Top 10 Best Bird Perches Reviews (UPDATED 2021)

You don’t need to keep your pet bird locked inside their cage all day. Just like the rest of the pet animals, birds also need proper exercise to grow and become more active. Hence, you should consider investing in a bird perch.

A quality bird perch will promote proper exercise and adds interest to the world of your pet bird. Aside from that, if you are planning to train your pet bird, a bird perch is a must have.

Hence, we have gathered the best bird perches available in the market today for you to choose from. The following are the ten most durable, functional, and stylish bird perches that you can buy.

Top Best Sellers in Bird Perches

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Parrot Training Perch Kit

Parrot Training Perch Kit (T Perch, Large)

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First on the list is the training perch kit from Parrot Wizard. It’s an ideal choice for keepers who are planning to teach flying tricks to their parrots.

You can adjust the height of the perch, allowing you to use it in standing up or just sitting down. This training kit will also help you to teach your parrot to fly from perch to perch or your hand.

Impressive durability and focus, this comfortable NU perch will provide years of entertainment both for you and your parrot.

The package includes two parrot training perch stands, a clicker, target stick, and instruction DVD.

What we like about this product is that its neutral color eliminates the distraction of colorful play gyms and climbing trees in other models. This is applicable for all breeds of parrots. Its compact size allows you to carry it around without difficulty.


  • Can cater parrots weighing up to 56-grams
  • Provides a distraction-free training
  • Suitable for parrots who suffer from a foot injury


  • No tray included catching droppings

A and E Cage Co. Java Table Top Perch

A&E Cage Java Wood Java Table Top - Large - 28 x 18 x 27 inch

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This tabletop perch from A & E cage is crafted from genuine Java wood to last for a long time. Its non-toxic natural finish is 100% safe for your pet birds.

Because of its compact size, this perch is ideal for smaller birds. The wood enhances the animal enclosure. You can choose between three sizes for this model.

The manufacturer is known for producing high-quality birdcage and bird perches over the years. Without a doubt, this product is not an exception.

Its intricate design will blend in any existing home interior design that you have. You only have to bolt the tree to the base and its food bowl.

It also comes with a bowl for your pet’s feeders. With proper care and maintenance, this product can last for a long time. Now you can let your birds sing and play all day with this natural-looking perch.


  • High-quality tree, built to last
  • Intricate and elegant design
  • Perfect for training your parrot
  • Non-toxic finishing


  • Bowl is fragile and easily breaks
  • Flaw design of the food cup
  • The base is not the same quality as the tree
  • There is no divider in the bowl

Large NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree

Large NU Perch Parrot Climbing Tree

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Next is the large climbing tree from Parrot Wizard with comfortable NU perches. This climbing tree is perfect for parrots who have suffered from a foot injury.

You can also replace it if you want. What we like about this product is that you can arrange the perches as you like because it’s removable. Easy and simple installation.

There are no tools required. The wheelbase allows you to transfer the climbing tree from one place to another.

Now you can choose if you want the perches to be placed next to each other or favor one side of the tree that your parrots will love.

There are also stainless steel toy hooks included in the package. The easy-to-clean base ensures that the waste from your bird will not stick to it.

Just untwist the perches that require cleaning, wash them in your sink, and reattach afterward. Same goes with the base.


  • Modular system allows customization
  • Big enough for multiple birds
  • Locking wheels for the base


  • The base is not large enough to catch waste

HQ Wrought Iron Parrot Play Stand

HQ Play stand with Stainless Steel Tray and Toy Hook, 28-Inch by 60-Inch, Beige

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Check out this HQ wrought iron parrot play stand. Featuring a stainless steel tray, two stainless steel cups, and a hook for a toy, this is a basic yet functional play stand for your pet bird.

For keepers who wanted to own a play stand without burning a hole in their pockets, this product is for you.

It’s also easy to clean thanks to its 28-inch deep stainless steel tray that is both elegant and convenient to use.

If you only have a single parrot and you’re planning to train him, or you don’t want him to spend the entire day locked inside his cage, this is the perfect product for you.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Cheap price


  • The product is made in China
  • There are no hold lockers for the bowl
  • The dowel rod is only one-inch
  • Inferior construction
  • Incorrect screws for assembly

Parrotopia Sandy Perch Shower Fun Large

Parrotopia Sandy Perch Shower Fun Large

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If you are looking for a perch that will allow your parrot to play in the water, this is the perfect product for you. Excellent quality and manufactured with the highest grade materials, rest assured that it can last for a long time.

The perfected sandy perch grip surface prevents your parrot from slipping into the water even if the perch is wet. This is a significant investment, given the fact that it will not compromise the safety of your parrots.

We also like how you can swivel the perch for more mounting options. There are three suction cups for each perch.

The perch can swivel so you may move it against the wall if you are not using it. Available in beautiful colors to suit your existing home interior, this is indeed a significant investment.


  • Great customer service
  • Ideal for large parrots in taking a bath


  • Suction cups wouldn’t stick
  • Falls with the loss of suction’s support

Parrotopia Sandy Manz Bird Perch

Parrotopia Sandy Manz Bird Perch Size Large 12in Assorted Colors by Sandy Perch

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Another product from Sandy Perch is this bird perch available in 12 assorted sizes. The original sandy perch for cockatiels, small conures, and other types of parrots.

You can mount the perch in almost any cage without difficulty, inside or outside. It also has simple washers and a wing-nut. In assembling the perches, there are no tools needed.

Built to last, this perch is unique and fashioned from an all real wood manzanita branch and was later on coated with perfected sandy perch coating. Rest assured that your parrot won’t fall or slip while using this bird perch.


  • Can be used as sleeping perches
  • Good non-slip surface
  • Helps in keeping the parrot’s nails trimmed and smooth
  • Good for beaks


  • Thick perch is not suitable for small birds

BirdsComfort Small Parrot Play Gym, Bird Activity Center

No products found.

No products found.

If you want to level up the training of your parrot, consider this play gym from Bird Gyms. It is constructed from the best quality products, and it’s 100% non-toxic for birds.

The base construction for this bird gym is Formica, an indication that it will last for years to come with proper care and maintenance.

This bird gym will help to promote an appropriate exercise and improved blood circulation for your parrots.

Now you can train your parrot all you want. With its elegant color and design, it will look good on any patio or modern living room.

It’s also a great gift to your pet bird if you don’t want to lock them inside their cage all the time. Training and playing with your parrot has never been more fun with this bird gym.


  • Lots of perches to hang around
  • Durable construction
  • Good size to manipulate
  • Perfect for training and playing


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Raised price

Your Pet Bird’s Favorite Wingdow Seat

Avianweb Your Pet Bird's Favorite Window Seat (Large)

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The Avianweb bird window seat provides a comfortable lounging area for your parrot with a view. The large window seat can cater to African Greys, Amazons, small Cockatoos, and Eclectus.

You can mount it to your window without any difficulty. It will not also cause any damage to your woodwork once installed. Now you can have an aesthetic display of your bird’s natural beauty at the comfort of your own home.

We also like that this product utilizes obtainable materials. Rest assured that it can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance. The hardware is an all 18-8 stainless steel.

You can attach the unit to the interior of your window with suction cups and rests on rubber cushions to protect your woodwork. You can assemble this bird perch in just a few minutes.


  • The product is bound to last
  • Sturdy construction to hold large birds


  • Pricey
  • Food cups are not included

Deluxe Bird Play Stand with Wood Perch

A&E Cage Company 001044 Play Stand with Toy Hook for Birds Black, 28 in

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The A & E cage company comes with another product for your pet bird. This non-toxic and bird-safe perch is perfect for training or lounging area of your pet.

There are two stainless feeder cups and seed tray included in the package. The wood perch also comes with a toy perch.

Notice the four easy rolling casters for smooth transportation of the bird perch from one place to another.

This bird perch is ideal for keepers who have a single parrot and would like to train them. It can also serve as a play stand for your pet bird instead of locking them inside the cage for the entire day.

Because of its generous size, it can accommodate large birds without wobbling in the process.


  • Easy to clean
  • The stand is robust and not flimsy
  • Black wrought iron play stand is built to last


  • No dowels included
  • Bent tray in numerous spaces

A&E Cage Company Medium Single Java Tree

A&E Cage Company Medium Single Java Wood Tree Play Stand - 48'x 28' x 66'

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Last, we have the A & E cage company java wood perch. This multi-branch climbing tree is built to last for a long time. The stable floor stand can accommodate even larger pet birds.

With proper care and maintenance, this solid tree can last for a long time. Thanks to its non-toxic natural finishing, rest assured that your pets are safe when using this product.

Also, its natural tree look will look beautiful in any modern living room or patio. In just a few minutes, you can assemble the product and start using it.

It’s also easy to clean, requiring little to no maintenance. So if you have extra budget, consider investing in this java climbing tree for your pet bird and enjoy the benefits that it can offer.


  • Solid construction, built to last
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robust stand
  • Can accommodate large birds


  • Pricey

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