Your vehicle requires a lot of maintenance, and one of them is the battery. Testing your battery is crucial to ensure that it’s in good condition, especially if you are planning a long trip.

As the car owner, it is your responsibility to choose the best battery load testers for your car. Allow us to be your guide in determining the right battery load testers available in the market by taking a look at the top 9 best-selling battery load testers for all types of vehicles.

Top Best Sellers of Battery Load Testers

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1FOXWELL Battery Tester BT705 Automotive 100-2000 CCA Battery Load Tester

FOXWELL BT705 12V 24V Car Battery Tester Automotive 100-2000 CCA Battery Load Tester Auto Cranking...

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The Foxwell battery tester is both reliable and durable. This tester can perform a precise test for AGM spiral, AGM flat plate, and gel batteries.

It will allow you to determine if your car batteries are still in excellent condition and will even calculate the aging status of the cells.

It also offers a cranking test that will display the decision on the starter system, cranking voltage, and cranking time in just a matter of seconds. This handy feature will allow you to check if your motor is working correctly.

Furthermore, it also offers a charging system test that allows you to test 12V or 24V charging system, making sure that the output voltage of your generator is in average level.

It also determines if the charging current is still average and the rectifier decode works appropriately.

Enjoy accurate results with this battery load tester and its ergonomic design that you can use in for both personal and shop use. Best of all, it is one of the most affordable battery load testers you will find in the market!


  • Well-constructed with firm buttons
  • Works on all types of vehicles
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • The outer case is reliable and rugged


  • The cables are not detachable

2ANCEL BST500 12V/24V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester

ANCEL BST500 12V/24V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester, Car Cranking and Charging System...

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We also have the Ancel automotive battery load tester. This tester is built for testing 12V and 24V battery.

It features the starting and charging system that will display the battery parameters in approximately 2.5 seconds, advising you if your battery is full or not. It will also help you to determine if you need to change your car batteries or not.

This battery tester is compatible with 12V lead-acid batteries and regular flooded, AGM spiral gel, and AGM flat plate. It also covers all the battery rating standards. The housing is reliable, rugged, and has an anti-slip body.

We also like its lightweight, allowing you to bring it in the shop or the house. The backlit LCD enables you to read the data even in the dark. It has an integrated printer that will allow you to print your work order anytime you want, making it an ideal item for shop use.

This battery tester is designed to provide accurate diagnostics and also to help you avoid any potential car accidents that are caused by faulty batteries.


  • Provides accurate and precise results
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price
  • Gives internal battery resistance
  • Handy and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The manual is outdated
  • It doesn’t measure amps
  • The tester only prints after the charging system test

3Schumacher BT-100 100 amp Battery Load Tester

Schumacher BT-100 100A Battery Load Tester and Voltmeter

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If you are on a budget, you might want to check the Schumacher battery load tester with 100-amp load test for 12V batteries and 50-amp load test for 6V batteries.

This battery tester is designed to test 6 and 12V batteries and can reach up to 1000 CCA. It provides accurate data of test load, battery condition, complete charging system, and starter motor draw.

Now you can keep precise diagnosis of your car’s batteries without burning a hole in your pocket. It also has a rubber insulated carry handle for your safety when using the product.

This battery tester features a super-grip battery clamp and a top-mounted rocker switch for your convenience when testing your car’s batteries in the long run.

The housing is made of solid steel case with a durable baked enamel finish that can withstand regular abuse in the shop or your home for personal use.


  • Easy to use
  • Handy and portable
  • Compatible in most vehicles
  • Works in marine batteries
  • Ideal for customers on a budget


  • Emits hot chemical smell
  • The tester easily overheats

4Quicklynks BA101 Battery Tester 100 ~ 2000 Cold Cranking Amps 12V Battery Load Tester

NEXAS AUTOPHIX Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tool, OBD2 Scanner Engine Analyzer for Vehicle Check...

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We also have the battery load tester from Quicklynks. This test battery can measure and diagnose your car battery anytime and anywhere you want.

It provides data of the cold cranking amp capability, healthy condition of the cell, and any potential fault of the vehicle that might cause an accident when using the car.

This battery load tester is ideal for people who use their truck for long-distance travels because it is essential to check your vehicle before you set off thoroughly.

This battery tester also supports in/out of vehicle testing and can even detect lousy cell battery. In that way, you’ll be informed if your batteries need replacement as soon as possible.

This battery tester is designed for 12V batteries even without electricity. You don’t need to fully charge the batteries before you can test it, unlike other battery testers.

Since this battery tester supports battery test, charging test, and cranking analysis, you’ll be able to get the most out of it in the long run.


  • Ideal for professional use
  • Works as advertised
  • Easy to use
  • Can test both auto and marine batteries


  • The display writing is too small
  • The cord is too short
  • Leads are small and difficult to clamp to battery posts

5OTC 3182 130-Amp Digital Battery Load Tester

OTC 3182 130-Amp Digital Battery Load Tester

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Check out the OTC digital battery load tester as it can generate more accurate results compared to other battery testers thanks to its 130-amp digital battery load tester.

Its compact and lightweight design allows you to carry the battery load tester almost anywhere you want. It is designed to test both 6 and 12V batteries.

Compared to the previous product, it has a large display with easy-to-read data, allowing you to read the diagnostics even in the dark.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle that does not cause fatigue. It features alternator test lead, ripple detection, and 0-16 volt range, it is indeed a bang for the buck!


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Solid battery clamps
  • Produce clear digital display
  • Affordable price


  • Easily overheats

6Clore Automotive Solar 1874 500 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester

Clore Automotive Solar 1874 500 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester

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The Clore Automotive solar carbon battery tester is versatile, reliable, and easy to use. It has a variable load capability that can reach up to 500 amps and can test batteries for up to 1000Cca.

This battery load tester enables alternator assessment and starter. It also shows large and easy-to-read gauges for your convenience.

This battery load tester features heavy-duty clamps that can penetrate rust and corrosion, especially on battery terminals. The testing process is easy to manage and requires minimal efforts for most accurate results.

The load control is smooth with just a single turn of the knob. You can also use this battery load tester for measuring assess starter and alternator performance.


  • Unit checks battery accurately
  • Clamps are heavy-duty
  • Well-designed and built to last
  • Reasonable price


  • Instructions are poorly-written
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use

7SUNER POWER Digital 12V Car Battery Tester Automotive Battery Load Tester and Analyzer of Battery Life Percentage

SUNER POWER Digital 12V Car Battery Tester Automotive Battery Load Tester and Analyzer of Battery...

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We also have the Suner Power digital battery load tester that can provide the most accurate diagnostics of your bar batteries, including the battery voltage, battery life percentage, CCA, and battery resistance.

This battery load tester will allow you to have a safer trip using your vehicle. Thanks to its continuous test with battery power, over voltage protection, and reverse polarity to ensure your safety.

Moreover, it also offers a complete wide CCA test range and precise operation of the sized batteries. It is compatible with flood battery, gel battery, deep cycle battery, and AGM battery in working fast and accurate.

This battery load tester features a generous size of the LED screen, making it easy for you to read the diagnostics. It also has a heavy-duty clamp, and beep reminds function, allowing you to make the most out of the product.


  • Offers a wide operating range
  • Well-designed and heavy-duty
  • Provides excellent customer service
  • Professional tool and easy to use
  • Reasonable price


  • Instructions are poorly written

8FOXWELL Automotive Battery Load Tester BT705 100-2000 CCA Car Battery Tester

LAUNCH AUTOPHIX OBD2 Scanner Code Reader

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Another product from Foxwell comes with the automotive battery load tester. Thanks to this well-designed unit, you will never experience car problems in your trip again.

Upon testing the batteries, you will be provided with instant readout on the condition of your auto battery. It also gives a warning if your batteries are about to fail.

It utilizes advanced technology in performing accurate test results for your battery, including regular flooded, gel, AGM flat plate, and spiral batteries. You can use this device from a small car down to the biggest trucks.

It also gives an analysis of your cold cranking and its premium quality copper clip and wire provides a smooth connection between the battery and the tester.

In less than five seconds, you will get the results of your battery’s conditions. Both 12V and 24V charging systems are compatible with this battery load tester.


  • Device and software are of high quality
  • The software updates instantly
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Works in all types of vehicles
  • Reasonable price


  • Up and down buttons are sometimes unresponsive
  • The device stops working randomly

9NOCO BTE181 100 Amp Battery Load Tester

NOCO BTE181 100 Amp Battery Load Tester

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For our last product, we have the budget-friendly NOCO battery load tester. This 100-amp battery load tester allows you to determine if your battery is still in good condition or not.

In less than ten seconds, you will be able to assess the status of your auto or marine battery. It has integrated features for testing engine cranking ability, starter motor performance, and charging system.

This battery load tester is designed to test 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries up to 1000 CCA.

It is compatible with wet gel, requires little to no maintenance, EFD, and AGM batteries. This battery load tester is easy to use and will ensure you a safer trip with your car!


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Displays accurate readings
  • Works in all types of vehicles
  • Reasonable price


  • No instruction sheet is included


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