is removable and washable. On top of that, you can personalize with embroidery of your dog’s name for up to 15 letters. What else would you look for?


  • Ideal for large dogs
  • Easy to launder and reassemble
  • Solid construction, built to last


  • Too expensive
  • Issues with the embroidery

Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed n Espresso

Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed n Espresso, X-Large

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Bring the vibes of tropical beaches in Bali with this chaise bed from Refined Canine. Its poly rattan construction in espresso will look great in any living room or patio. Now your dog can sleep in style and luxury.

The outdoor cushion is removable and safe to use in a washing machine. The 6-inch cushion with pillow top provides the finest comfort to your buddy with its cushion raised off the ground.

There is a minimal assembly required upon arrival of product. The package includes all the tools you will need to set up this rattan dog bed for your pup. The poly rattan is waterproof; it’s safe to place outdoor or near a backyard swimming pool if you want your dog to relax.


  • Matches with any patio furniture
  • Stylish yet durable design
  • Big dog-friendly
  • Can serve as a quality piece of patio furniture


  • Issues of parts getting broken upon assembly
  • Burns a hole in your pocket
  • Not suitable for small dogs

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