Top 10 Best Baby Bassinets Reviews (UPDATED 2019)


If you have a newborn baby, you may notice that they sleep a lot. An average baby will sleep for at least 16 hours a day. Hence, it is critical to invest in a baby bassinet to keep them comfortable and provide a cozy place for them to sleep in.

Whether you are a new mom or just looking for a great gift to expectant mothers, we’ve listed the best baby bassinets that you can find on the market today. Here are the following top 10 best baby bassinets that you should consider buying.

Top Best Sellers in Baby Bassinets

1Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series Bassinet

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper – Premiere Series Bassinet

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This baby bassinet from Halo is on top of our list but is one of the most expensive models. It features a 360-degree rotation. In that way, you can bring your baby close to you anytime you want.

The side walls can be lowered, making it easier for you to place your baby. After that, to ensure their safety, you can lock the walls in an upright position.

Compared to other baby bassinets available in the market today, its 360-degree rotation feature is quite handy for placing your baby in and out without difficulty.

Due to its handy features, this baby bassinet is ideal for mothers who are recovering from C-sections. It’s made of a sturdy and four-point base that you can adjust to your bed.

The base can be easily tucked under the bed and does not consume much space. The package includes a nightlight and two levels of vibration. There are three soothing sounds and three lullabies to ensure a good night’s sleep to your little one.


  • The product is made of polyester; easy to wipe and clean
  • The sheet is safe to wash in a washing machine
  • Back to bed reminds mothers to place baby after feeding
  • The mattress pad is waterproof and no toxic flame retardants
  • Can be used for babies up to five months


  • Rather pricey
  • Baby keeps on rolling to the other end
  • The sides are hard to collapse

2Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

Arm's Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet, Natural

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Next, we have the co-sleeper baby bassinet from Arm’s Reach. This elegant-looking bassinet has beautiful curved wooden ends.

It also features a good amount of mesh to ensure great air circulation for your baby inside. This handy feature also allows you to have increased visibility, especially if you have the habit of turning off the lights when you sleep.

Aside from that, compared to other bassinets, so far it is the only model that features divided storage below. This allows you to place your baby’s diapers, toys, and clothes.

Now you can sleep with your baby within arm’s reach and ensure that he or she is comfortable with his or her bed. This baby bassinet is both stylish and functional.

It does not consume much space making it ideal for mothers who have limited space in their bedroom.


  • Innovative design makes breastfeeding easy
  • You can fold down the sides
  • Mesh sides for great breathability
  • Easy to push around with wheels and have a good brake
  • Leg height is adjustable


  • Misleading description
  • The mattress is made of plastic and flimsy
  • Color is not kid-friendly
  • Could have been better with a cup holder

3Snoo Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby

SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby

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The SNOO smart sleeper is made of 100% organic cotton for your baby’s optimal comfort. Now you don’t exhaust yourself and the baby when going to sleep thanks to this product.

It can also send your little one to sleep faster because of its soothing white noise and gentle motion that all babies love. It is far by one of the safest baby bassinets we have found in the market so far.

What we like about this product is its utilization of smart technology. The SNOO boosts to keep the same rhythm again and again to calm the babies. It also detects crying of your young one which automatically makes the bassinet rock gently.

The hip-safe design and mesh panels can prevent your baby from getting uncomfortable with too much heat. It’s not wobbly even if it provides a soothing motion in an entirely flat swing.


  • Improves the quality of sleep for your baby
  • Motion and the swaddle keeps your baby comfortable
  • Ideal for colicky babies


  • Expensive
  • You cannot control the speed variation

4Baby Planet Oasis Breathable Mesh Convertible Bassinet

Luxe Premium Quality Baby Planet Oasis Breathable Mesh Convertible Bassinet (Graphite)

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Check out the Baby Planet convertible bassinet. This contemporary-styled bassinet features soothing lullabies, nature sounds, and gentle rocking motion with muted check light for a muted illumination.

You can turn the bassinet 360-degree, making it easier for you to sleep with your baby next to you. It also features a breathable Airloft interior mesh to keep the air circulating inside the bassinet.

Thanks to its rolling base and quick-release handle, you can transfer this bassinet anywhere you want.

What we like about this product is its efficacy for years to come. Since it’s a convertible bassinet, once your baby has outgrown this bassinet, you can turn it into a storage pod.

Or you can use it for your other babies. With its solid construction, rest assured that it can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of high-quality materials; built to last
  • Handy convertible feature
  • Nightlight feature
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not budget-friendly

5Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Cambria Bassinet

Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Cambria Bassinet, Toffee

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If you liked the bassinet with storage that we’ve featured above, you might want to check this product. This is from Arm’s Reach manufacturer, a baby bassinet that is made of 100% polyester.

The imported bassinet is an ideal choice for mothers who are still recovering from C-sections. It has a built-in leg extension that makes it easier for you to adjust the height.

It’s also a safer alternative to bed sharing when your baby is prone to be run over by you. It has four caster wheels that allow you to move the baby bassinet around.

The mesh interior also allows excellent air circulation and prevent your baby from getting uncomfortable by too much heat. We also like how its innovative design makes breastfeeding easier for first-time mothers.


  • Features a storage space under the bassinet
  • Less expensive
  • Keeps the baby safe and comfortable
  • Elegant-looking matches any modern bedroom


  • Thin and poor-quality mattress
  • Flimsy poles

6Ninna Nanna Bassinet in Stone with Espresso Base by Monte Design

Ninna Nanna Bassinet in Stone with Espresso Base by Monte Design

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Looking for a sturdier baby bassinet? Check out the Ninna Nanna bassinet. This espresso-colored bassinet is handcrafted using the finest quality materials. It also features soft yet protective sides for your young one, covered with micro-suede.

It is safe to wash in a washing machine once it gets dirty. The product also features a waterproof mattress, making it easier for you to clean it. There are two fitted 100% cotton mattress sheets included as well.

This solid birch rocker base will eradicate the wobbly bassinet problem, keeping your baby safe and sound at all times.

Even if it does not have any storage space underneath, once your baby has outgrown the product, you can use it as a display area for all the toys and gifts that you have received for your young one during the baby shower.


  • Larger than a standard baby bassinet
  • The babies can rock themselves to sleep
  • Elegant-looking fits any modern bedroom
  • Organic to the extent possible
  • Both stylish and functional


  • Replacement mattress sheet is hard to find
  • Sharp edges

7Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern

Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern (Heather Grey Basket)

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For mothers who are looking for a modern-styled bassinet, check out this product from Monte. It features a waterproof mattress and includes two fitted 100% cotton sheets.

Rest assured that this product is free of any flame retardant chemicals. The sides are both soft and protective. You can remove the covers from the side once it gets dirty for washing.

This impressively handcrafted bassinet is both stylish and elegant. Once your baby stirs at night and moves around, the bassinet will movie, making the baby rocks themselves to sleep.

Also, the minimalistic design of the product complements any modern living room or bedroom elegantly.


  • Made of top-grade materials, built to last
  • Great modern design
  • The entire cover is washable


  • Does not rocks on carpeted areas
  • Smaller than expected
  • Rather pricey

8Safety 1st Nod-a-Way Bassinet

Safety 1st Nod-a-Way Bassinet, White

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If you want a bassinet that looks like a crib, you have found what you are looking for. The Safety First Nod-a-Way Bassinet in white is the perfect solution to send your baby to sleep in no time.

It features a storage shelf underneath your baby’s toys, diapers, and other things. The soft and cozy fabric is perfect for any infant, and it also includes adorable soft plush toys.

You can easily retract the canopy to mute the light for your young one. The caster wheels are designed for easy mobility, allowing you to transfer the bassinet from your bedroom to living room if you want to keep an eye on your child.

The sheets are also removable and washable to keep his place clean and comfy.


  • Features a smart soother technology
  • Not too low, perfect beside the bed
  • Infant-friendly design and colors
  • Soothing lullabies and gentle vibration


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Could have been better for the price
  • Expensive
  • Suitable for smaller babies only

9BabyHome Air Bassinet – Graphite

BabyHome Air Bassinet - Graphite

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Next, we have the Baby Home air bassinet. This modern-looking bassinet comes with an attachable changing pad that makes it a practical choice.

There are easy-to-reach side pockets and mesh windows to keep your baby comfortable. You can interchange the leg position in three different modes: the wheels, rocker, and stationary mode.

Notice the magnet at the top and the bottom to open and close the window as you want quickly. The fabric is removable and is safe to wash in a washing machine.

This contemporary baby bassinet is ideal for children aging 0 to six months. Now you can ensure that your baby will have a good night’s sleep and long naps in the morning.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Vents increase the visibility
  • Vibrating sensation soothes the baby
  • Easy to interchange modes


  • Difficult to assemble
  • White insides are hard to clean

10Dream Bassinet – Gray by BabyHome

Dream Bassinet - Gray

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Lastly, we have the Dream bassinet in grey. This modern bassinet is an outstanding travel cot that features an adjustable leg system.

Its grey color and modern design look great in any contemporary house. Now you can send your baby to sleep with peace of mind that he or she is safe and secure inside.

Also, you can interchange the leg system to rock mode when your baby falls asleep at night. When he or she wakes up and stirs, the baby will most likely start moving.

As a result, the bassinet rocks gently and they can send themselves back to sleep without disturbing you at all. It’s easy to clean and maintain. The sheets are washable, and it’s easy to put up.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Features three leg system for maximum usage
  • Compact and does not use much space
  • Can accommodate up to 25 pounds
  • Grey design looks elegant


  • Difficulty in assembling the product
  • Poorly-written instructions
  • Too big for traveling
  • Expensive


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