Top 10 Best DJ Laptop Stands Review of 2018


DJ laptop stands are vital to every DJ, musicians, or even music producers. It serves as their “table” to put their tablets or laptops securely.

Given its importance, the quality and not just the appearance of the DJ stand is essential. This will affect the way they manipulate the sounds and songs and therefore change their performance.

Considering the number of DJ stands available in the market, choosing the right one for your preferences and needs can be tough.

For this reason, the list below enumerates the best finds in DJ stands in the market. This list also aims to provide information on its different features which you might find interesting or useful.

1UDG U6010BL Creator Laptop, Controller Stand for DJs

The UDG U6010BL offers durability with its high-quality construction and composition. It is made out of high-quality aircraft grade anodized aluminum, a very tough material.

Also, you can guarantee the security of your gadgets while using this equipment. Aside from durability and safety of the device, you can also enjoy this DJ equipment’s portability.

You can compose or edit your music without sacrificing the space you occupy. In addition to these features, its length can be adjusted for different purposes.

You can change its height and its angle, while you can also rotate the tray itself. If vision or angle is your device is your concern, this feature will be hugely helpful for you.

On top of all these features, this DJ tool also protects your device from overheating through its airflow constructed tray.

It also has one removable sub-tray where you can put other tiny materials such as earphones and the like.

The tray of this DJ tool can hold laptops whose sizes range from 13 inches to 18 inches.

UDG U6010BL Creator Laptop, Controller Stand for DJ's - Aluminium Black
17 Reviews
UDG U6010BL Creator Laptop, Controller Stand for DJ's - Aluminium Black
  • Solid and easy-to-assemble laptop/controller stand for DJs/Producers 
  • High quality aircraft grade anodized aluminum / Airflow constructed tray prevents equipment from...
  • Height adjustable / Angle adjustable / Rotatable tray / Removable sub tray


  • The tray can be rotated and adjusted
  • Protects gadgets from overheating


  • The stand gets scratched up very easily

2Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand

The Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand offers Flexibility, security, and sturdiness. Its versatility is made possible through its adjustable height.

This little table can be adjusted from 12.6 inches to 16.7 inches.  Also, you can manipulate the tray’s angle through its rotatable feature. You can also bring and use this item anytime and anywhere.

This was made possible by its easy to disassemble function. Purchased as an assembled item, it can be dismantled without much hassle and returned to its assembled form.

This makes the product ideal for on-the-go kind of activities, where only a small space can be used.

Security of your device, on another hand, is made possible by this equipment’s anti-slip foldable design.

Its legs have an anti-slip feature and are snuggly assembled to keep accidental slides and falls at bay.

Also, this item is made of heavy-duty materials which make the entire item sturdy. The shelf allotted for the device can accommodate any with dimensions measuring 8.6 inches by 9 inches.

Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand - Standing Table with Adjustable Angle, Foldable Height and Four...
442 Reviews
Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand - Standing Table with Adjustable Angle, Foldable Height and Four...
  • FOUR PRONG TRAY: This is a reliable laptop stand due to its secure four prong tray that holds the...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The standing table has a telescoping height adjustment to accommodate all needs....
  • ANTI-SLIP FOLDABLE DESIGN: Made with anti-slip legs and no loose parts to avoid accidental slides or...


  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Sturdy materials for security


  • Legs are too thick to gives space for other materials
  • Fits only a laptop with fixed particular dimensions

3Ultimate Support Hyperstation QR Hyper Series Desktop DJ Stand

Ultimate Support Hyperstation serves well for those who are always on-the-go.

Its structure allows you to fold it down to store it easily. Upon purchasing this item, you are also entitled to a T-stand which you can use on table tops.

The most distinguishing feature of this product, the QuickRelease center post, offers convenience.

It gives you a position where you can mount to and from HyperStation QR along with a 5/8″ threaded post, which you can use for a mic stand, mic boom, and the like.

As for matters of the durability of the component items, you have die-cast aluminum for its primary material. This makes it a solid material to withhold even heavy-weight devices.

With this DJ equipment, you can also adjust the support arms which secure the device in its place.

Ultimate Support Hyperstation QR Hyper Series Desktop and 5/8” Thread Mountable Laptop/DJ Stand
28 Reviews
Ultimate Support Hyperstation QR Hyper Series Desktop and 5/8” Thread Mountable Laptop/DJ Stand
  • QuickRelease center post provides fast mounting to and from the HyperStation QR and a 5/8" threaded...
  • T-stand included for tabletop mounting option
  • Angle-adjustable telescoping support arms that lock laptop in place


  • Easy to keep and store
  • Offers additional features aside from holding devices


  • QuickRelease connector is a bit wobbly

4Magma Control Stand DJ Controller and Laptop Stand

The Magma Control Stand provides to carry both a DJ-controller and an electronic device at the same time. This feature makes it ideal for club and even studio installation.

With its petite size and space-saving characteristic, DJs can even use this apparatus at home. This item can also accommodate a wide array of devices.

Its height and width can be adjusted according to the needs or demands of the user. You can easily manipulate the stand platforms with the help of this feature.

As for its components, it has a slip-resistant rubber surface as well as in its base legs. This secures the DJ apparatus itself in place to avoid the device from being too wobbly.

With these features, DJs are given aid regarding the space they occupy.

These features alleviate the area occupied by most DJs. Also, it helps DJs organize their workspace, as it offers them convenient spaces to put their controller and some cords.

Magma Control Stand DJ Controller and Laptop Stand - Red (MGA75542)
21 Reviews
Magma Control Stand DJ Controller and Laptop Stand - Red (MGA75542)
  • Sturdy equipment stand to accommodate a DJ-controller and laptop at the same time
  • Holds a Pioneer DDJ, Numark NS-6, Native Instruments S4 or S2, Denon MC-6000, American Audio, VMS-4...
  • Perfect for club or studio installation; can easily be included to the regular DJ-setup


  • Gadget is secured
  • Saves spaces even if many items are required


  • Balance and stability can be a problem
  • Knobs and strips might need constant security

5Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand with Bag

Hercules DG400BB has a simple and minimalistic appearance. It comes in one simple and assembled piece which offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-manipulate mechanism.

With its build, there are no parts that are loose that may cause problems later on.  It has an upper part where the electronic device can be placed, which is completely adjustable.

This allows DJs to manipulate the angle of the device for different purposes—which can be for better vision and such.

Aside from the angle, you can also adjust the height of this item, according to how you want it or how circumstances demand it.

As for its support, it has one thick, ladder-like structure that leads down to two front and two rear legs.

These two provide study support for the device, particularly the rear leg which has a robust design and component.

Upon purchasing this DJ equipment, a laptop bag and laptop stand are also included in the package.

Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand with Bag
83 Reviews
Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand with Bag
  • Brand: HERCULES
  • Laptop stand w/ bag
  • One piece. No loose parts to lose!


  • Comes with laptop bag and stand
  • Simple design and mechanism yet heavy-duty


  • Height adjustment is limited compared to other DJ stands

6Crane Stand Pro Centerstage Universal DJ Stand

Crane Stand Centerstage provides security and ease for DJs with its minimalist yet convenient design.

It stands boarded by four sturdy black rods, which support three black metal holders arranged by layer and size.

Aside from offering a DJ stand to hold devices like laptops and tablets, it also provides a place for a DJ control panel and even a portable projector.

In fact, DJs can have all of the items placed in this singular DJ stand. Despite having too many things put, the materials itself make it sturdy enough to hold them all without breaking or having signs of it.

While it helps DJs save space, it also helps them adjust the electronic device to be used. Its flexible feature allows adjustments for the electronic device to be viewed at an angle where it can be seen.

Also, its weight and height make this item easy to bring and easy to use anytime, anywhere.


  • Simple yet very convenient design
  • Adjustable angle and height


  • Must be used with very light resistance when storing down

7Crane Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand for Laptops

The Crane Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand features a powder-coated steel frame that enhances its durability, while it stands readily assembled.

Its knob and lever are all made out of aluminum, which is also a sturdy material.

The stand of this DJ apparatus is highly adjustable, allowing proper eye-level height and angle for the user.

Adjusting the levers are made easy with the help of the cam locking bars and tensioning knob mechanism. This makes the laptop-holding board easy to change so that it can be leveled accordingly.

Aside from the angle, you can also manipulate its configuration—either Z configuration of the C configuration.

Each of these set-ups will work well in any environment but has particular advantages. The Z set-up can opt for better stability while the C set-up can be used for better height.

The weight of this product makes it easy to bring it anywhere and use it anywhere as well. You can work even at the comforts of your home with this material without occupying too much space to work on.

This DJ stand comes with a nylon carry bag for better storage and transportation.

CRANE Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand for Laptops, Tablets and Controllers with Nylon Carry Bag,...
138 Reviews
CRANE Stand Plus Universal DJ Stand for Laptops, Tablets and Controllers with Nylon Carry Bag,...
  • Highly adjustable stand allows for laptop use at the proper eye-level height and angle in any...
  • The cam locking levers and tensioning knob mechanism can be easily adjusted so the laptop sits at...
  • Can be configured in Z position for ultimate stability or C positon for maximum height the Crane...


  • Changeable set-ups for improved performance
  • A secure yet sturdy mechanism for adjustments


  • Can only accommodate a limited number of device units

8Odyssey LSTANDM DJ Stand

The Odyssey LSTANDM DJ Stand presents itself in a box-like structure that offers stable support for electronic devices DJs use.

While supporting an electronic device, this tool can also help other devices at the same time. These devices include a CD player, a controller, a sound machine, and the like.

Presented with a sleek and minimalist design, the Odyssey LSTANDM DJ stand adds up a simple yet pleasing element to your workplace.

This tool comes with stand-alone legs (which make up the box-like structure).

Having this characteristic, you can use this stand on top of tables and not occupy too much-working space. To secure the equipment itself, the package also comes with clamps.

These clamps will function as a connection of the stand to the edge of the table when attached.

While this tool may have a sturdy structure, it still comes in a very lightweight and therefore, portable. The package also includes a storage pouch.

Odyssey LSTANDM DJ Stand
35 Reviews
Odyssey LSTANDM DJ Stand
  • Stand alone, clamped vertically or horizontally configuration options.
  • Strong and easy to use, 11" W x 3" H x 11 3/4" D folded dimensions, Includes storage pouch


  • Package includes clamps and storage bag
  • Can hold many devices and equipment in one.


  • Clip locks can be a problem in securing sturdiness.
  • Screws in some parts are too small

9CedarsLink Heavy Duty Studio Controller DJ Rack Stand

CedarsLink Heavy Duty Studio controller provides a classy, sleek and useful set-up for DJs.

You can find this helpful product regardless of the brand or unit of your working laptop or device, as this can accommodate various units.

Units that this equipment can handle include iPads, Pioneer laptops, Denon Laptops and Vestax laptops. In addition to that, you can also adjust the width and height of this item.

The smallest adjustment you can make measures 10 inches by 9 inches by 25 inches. You can change the angle of your device placed depending on however you want it to.

Its setup makes it practical for DJs. It has a slot for the electronic device and just a few inches below it is a support for the other device.

This pertains to a DJ’s control panel, sound mixing device and the like.

To secure the device and the stand itself, it comes with a non-slip rubber surface and legs.

CedarsLink Heavy Duty Studio Controller And Laptop Computer DJ Rack Stand Mount
15 Reviews
CedarsLink Heavy Duty Studio Controller And Laptop Computer DJ Rack Stand Mount
  • Fits laptops 13-19in and iPads. Fits Numark NS6, NI Kontrol S4/S2, Reloop Jockey 2/3, Pioner...
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Fits over existing DJ setup. Non-slip rubber surface and legs


  • Can facilitate many device units and brands
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Has non-slip rubber


  • Bulky and quite inconvenient to transport
  • Prone to damage due to shifting subs

10MAGMA MGA75527 Vektor Laptop DJ Gear Stand

Magma MGA75527 Vektor comes in durable metal construction, allowing it to withstand heavy weight and pressure.

It can support both an electronic device and a DJ controller pad all at the same time.

On top of offering durability through the component, this item also provides security through the slip guard rubber. These rubber portions make sure that the devices don’t slip out of the stand.

As for its structure, users can quickly assemble and disassemble this equipment. The procedure was made possible by the stable quick-release clamp mechanism.

Users can manipulate the height of this DJ tool, according to how they find inconvenient to use. Measurements of adjustment for the height range from 14 inches up to 22 inches.

Aside from the height and width, you can also rotate the laptop table tray in 360 degrees for better views and usage.

Upon purchasing this DJ laptop stand, you also avail a transportation pouch and another set of colored non-slip rubber rings.

MAGMA MGA75527 Vektor Laptop DJ Gear Stand
4 Reviews
MAGMA MGA75527 Vektor Laptop DJ Gear Stand
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Solid quick-release clamp mechanism for easy assembling and breakdown
  • Continuous height adjustment (22-35 cm / 8.5-14 inch), 360 Degree rotatable laptop tray, and...


  • Has a 360-degree rotatable table for better use
  • Comes with additional items for better storage and usage


  • Sturdy construction but might be poorly assembled together

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